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ANOTHER year has just closed. We trust that during that period, the pages of THE CHURCHMAN have not diminished in point of interest or information.

Many important ecclesiastical questions, involving the most vital interests of the Church and of religion, have been brought forward, and made the subject of agitation and excitement during the portion of time to which we have alluded. We hope that few, if any of them, have passed without notice and observation in our pages. We trust also, that an ardent zeal and devotion for the Church of England, a deep and profound loyalty for the throne, in a word, those good old principles which once formed the highest distinction of Englishmen-principles, if we may judge from indications in all quarters, which are fast resuming their former hold upon the minds of our countrymen-have been constantly brought forward, and presented in the strongest light. It shall be our constant endeavour, with the blessing of God, to urge them on every occasion upon the attention of our readers, without abatement and without compromise. And we would wish to impress it as a duty of the most deep and important character, equally binding at all times, on all occasions, and on all persons, boldly and without hesitation, to assert and maintain those principles, which can alone preserve our country from the various dangers with which she is menaced.

Should any change of style or expression in the latter numbers of the volume be observed, it must be attributed to a change in the Editorial department.

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