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into thy hands, when thou, my God, in thy great wisdom,
shalt see it fitting to call me to thyself. Extend thy mercy O
God, to all mankind; have pity upon all Jews, Turks, Infidels,
and Hereticks, and bring them to the light, and knowledge,
and practice of thy laws. Bless thy holy Catholick Church,
and especially that part of it which thou hast planted in these
kingdoms; remove out of it allerrors and corruptions, alldi-
visions and dissensions; and grant that the lives of christians
may be holy and exemplary, and such as become the gospel
of our blessed Saviour. Reformall thingsainissin these king-
doms; root out from among us all irreligion and profane-
ness, all uncharitableness and animofities; pardon our great
and cryingsins; avert theevils that we have deserved; conti-
nue the lightof thy glorious gospel among us, and give us all
grace to turn from the evil of our ways, unto thee, the Lord
our God; that thou mayest delight over us, to do us good;
to build us up, and not to destroy us. Bless our sovereign
Lord the King, and all that are in authority under him, both
· in church and state; make them all, in their several places and
stations, useful and serviceable, to thy glory, and the good
and welfare of this church and nation. And thou, who
art the Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, look
down with pity and compassion upon all thy afflicted ser-
vants every-where. Give them courage and patience, com-
fort and support in thee, and, in thy good time, a joyful
deliveranceoutof all their troubles. AndJ most humbly be-
feech thee, O Lord, who art thoroughly acquainted with all
ourwants, and knowest what is bestand most fitting both for
our souls and bodies, to be gracious to all my friends and re-
lations, [and more particularly to my father, mother, brother,
fifter, friends, &c. if you have any.) Do good unto those that
have at any time done or wished us evil; and vouch safe un-
to every one of us, and to all christians, whatever thou know-
est to be best for our temporal and eternal welfare. And J,
in the deepest sense of gratitude to thee my Lord and Maker,
pray that thou wilt accept of my unfeigned praises forallthy
blessings, for my health and safety, and all the comforts of niy
life, and the redemption of mankind, and the means and
hopes of glory, which proceed from thy bounty and goodness.

* To

*Tothee therefore y al-On Sunday Evening, before the paragraph cribe all possible praise and

marked, in the cppofite column, say, thanksgiving, humbly be- Cause thy word, which I seeching thee to grant me have heard or read, to abide in the continuance of thy my heart, and to bring forth the mercy and goodness, and fruits of a holy and religious life. to take meand them, and all And if I have come without that belong tome, this night due preparation to thy holy worunder thy care and protec- fhip, and been heedless and untion, preserving us from all attentive in hearing thy holy perilsand dangers, and giv- word, now prefent myself this ing us such refreshing rent evening of thy holy day before and sleep, as may fit us for thce, acknowledging that and the duties of the day fol-/all my manifold fins, by which lowing; and if thou arty have deserved thy just difpleased to add another day pleasure and indignation ; and to our lives, grant that we humbly pray thee, for Jesus make a right use and im- Christ's fake, to forgive all that provement thereof, to thy is paft, to guide me in the ways glory,and the benefit ofour of thy truth and holiness; to immortal souls, thro' Jesus help me to set thee always before Christ our Lord, in whose my eyes, that I may always fear name and words y farther and dread to offend thee, my God, pray, saying, Our Father(Then conclude with the paragra;h marked in which art in Heaven. the opposite column.]

HE grace


Directions. Here, if time permits, add the prayers of Intercesion and Thanksgiving on pages 443 and 444 before you use the concluding Prayer.

The concluding Prayer,

of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with me for evermore. Amen. Ejaculations or short Sentences to be said in Bed.

and take

peace I Wall lay me down in


for it is thou, O Lord, only that makest me dwell in safety.

Into thy hands I commend my spirit; sweet Jesus, receive my soul! For thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, thou God of truth,



Dccasional PRAYERS.

A Morning Prayer to be used by a young Person.
Lmighty God, who art the kind author of

being so inspire me with that wisdom which is from above, that I may constantly walk in the ways of thy laws, and in the work of thy commandments, that I may be preserved from all temptations and the ways of the destroyer. Accept of

my unfeigned thanks for all the blessings I daily receive from thy providence, and for my last night's particular prefervation and refreshment. Have mercy upon me, and forgive me all my sins; andgive me grace to flee from all youthful foolish passions and linful desires, and that I may always walk as in thy presence, ever mindful of my latter end. Bend my heart with that awful tenderness for my parents, and for those that have the care of me, and with that christian sense of my duty towards them, that my language may be respectful, my actions dutiful, and my whole behaviour such, that I may prove a comfort and blessing to them, who take so much care of me.' Help me ever to remember the christian principles which I have learned, and the pious instructions which have been given me, and never to depart from the good way in which I have been taught to walk. Incline my heart to all that is good: grant that I may be modest and humble in my carriage and behaviour : chaste and all my thoughts, words, and actions ; true and just in all my dealings; respectful and obedient to my superiors; innocent and inoffensive in my whole conversation; faithful and diligent in the discharge of all the duties of that state and condition of life wherein thou hast placed me; and teach me to fear thee, and love thee, my God, above all things; and to do to all others, as I would they should do unto me. Make me perfectly contented with my condition, and thankful to thee who haft given me all things necessary for life and godliness. Let thy good providence always take care of me, and let me never place my trust and confidence in any thing but in thee. And deliver me from sloth and idleness, bad company, and from all dangers both of body and soul; that I


pure in


may increase daily in the knowledge and love of thee

my God, and of thy Son Jesus Christ, my Lord. Accept of my humble petition for (my father, mother, brethren, filters, &c. if you have any) all my friends and relations, all this family, and the whole race of mankind: and grant unto us all those graces and blessings, which thou knowest to be most needful for the attainment of everlasting life. And now, my God, and my

Lord, I freely offer unto thee my soul and my body, beseeching thee to take them into thy care and protection, that they may be always employed in thy service and to thy glory; and, having faithfully served thee in this life, that I may at last obtain life everlasting, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, who has taught his disciples thus to pray, saying, Our Father, &c.

An Evening Prayer to be used by a young Perfon. M6

OST mighty Lord and everlasting God, I most hum

bly beseech thee to pardon me in whatsoever I have offended thee this day, either in thought, word, or deed, [here mention such particulars as you can remember.] Inable me to resist and subdue every evil inclination within, and every outward temptation. Affist me daily with thy Holy Spirit, to increase in the knowledge and love of thee my God, and of my Saviour Jesus Christ. Teach me the paths of thy commandments whilst I am young. Sanctisy whatever good instructions I have at any time received from the piety and care of my parents, guardians, and teachers; help me carefully to remember them, and seriously to practise them. And I praise thy holy name for all the blessings thou hast this day, or at any time shewn me; for all the helps of preventing or restraining grace thou hast vouchsafed me; for whatever I have done, which may be in any measure acceptable to thee; for all the progress I have made in my learning; for thy preservation of me from all the calamities and dangers, which frail mortality is every moment exposed unto: and particularly for—[bere mention any particular blessings you recolleet God bas bestowed upon you this day.) Take, I pray thee, my souland body into thy care this night; bless and protect me:



and all the mercies which I beg for myself, I heartily defire for all my friends and relations, and for all men ; that we may be all fo guided in this present life, as to arrive safe in thy heavenly kingdom, thro' Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour; in whose most holy name and words I farther call upon thee, saying,

Our Father, &c.


may walk

A Morning Prayer for a Servant. O God, the great Creator and Preferver of all mankind, I

bless and praise thy holy name for all thy mercies to my soul and body: and as thou hast given me another day, give me grace to spend it to thy honour and glory. I confess my corruption, do thou confirm and strengthen me; create in me à clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me : and inflame heart with thy holy faith and love that I may delight in thy commandments; that I before thee in uprightness and fear, in faithfulness and honesty; constantly and chearfully depending upon thee; and doing the duty of my station, not with eye-service, but with fingleness of heart; as knowing that I shall be accountable to thee at the last day, as well for those duties which I owe my master and mistress, as for those which are more immediately to be paid to thee, my Creator, Preserver, and future Judge. Keep my tongue from allopprobrious and reproachful language ; from all lying and flandering ; and my hands from all injustice and deceit, that I may neither waste my time nor spare my labour, which are my master's by contract and agreement. Give me always a thankful, humble, and contented spirit; send thy blessing upon this whole family to which I belong; sow in all our hearts the seeds of unfeigned charity, that we may all enjoy the comforts of a mutual affection, and assistance and aid in our several stations; and grant that we may meet in the family of heaven, there to adore and praise thee, love and enjoy thee, to all eternity, thro’ Jesus Christ, my Lord; in whose most holy name and words I presume to say, Our Father, &c.


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