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1539 He is created Cardinal, and accompanies Farnese on
his legation to Charles V. and Francis I.

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1 Unpublished documents are marked by an asterisk (*); documents to

be published in the Acta Pontificum Romanorum "

two asterisks (**).

His outspoken opinion as to the cause of the religious

His piety, and his care for the dioceses entrusted to


His zeal and humility

His encouragement of youthful talent.

His strict manner of life.

Joyful anticipations caused by his election

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On April 29th he grants audiences all day; the next
day he has a stroke of apoplexy

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1555 The Cardinals go into conclave (May 15th)
The parties in the conclave. Cardinal d'Este
The candidature of Cardinal Pole

Cardinal Gian Pietro Carafa

The Imperialist Cardinals divided. The action of

The candidature of Cardinal Puteo

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The election of Carafa by adoration (May 23rd)

Personal appearance of the new Pope.

His arrangement of his day; strict observance of the

Irregularity of his hours; his quick temper
His exalted idea of the Papal dignity

This most noticeable in his attitude towards the
secular princes

His volcanic nature; his violent language and ges-

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Magnificent display at his coronation.

His conviction that he had been chosen by God to
restore the Church to her old position

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The promotion of Carlo Carafa to the cardinalate
The tragedy of the appointment of this unprincipled


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His speech to the ambassadors of England, Venice
and Portugal .

Terms of the agreement with the French king
The Romans offer a body-guard to the Pope
The anti-Hapsburg feelings of Paul IV. increased

1556 The Count of Montorio appointed Captain-General

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