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The Centenary Year


The Church and the World 25, 117, 149, 183

The late Gales and Loss of Life at Scar-

The Sabbath and the sale of Books 26, 88
The General Baptist Assembly

The Life of the Rev. Dan Taylor...

The Churches in the Yorkshire District
and the Centenary Movement ...

Rev, Isaac Stubbins...


“The Appendix”.

Financial Statistics


Proposed Midland Baptist Union



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Letter from the Rev. W. Bailey to the

Secretary ...


Baptism at Cuttack...


The Year Book and the Foreign Mission... 349

The Bible in Rome


Letter to the Secretary from Rev. W.



Baptisms at Cuttack, &c.


A Birthday Gift...


Mission Services


Foreign Letters Received... 32, 64, 96, 128,

160, 192, 288, 320, 352, 380

Contributions 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192,

288, 320, 352, 380

Pages ... 26, 56, 89, 118, 150, 184, 213, 247,

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JANUARY, 1870.


MY DEAR FRIENDS, - On this tribute to diminish my fears. For, New Year's morning, and in this first, I have an unwavering assurance new position of Editor of your Maga- of your faithful consideration and zine, I wish to say a few words con generous sympathy. From my youth cerning our future companionship in up I have experienced your kindness, the pages of this ancient periodical. and I know it will not fail me now. By your favour we are destined to That you will be severely critical is travel together for a short time; and as certain as the return of the tide. it is surely meet that some of the Protestantism is, in the first instance, principles which are to direct our a criticism; and alas ! sometimes it intercourse should be briefly and is nothing else. The Free-Church definitely stated. I owe it to you portion of the Protestant host is who have chosen me as guide, to in notoriously well skilled in the use of crease, as far as may be, the pleasures the critical faculty; and whilst the and advantages of our journey, by Baptist division has rarely lagged sketching the regions we explore, behind any in this art, it is one of the noting the “objects of interest," things surely believed among us, that and indicating the quantity and when we cease to be critical the hour quality of the provisions laid up in of our departure will strike, and the store. With a good knowledge of sexton stand at the doors. In this our maps, and a general agreement free and full criticism I rejoice. To as to the purposes of our pilgrimage, work for a heedless master is the we may hope to reach the end of the degradation of labour, and the swift year wiser, holier, and happier, for ruin of the servant. Irresponsibility the several occasions on which we is always a bane. Even the best deshave fellowship with each other. potism is a deadly mistake. There

Yet let me say, in all sincerity, fore, breathing a true human genethat it is not without fear and trem rosity, and animated with sincere bling, that in my comparative youth zeal for the glory of God, each will and inexperience, I accept a charge fulfil his task the better for the careso responsible, and, as it seems to ful supervision of the other. me, so fraught with far-reaching But I am chiefly encouraged, amid possibilities for good or evil to the the difficulties of this work, by the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. sure and certain aid of a large and But two circumstances greatly con efficient body of helpers waiting to


contribute solid and acceptable trea- (of which many things might be sure to the common fund of thought written) God's Eternal Son is the and joy. The “programme" speaks chief character and absorbing theme. for itself. There is no prospect of Though nothing that is good is cast immediate lack of provisions. The out, yet all that is in, converges in garlic and onions of Egypt may not the Lord Jesus, as in its natural and be to hand, and we may have to appointed focus. Nature yields her tread through deep desert sand, but treasures, nations their experience, we are not likely to fail of the bread thinkers their thought, and Chrisof heaven, or of the waters sweetened tians their lives, to the will of this by the trees of the Lord. We

may King and Priest of men. Is there be called to encounter enemies many song? It is "golden” because He and strong, but not without hope is the theme. Hear we sorrowful that the reconstructed ramparts of plaint ? He interprets its meaning, “Modern Mediævalism” will fall, and and sanctifies it to noblest issues. the hoary citadels of superstition be Is there the plain prose of immudemolished by the warriors of the table principle? He is the rock on King of Truth. The “Word made which it rests. In a word, of the flesh,” like a pillar of light, goes be- Divine Serial, Christ Jesus is at once fore us; intense and intelligent the substance and the glory. And “ Zeal” animates us; and the “ Carol is it too much to endeavour to copy of Hope” is already in our hearts Him who is ever publishing to the and on our lips.

loving hearts of His children glad The question has occurred again tidings of great joy, in forms as and again, What ought to be the fresh

as they are captivating, and as supreme rule and accepted standard wondrous as they are new; and yet in editing a magazine ? and I can in essence like Himself-the same only find answer to it in the words yesterday, to-day, and for ever? We of Paul, “Be ye followers of God, as must aim high. Though failure trip dear children.” He is in all things us up at every step, and defeat our Teacher, and in most our Pat- swoop upon us we sit down tern, and the appeal is not made to to the feast of success, yet the Him in vain on such a subject as iron rule of perfection must hold its this. Just now, whilst the merry place, and not be lowered a single bells “ring out the old” and “ring jot. The first and main duty of this in the new,” God is sending forth magazine is to serve Jesus Christ, the first page of a New Volume of and the pattern of such service is His Serial, printed and embellished the ceaseless Serial of Divine Proviwith messages of love and grace for dence. I have read that in Rome all who are willing to learn. His there is an elegant fresco by Guidi volume for 1869 is just completed. called the Aurora, covering the lofty In its successive numbers stories of ceiling of a palace. Its beauty canmany lives appeared, and some run not easily be seen, and never enon into this year; others are finished, joyed. Looking up, the head grows 80 far as our present reading goes, dizzy, the vision indistinct, and the and their places are occupied by mind weary. To remedy this, the fresh subjects. In His Serial the wealthy owner fixed a broad mirror new and the old stand side by side. near the floor, so that the visitor One portion is so familiar that we could sit down and enjoy the sight scarcely believe He has this morning of the fresco without weariness and rewritten it for us, and another is so exhaustion. This publication purwondrously new that we are wrapt ports to be such a mirror fixed to in astonishment over its beauty and reveal the glories of Christ. It will freshness. And yet of this book, 'regard modern life as a circle of


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