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tion. Such also, in a good degree, was Marolles, Le Fevre, and many more protestants, who suffered severely, and with christian fortitude and patience, under the intolerant temper of Lewis the fourteenth.

But, with a sneer at such fortitude and patience, it is often said, If we suffer patiently what corrupt magistrates are disposed to inflict, from whom can we expect deliverance? I answer, from him who delivered Israel from the house of bondage; from him who delivered the three children from the fiery furnace; from him who delivered Daniel out of the lions den; from him who has, in all ages, delivered them that trusted in him, and who yet knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation, and to make all things work together for good to them that love him, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Nevertheless, when the son . of man cometh, shall he find [SUCH) faith on the earth?

As a mean of raising such confidence in God, and to shew the excellence and advantage of being strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might, I. have been induced to publish a second edition of the following Essay on Providence. It would have made its appearance much sooner, had I published nothing more than what is contained in the former edition. But having conceived, that a concise account of the persecutions of the protestants in France, from Francis the first, to Francis the four


teenth, might be both acceptable and serviceable to the serious reader, I resolved to make that ad


In this part of the work, some books not common have been consulted, and some facts but little known are exhibited, in a more impartial manner, than is commonly observed in such memoirs. If by so doing, the ingenuous reader should reap any benefít, and be more fully convinced that the real kingdom of Christ is not of this world, but above it; and yet, in its very nature, a blessing to every earthly kingdom that receives it, I shall have reason to reflect on this undertaking with satisfaction.

But whatever pleasure, or advantage, the reader may derive from this publication, he is but little indebted to me for that indulgence; since the far greater part of what is either pleasing or profitable in it, is not my own, but collected from other authors. Besides, in this sort of labor I delight; and, having taken my leave of leisure, it is probable, that to instruct and gratify myself, as well as to instruct and gratify some of my friends, I shall again be thus employed.



Objection answered, 142.- Persecutors full of chicane, 143.-Many antichrists, 143. Present pre-eminent 'antichristian power, 144.---Conclud. ing remark, 144.

... ESSAY ON PROVIDENCÉ, 145 - Advertisement, 147.-Preface, 149, SECTIONS:.

1. The intention of God in the distribution of good and evil, 155. ..

ini : 2. The leading design of this Discourse, and the principles on which it proceeds, 159. ' .

3. The preceding facts exemplified and improved, 162.

4. Cautions in- reference tó riches, health, friendship, and concerning our general desires and fears, 165.

5. Objections answered, 171... . . 6. Other objections answered, 182.

7. A more particular view of the necessity and utility of these painful dispensations, 191.

Conclusion, 200..

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