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our great concernments, and rejoyce in our felicity; and shall wc bc so fwinishly ungrateful, is feldom to look up, and remember their high and blefed ftatc?

Many think that they have no more bufinels with their de ccafed friends, than to see them decently interred, and to moúrn over them, as if their removal were their lots; or to grieve for our own lofs, when we perceive their places empty; but we scarce look up after them with an eye of faith, much less do we daily maintain our communion with them in Heaven: When Chrift was taken up, his Disciples' gazed after bine, A&. 1. 10. Stephen looked up stedfastly into Heaven, and fate ..Cbrift sitting at the right band of God; Ads 7. 55. And how seldome, how slightly do we look up, either to Jefus, his Angels, or his Saints.

I tell you Sirs, you have not done with your friends when you have buryed their fltfh.” They have lete you their holy cximples: They ire entered before you into reft: You are haftening after them, and muft be quickly with them, if you arc truc Belicvers: You must see them every day by faith: When you look to Chrift, you mult look to them, as his beloved friends, entertained by him in his family of glory. When you look up to Heaven, remember that they are there: When you think of coming thicher, remember that you must there meet them. You muft honour their memories more than you did on earth, because they are more boncurable, being more bonoured of God. You muft love them berter than you did when they were on earth, because they uc better, and so more lovely : You mult rejoyce much more for their felicity, than you did whileAt they were on earth; because they are incomparably more happy than they were. Either you believe this, Or you do not. If you do not believe that the dead art ble fled that dic in the Lord, and reft from their labours, and are with Christ in Paradise, why do you fermi Cbriftians? If you do believe it, why do you not more rejoyce with your glorified friends, than you would have donc, if they had been advanced to the greatest honours in the world? It is the natural duty of friends, to mourn with them that mourn, and to rejoyce with them that rejoyce; and if one member be ho. poured or dishonoured, the act of the body are accordingly Ecce 2



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affc&cd. Do not your forrows theoicitead of joyes, tell all men that you believe that your friends are gone to fornow, and not to joy? If not, you are very selfith or inconGiderate!

Dirca, 10. Lilly, Let not your aversation to Popery, Guinto, fagious partial forsaking of Gods Truth, and your owa dusy and confolation, in this point, Abundance of Chri. dizas have taken up opinions in Religion, upon the love and honour of she parties that they took them of; and being pofCcried with a jug dillike of Popery in the main, they fufpcét and crf away, nor a few great truths and duties upon a bulle jalamation, that they are parts of Popery. It hath grieved me more eban once to hear religious persons come from hear. ing fome Minifiers with disdain and confurc, faying that they prayed for the dead; and all their proof was that [Thanksgiving is a part of prayer : but tbey gave God thanks for tbe glorifications of I be spirits of the Juft ; tbereforetbey prayed for them.] And so have they argued, because they have read the i Cor.15 at the grave; or because they have preached i Puncral Scrmoon while the Corpfe was prcfcat, or becausc they prayed then for themselves, or for the Church. Alas, for the childish ignorance, and picvishness, and foolilla wranglings of many Christians, who think they arc bercer than their neighbours ! How much is Chrifts family dishonoured by his filly froward children?. And they will not be intruded by their friends; and cherelore they are policd up, and sponly reproached by thcir enemies. Have Aogels or heavenly Saints deserved to ill of God or us, that we thould be so shy of their communion? Are they nothing so, us? Have we nothing to do with them? Have we cause to be ashamed of them? Is their bonour any difhonour to God of W, jis it be no more than what is their duc? Can we give so much love, respect and honour to Megistratos, Minifiers, and Friends on carth (im. perfe&, finful troublcforc mortals :), and thall we think that all is idolatrous, or call away, which is given to them that fo far excel us? Is it your dslign to make Heixen either contemptible or Arange to men on carth? Or would you perSwade the world, chat the souls of the Saints are not immortal, but perilh as the bruits? Or that there is no HeavenOf


that God is there alone without any company? Are so many fond of the opinion of a Perfonal Reign on Earth, for Chrift with his holy Ones; and yet is it Popery so much as to speak honourably and joyfully of the Saints in Heaven? My Brethren, these things declare you yet to be too dark, too fa&ious, and too carnal hand to hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, with rcfpe&t to parties, fides and persons. Chrift takech not his Saints as Atrangers to him : He thar judgeth

men as they love and use hur, in the left of his Brethren , upon Earth, will not fo foon censure and quarrel with us

as the Scaury will do for loving and honouring him in his Saints in Heaveri ; for it is his will and prayer that they bc with him where he is to behold his glory, Jobin 12. 26. & 17.34. And he will come with his holy Angels to be glorified in his Saints (who shalt judge the world and Angels) and to be admired in all them that do now belicve, 2 Tbos. 1. 10, 11, 12

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How to receive the Sentence of Death; and how to die by


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Aving said so much of this elsewhere (in my Books

called, A Belicvers laft work': The lafi Enemy : My Chriftian Directory: 'Treatise of Self-denyal, &c.) I shall bc here but very brief. u

1. For the fift Case, before sickness cometh:

Dircd. 1. Bc ford that you sertle your Belief of tbe life to come, that your Faith may not fail.

Dirca. 2. Exprat Diato as seriously all your life, as wise Bclicvers are obliged to do': Tbat is, as men that are alwaies fure to dic; as men that are never sure to live a moment longer ; as men that arc fure that life will be short,' and death is not far off; and as foresceing what it is to dic ; of what cternal confequence; and wbut will sben appear to bc neceffary to your safe, and to your comfortable change. Dirca. 3. All your daies' babituate your souls' to believingi


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smeer onlørged thoughts of the infinite Goodneß and Love of God, to whom you go, and with whom you hope to live for cver. Direct

. 4) Dwell in the stadies of a crucified and glarified Cbrißt, who is the way, the trach and life ; who squrt bc

your hope in life and death, Esbef: 3. 17,18,19

Direct. si Keep clear your évidences of your right to Cbrift, and all bio Promises } by keeping grace or the heavenly nature, in life, adivity and increasc, 2 Pet. 1. 10. 2 Cor. 13.5. John i5, 1, &c. i Jobn3

Direa. 6. Consider' olamen of the polion which your nature in Cbrift baib already of Heaven ; and how highly it is advanced, and how near his relation is, and how dear his love is to his weaked members upon earth. And that as fouls in Heaven have an inclination and defirc to communicate their own felicity to their bodies ; fo hath Cbrift as to his body che ,

Epbef, Ditcar 7. Look to the Heavenly HA, and those who have lived before you, or with you in the ficth, to make the thoughts of Heaven the more familiar to you (as in the former chapter.) o Dirca. 8. Improve all 4 A dions, yca che plague of fixe is felf, to mike you'weary of this world, and willing to be gonc to Chrift, Rom.7.

Dirca 9. Be musb with God in Prayer, Meditation, md other heart raising duties; that you may not by him be dismayed. w Dire at: 10. Live not in tbe guilt of any wilful fin, nor in any

florbfubneglect of duty, lit guilt breed terrour, and make you fly from God your Judgt. But especially Audy co rcdeem your time, and to do all the good you can in the world, and to live as totally devoted to God, as conscious that you live to no carnal interco, bur dçfire to Serve him with all you havd; and your confciences teftimony of this, will abundantly cake off the terrours of death (whatever any erroneous ones may lay to the contrary, for fear of being guilty of conccits of merit.) A fruitful life is a great preparative for death, 2 Tim. 4. 8. 2 Cor. 1. 12, &c. Dirca. 11. Fetch from Heaven ike comforts ubicb you


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live upon tbrough all your life. And when you have truly Icaracd to live more upon the comforts of believed glory, than upon any pleasures or bopes below, then you will be able to dic in and for those comforts, Mattb.6.20, 21 Col. 304. Pbil . 3.20,21. 1 Tbef. 4. 18. Pbil.i.21;23. god ,

fed Dirca. 12. The Knowledge and Love of

of God in Chris the beginning, or foretaste of Heaven, (Jobu 17. 3: 1 Cor. 13. &c.) and the forctaftes are excellent preparations. Thereforé Aill remember that all that you do in the world, for the getring and cxcrcising the true Knipoledge and Love of God in Chrif; fo much you do for the foretalics (and bolt preparations) for Heaven, 1 Cor. 8. 3. Y any mand love God, the jame is knowon of bim (with approbation and love.) c.., baby

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TE 9984737935 II, In the time of sickness, and ncar to death. valstwo

Dica. 1. Let your firft work, when God leemich to call

you away, be, to sencw diligest (carch of your hearts and lives, and to see left in either of them there fhould be any fin which is not truly hated and repented of. sat,

Though this muft be done through all your lives, yce with an extraordinary care and diligence when you are like to come fo fpecdily to your tryal. For it is onlys to Rrpenting Belieuifs, that the Covenant of Grace doth pardon fio: And the impenitent have no

ve no right to pardon. Though for ordinary failings which are forgotten, and for fins which you are willing to know and icmember, but cannor i la gezerai Repentance will be acceptedis ( us when you praye God to Shew you the lins which you leg not, and to forgive

those which you cannot remember or find out :) Yet thofe which you know must be particularly repented of And Repentance is a rimembring dury, and will hardly forget any great and heinous fins, which are knowa to be fins-indeed. If your Repentance be then to begin, alas it is high cime-to begin is: And though if it be found, it will be saving (that is, T it be fucb us would festle you in a truly godly life, if yote floould resover ; ) yet you will hardly have any afurance of salvation, or such comfort in it as is dcfirable to a dying man : Becaule you will very hardly know whether it come from 19us con


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