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FAMILIES and Particular PERSONS.

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Directions and Players for morning.

THE beft preparation for spending tie day well is to resolve when you first awake

in the morning, and to furive, as earnestly as you can, to keep all worldly thoughts out of your mind, till you bave presented ihe first-fruits of the day to God, lifting up with your first breath your foul to the Creator and Preserver of all things, in such-like gious sentences as these that follow :

I A Wake, O my soul, and sing praises to thy God.

laid me down and Nept, and rose up again, for the Lord sustained me.

Lord, raise me up at the last day, that I may enter into the joy of thee, my Lord.

Awake, O my soul, to righteousness, and fin not; that we may be glorified together, when I shall be awakened by the last trumpet to appear before the judgment-feat of Christ.

Glory be to thee, O Lord, for watching over me this night past.

Directions. While your body is bufied in dressing itself, adorn your mind with spiritual and religious meditations. Let the miscarriages of others, and your own daily experience, teach you to guard against those temptations into which business or company 100 frequently lead us: and to resolve to embrace, and contrive to the utmost how to improve, ezery oce casion that fall offer itself, for the service of God, the good of your neighbour, and the salvation of your own soul, in the course of that day.

Then being dressed according to your ability and present calling, kncel down before God, and seal your good rejelurion with the following preparatory prayer:

A Preparatory Prayer for God's Grace and Asistance. A Sfist me mercifully, O Lord, in all my fupplications and

prayers, and dispose the way of me thy servant towards the attainment of everlasting falvation: that among all the changes and chances of this mortal life, I may ever be defended by thy most gracious and ready help, through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.




The Morning Prayer for Every Day.
OST gracious Lord God, the spring of all our com,

forts here, and the sure and certain foundation of all our hopes hereafter, in whom y live, move, and have my being; look down from heaven upon me, who humbly beg leave to renew my thanks to thy Divine Majesty. y confess, that under thy protections have this night slept secure; and praised be thy holy name, that y am now in health and safety; therefore as long as I live, I will magnify thee for my creation, my preservation, and all the blessings and comforts y enjoy. O then ! most merciful Father, forgive me all the unworthy returns y have made for the manifold favours y have received from thee, and grant me for the time to come such a senfe of thine infinite goodness and mercy, that f may love thee with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my strength; that may study to please thee in all things, and be afraid of nothing so much as thy wrath and indignation. And that I may serve thee as I ought to do, preserve me from all the power of insnaring objects, and make me truly sensible of the vanity of this world; neither permit me to be brought under the dominion of thoselusts, which war against the soul. Grant me a right understanding of thy will and grace, so to use this world, as not to abuse it; so that neither the cares of this life nor the deceitfulness of riches may ever make me neglect the great work of my salvation. Create in me, O God, a clean heart, and root out thereof all covetouis affections and desires, and let it be my great care and concern to lay up a treasure in heaven, and provide for eternity; fo that being delivered from pride and vain-glory, from a fond conceit of myself, or a mean opinion of others, from a censorious and uncharitable spirit, from an envious and malicious temper, and from all those sinful and corrupt affections, that are so hateful in thy fight, f may be endued with that wisdom which is from above, which is first pure and then peaceable; with that meekness and humility, which is in thy sight of so great price; and with all those holy and christian dispositions that thou lovest, and which thou delightest to find in the fons of men. Oh' grant me always a true sense of my own



Affist me,

frailty, of the shortness and uncertainty of this life, and of the eternity of that which is to come, that if may always be careful so to live, as I shall with y had done when I come to die. Let neither sickness nor death ever surprise me, nor find me in a state unprovided : but grant

that may finish the great work of my falvation before the night comes, when no man can work; that so having laid up a good foundation of hope and comfort against the day of trouble and fickness, y may, whenever thou shalt be pleased to call me hence, chearfully rehgn upmy soul intothy hands. And this Jmost humbly pray through the merits and for the sake of thy dear Son Jesus Christ, my Saviour.

O Lord,

On Sunday Merning, instead of the opposite this day in all my ho

Paragraph, jay, nest labours and en: • 7 bless thee also for the appointment of deavours, and grant one day in seven for our rest, and thy more that I may take no-peculiar worship. Dispose my heart, O thing in hand but Lord, y humbly beseech thee, to a seriwhat is agreeable to ous attendance upon thee in all holy du. thee, my God; to

cies. Make me duly mindful of all thy sa

cred institutions, and grant that may newhom also s hum

ver so far forget the interest of my soul, as bly beg leave to com

tocom-co' neglect the religious observance of the mend my foul and christian sabbath. And grant that y may body, and all that onferve it according to thy commandstand in any relation ment, as a means to promote a holy and to me ; beseeching virtuous life, and to prepare my foul for thee of thy great

che enjoyment of the most glorious and degoodness to take us lightful praises, which is the happiness and

employment of angels and the fouls of just under thy protecti- men made perfect. And wherein J have on, and defend us offended thee by my negligent performfrom all evil, and ance of these holy duties, which y ought lead us in the way we to perform on this thy boly day, be not should go ; so that, provoked to withdraw the alliance of thy whilst we are en- Holy Spirit from me, and to leave me to gaged about things the folly and vanity of my own will; but gaged about things forgive me all my past offences, and mertemporal, we may cifully hear my prayer, and let my cry not forget the things come unto thee in the day of my necesithat are eternal, nor ty. Withdraw my mind from the care, and beunmindfulof that business, and pleasures of this life ; that ) Ff.2


great account which may more freely attend upon the great we must give when concerns of a far better life, and that thou shalt call us to my prayers and praises, and all my services, judgment at the lat may be offered up in such a férious and

devout manner, as may render them acday. Oh ! leave usceptable in thy fight. Make me attentive not to ourselves, but co thy holy word, and to all the good inguard us from those itructions that shall this day be given me; inares and temptati-and grant that 7 may not rest in any outons that every where ward performances; but, by a right use of surround us in this thy holy ordinances, may grow in grace,

and every day become a better christian, body of corruption and so improve in all virtuous and godly Guide us by thy living, that when this short life shall have good Spirit thro' the fan end, y may dwell with thee in life everaffairs and business lasting. Preferve the universal church, and of this life, that we bless every christian assembly with thy may at last arrive at gracious presence; hear the prayers they that place of e

hall this day put up, and make the word verlasting rest and

effectual to the pulling down the kingdom

of Satan, and to the building up of the peace, which thou

church of Christ in found faith and real haft prepared for virtue ; that fo thy word, coming with those who truly and power into every conscience, may have a lincerely love and lue and saving effect upon the minds of fear thee, thro’ the ill that hear and read the same. Give a merits and intercef- plentiful portion of thy good Spirit unto fion of the same thy other impediment, are detained from par;

all who by fickness, imprisonment, or any beloved Son Jesus Christ, our Lord; in taking of the means of grace 7 enjoy; and

mercitully relieve and help them in their whose most com-litraits and afflictions. And, O molt graprehensive words cious Father, pardon my sins and imperoffer up my imper- fections, and relieve all my necessities, for fect

prayers, saying the sake of Jesus Christ, who has taught as he hath taught me, pre thus to pray: Our Father, &c.

Our Father, &c.

Direitions. Here, if your time will permit, add the prayers of general Intercession and Thanksgiving, as you find them on the pages following, before you use the concluding prayer.

The concluding Prayer.

grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of

God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all now and for evermore. Amen.




The Intercesion.
OST gracious God, whose mercy is over all thy

works, y beseech thee to extend thy pity and compassion to the whole race of mankind; let the bright beams of thy gospel Thine into the corners of all the earth, that those that sit in darkness may come to the knowledge and practice of thy laws, and their souls be saved in the

great day when thy Son Christ Jesus shall come to judge the earth. And y most humbly pray, that thou wilt pardon the great andcrying sins of this nation, and turn from us theevils which we have most justly deserved; stop all profaneness, irreligion, and impiety, and compose all our unhappy animosities in church and state ; so that truth and justice, brotherly love and charity, may ever flourish and abound. Defend thy holy catholick church, and that partespecially of the communion of saints, which thou hast planted in these kingdoms ; heal the breaches and divisions thereof; and for the sake of us all preserve thy servant GEORGE, our king : protect his person, direct his counsels, prosper his government, and make him an instrument, in thy hand, of great good to these kingdoms and all his subjects. Direct the pastors and governors of thy church, with a spirit of true religion and goodness, and make them zealous and diligent to promote it in all those whom thou hast committed to their care. Adorn the nobility, magistrates and gentry, and commons of these realms, with wisdom, grace, and good understanding, that they may all study to serve thee, and to discharge the duties of their several stations, always remembering the great account which they must one day give at the judgment- seat of Christ. Relieve all that are in any affliction or distress; that labour under poverty or persecution, under bodily pains or diseases, or under temptation or trouble of mind; and in thy good time deliver them out of all their trouble and distress. Bless with the choicest of thy graces all my friends and relations, [particularly my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, my dear wife and children, if you have any such near relations,] pardon all our sins, unite our hearts in a mutual love of each other, and vouchsafe to every one of us, and to all others that



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