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:Thatsbranch of the subjectris thereforeods far as possible avdidedi-Points of practical difficulty in the conduct of social life were principally adverted to in the application for advice.s The author was requested to enforce the social duties of Christianity, to shew that the spirit of our holy religion requires ho gloomy-austerity, justifies no captious - exceptions, to the conduct of others, permits no unkind neglects of relas tions and friends, no self-willed defiance of parental authority. It was his object to convince the individual he addressed that her views of Christian duty were mistaken; not so much that they were too exalted or too strict, as that they wereiuncharitable ory which is the same thing, uascriptural. 9No views can be too exalted, no zeal too ferI vent, no obedience too strict; in a case wherecetemal happiness is at stake, and the willof

Almighty God is graciously revealed for the instruction of man.amLet not then

the worldly zminded a reddew itnagides shat theses pages are designed to justify his indifference, or to patliáte the slukewarmness of his faithədlThey were written for the advancement of true piety in a mind earnestly seeking the truth, they are made public in the hope that they may be useful to others in the same situation. They may be thought perhaps to be directed against as class of professing Christians who separate themselves from the general society of the world. 2: But they are directed against principles, not against persons, and it is trusted that individuals of that class will not objeet to having their principles ens quired into, and tried by God's word, so it be done in fairness and good temperu Theiro principles may be objected to: esteemed unchristian, and most carefully avoided, by one, who, though no convert from their doctrines, has yet good reason to say to themselves, in the spirit of St.


Augustine’s addressl-to the Manichægnst,

Let them rail bitterly against you who know not with what Iabour truth is disa

coveredshow hard it is to avoid error; let them, rail bitterly against you, who el knows not how rare, how difficult it is 5t03cpverpower the imaginations of the aflesh, and to acquire in their stead the i tranquillity of a devout state of mind; seni oli sæviant in vos qui nesciunt quo cum labore fretum inveniatur, et quam difficillime caveantur er

fores Mi in vos sæviant qui nesciunt quam rarum

et arduum sit carnalia phantasmata piæ mentis sea 120 renitate superare. Illi in vos sæviant qui nesciunt **quaňta difficultate sanetur oculus interioris hominis, blot possit intueri solem suum. Illi in vos sæviant, oftqui nesciunt quantis, gemitibus et suspiriis fat ut

ex quantulacunque parte possit intelligi Deus,

Postremo illi in vos sæviant qui nullo tali errore sd decepti sunt, quali vos deceptós vident. Ego autem korascavire in yos bmnino non possum, quos sicut me “ ipsum illo tempore, ita nunc debeo sustinere, vet “ tanta patientia vobiscum agere, quantą mecum «egerunt proximi mei, cum in vestro dogmate rabiosi.sus et cæcus errarem."

si fėl them táil Bitterly against you, who wafknow not by what a toilsome (process the wieye of the inner man must be healeu, for pagtito behold its proper light, the Sum of «« Righteousness ;"! let them? rail bitterly 31 against you who know not by whát sighs us and groanings that study must be acss.companied, which should lead to any şá degreë whatsoever of the knowledge of 3. God; lastly, let them rail bitterly against

you who have never themselves been 6 deluded by an error like that which they *** perceive in you." For myself, I can in “no wise rail against you; but rather fi must I now bear with you as once of old 356 with myself, and now treat you with the 28mail

same mildness and patience which, in the his days of my own blind wanderings into at the very same opinions, I experienced 396 from my friends.” 115


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