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verfion, and contain a Love to God and Godlinefs ; or 'whé. ther it be only the fruit of fear, and would come to nothing if you werc rcftored to health : But he 'that hath truly se pented beretofore, and lived in uprightnices towaids God and min, and hath nothing to do, but to discern his fincerity, and to exercise a special Repentance for force late or special lips; or to do that again which he hath donc unfeigncdiy before, will much morc cafily get the assurance and comfort of his forgiveness and salvation.

Dirca. 2. Rexen your sense of the Vanity of this world: Which at such a limc one would think, should be very cafic to do. When you see that you are near an end of all your plcasures, and have had all (except a grave to rot in) that cver this world willd o for you, may you not Casily then fec, whether the godly or the worldly be the wifer and the hippier man? And what it is that the life of min fould bc Spent in eccking after ? Mattb. 6.33. IX. 55. 1, 2, 3. Ecclef. 7.3, 4, 5, 6.

Direct. 3. Remember what Flesh is, and what is batb : been to you, that you may not be too loth ro lay it down.

it of the daft it was made, and to the duft it must return : Corruption is your Fatber, and the Worm is your Mosber, and your Sifter, Job 17. 14. Drowgbr and beat consume tbe SHodo. water's ; fo dorb the grave i bofe wbieb bevé finned: The womb fall forget bimi sbe Worm shall feed /weetly on bim, Job 24. 20. Plejo and blood shall not inberit ibe Ringdom of God; but this mortal must pur on in wort slity, ly being made

firitual body, 1 Cor. 15.

And this ficíh hath cost you fo dear to carry it about'; so much carc and labour to provide ir food, to repair that which daily vanishech away; and so many weiry; painful houss; and lo many fearsul thoughts of dying that mes thinks you lhould quietly rcfigo it to the grave, which hath been so long calling for it.

Especially conlidering what it hath donc, by the temptations of a vitiated apperirc and senfe, against your souls : into how many fins it hach diawn you, and what grick and fame it hach procured you; and what asurance and has Tonly pleasures is hach binderdd, and how many repentings,

agd and purposes, and promises ir hath fruftrited, or undonc : Methinks we should conceive that . We have loog(qough dwelt in such an habitation.

Dirca. 4: Foresce by Fairb the refurreation of sbe body, when it shall be raised a spiricual body unto Glory.; and shall be no more an enemy to the soul.

Dirca. 5. Renew your familiarity with ibe blessed ones above. Remember that the great Army of God (the souls of the juft from Adam till now) are all got chis

fife through Red Sca, and are triumphing in Heaven already; and that it is but a few kraglers in the end of the world that are left be hind: And which part then should you dchire to be with? And remember how seady those Angels which rejoyced at your conversion, are to be your. Convoy unto Chrift, Luke 16. 23:

Dire&. 6. But especially think with greateft confidence and deligbt, ibat Je us your Head is extred into the Heavens before you, and is making interceffion for you, and is preparing you a place, and loveth your company, and will not lofc ic. You Thall find him ready to recçive your souls, and prefent them sporless unto God, as the fruit of his mediation. He will have

you be with him to behold his glory ; and nonç shall take you out of his hands. Let his Love therefore driw up your desires, and Aablith your hearts in confidence and rett.

Dire&.7. Remember that all that are living muk come after you; and how quickly chcir turn will come; and would you wilh to be exempe from death alone, which the whole world below must needs fubmit to?

Dire&. 8. Think will of the Resurrection of Chri& your Head, that you may see thac dcach is a conqucred ching, and what a pledge you have of a life to coinc.

Dire&. 9. Dwell Gill in the belicving fore-thoughts of the bleffedness of the lifc to which you go, as it is your personal per, fe&tion, and the perfea Love and fruition of God, with his per: la joyous praise

Remember fill what it is to see and know the Lord, (and all things else in him, which arc fit for us to know.)



And labout to revive your Love to God, and then you revivc your delires and preparations.

Dire&. 10. Give up your selves wboly to tbe Will of God; und think how much better it is for upright Souls to be in Gods hand, than jo your own. The Will of God is the first and laft, the Original and End of all the creatures, Belides the Will of Infinite Goodnejl, there is no final Reft for humano fouls. But maws wil is the Alpbs and Omega, the beginning Or first officient, and the ultimate end of all obliquity and lin: Bé bold them and thankful in your approach to God, remembring how much more lafc and comfortable it is to be (for life and death) at Gods difpofal, then our own.

Bifides thefe, read the Directions ageink che fear of death, in toy Book of Self-denyal; and what is said in my Saints Ref, and other the Treatises before mentioned. , ! :


Horo by Pairb to look atight to tbe Coming of Jefus Chrift

in Glory.

Ecrufc I have said fo much of this also, in my Saints Reft,

with these brief Dircations.

Dired. 1. Deluck not your fouls, mor corrupt your faith and bope, by placing Cbrifts Kingdom in sbings too low, or ibai are utterly uncertain,

Think not fo cainally of the second coming of Chrif, as the Jews did of the first, who looked for an cortbly Kingdom, and despised the spiritual and heavenly: And make not the unknown time, or other circumstances of his cogging, to bo to you is the certain and neceffary things; left you do as many of chofe called Millenarics, or Fifth-Monarchy men among us, who have curned the doctrine of ChriQjan hope into an outrigious fury, to bring Chrift down beforc his time, and to make themfélyes Rulers in the world, that they might pro



fensly reign under the name of the Reign of Chrift; and have by scditious, rebellious railing at Chrifts Ministers, and hating those that are not of their mind, dong much to promote the Kingdom of Satan, while they cryed up nothing but thc Kingdem of Cbrift.

Direct. 2. Do allobat you can in this day of grace, to promote Cbriff's prefent Kingdom in the world, and she will prove your best preparation for bis glorious coming.

To that end labour with all your might, to set up Lise, and Light, and Love, abhorring Hypocrifis, Ignoranet, nad Un. cbaritableness ; turn nor Religion into a citsmony, warkals or dead Imagery or Form : Nor yet into Darkness, Erront, or a humanc wandering, diftra&ing maze: Norinco felih, proud, cenforious fa&tion : Build not Chrifts Kingdom as the Devil would do, by hypocritical dead fhews, or by phuing out his Lights, or by schism, divifion, hatred and Arik. Read James 3.

Dirca. 3. Yet leave nos ost of your faitb and bope, any eer. taix part of Cbrifts gloriems Kingdom. We know that we lali for ever be witbube Lord, and in the presence of the Father in heavenly glory 5 and withall, that we thall be in the New Jerufalem ; and that there shall be a nese Heaven, and a new Earrb, in wbieb heall dwell rigbtcom nefss and that we shall judge tbe Angels and the world. And if we know not the cir. cumstances of all these parts, let not cherclorc any of them be denyed, 1 Ibes 4. ili 2 Cor. 5.1, 3, 8. Rev. 20, & 12. 2 Pet. 3. 13.

Dirca. 4. Tbink what a day of Glory it will be to }e{* Cbrift, Matth. 25.31. O how different from his fate of humiliation ! He will not come again to be despised, spit on, buffeted, blaspheaned and crucified: Pilate and Herod muft be arraigned at his bur; it is the marriage day of the Lamb, a day appointed for his glory, Rev. 21, & 22.

Dirca. 5. Think what a day of bonour it will be to God the Fatber; how his Truth will be vindicated, his Love and Justice glorioufly demonftrated, Marb.i25.2 Thef. 1. 8,9.

Dirce. 6. Tbink sbat a day it will be to all the children of God; to ke their Lord, when he purposely cometh to be admired and glorified in obem, 2 Thes. si 11,12. To see him in whom they have believed, whom they loved and longed for, 2 Pet. 3:16,12, 13. & Pa. s. 8. To fec him who is their dearch Head and Lord i who will justific them belorç all she world, and sentence them to lifc eternal : To see the day, in which they must receive the end of all their faith, and hope; their prayers, labours and patience to the full, 1 Pet. 1. 8, 9. Rev. 2, & 3. Matth. 25. 2 Pct. 4. 13.



Direct. 7. Think wba a day it will be totbe foame of fin, wben it mall be eba reproach and terror of the world; tad to the Honour of Hotiness, when fasth,' obcdicncc and love thall be the approved honour of all the Saints: And what a day of a'mirible Justice it will be, when all that fccms crooked here, fhall be lat traits the difference that there will then be in the thoughts of lin and holiness, in comparison of those that men have of them now !

Dirca. 8. Tbink wbat e confounding day it will be to the inferrial Serpent, and all bij feed, Matth. 25. 41, 16. When impudent boasters Thall chon be {peechless, and all iniquiry Thail Hop her mouth, Matib, 15. 44. & 22.12. Pfal. 107.42. And when Lazarus Dall be seen in Abrabam's bolome; and the enemies of the Saints shall rec them advanced (as Hantan did Mordecaizand vejvycing wben ibe Glory of Cbrift is revealed, i Per. 4.13. Wheo every fcorners mouth thall bc Hopped, and all itand guiley before their Judge, (Rom. 3.4.19.) and the wreiched unprepared foul mult for departing from God, be fentenced to depart into mifery for ever, Matth. 25.41, 46. Jude v. 6.

Dirca. 9. And think webøt icbange that day beginners dorb witb obe Saints, and witb the world. What a glary is it that we muft immediately poffess, in body and soul, and how we muft partake of the Kingdom of our Lord : Saints thall be scorned and persecured no morc: The threatnings and pror mises of Chrif shall be no more denyed by upbclicycrs : Sin will be no more in honour, nor pride and fenfuality, bear fway : The Church will be no more ccclipsed, cither by its lamentable imperfections, and discased imembers, or by the divilions of feas, or the (casterings of the cruel, or the flanders

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