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XX. Motives for laying hold of Jesus.—Song iii., 4

XXI. Christ in you the hope of glory.-Col. i., 27

XXII. A Castaway.—1 Cor. ix., 26, 27.

XXIII. (Communion Sermon.) Christ's Prayer to the Father.—John

xvii., 24

XXIV. The voice of my beloved.--Song of Solomon ii., 8-17









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XXV. Our duty to Israel.-Rom. i., 16

XXVI. Blessed are the dead.—Rev. xiv., 13

Address on the close of a Communion Sabbath

after the Communion

XXVII. Turn ye at my reproof.—Prov. i., 20-23

XXVIII. A son honoreth his father.-Mal. i., 6

XXIX. The difficulty and desirableness of conversion.-Ps. xl., 1-3

XXX. The love of Christ constraineth.—2 Cor. v., 14

XXXI. Arise, shine.--Isa. lx., 1-3

XXXII. Melting the betrayer. - John xiii., 21

XXXIII. I the Lord have called thee in righteousness.- Isa. xiii., 5-8

XXXIV. Return unto me.- Isa. xliv., 21, 22

XXXV. I will pour water.—Isa. xliv., 3, 4

XXXVI. God let none of his words fall to the ground.—1 Sam. iii., 19

XXXVII. The work of the Spirit.-Gen. i., 2

XXXVIII. Moses and Hobab.-Numb. x., 29

XXXIX. Comfort ye.--I92. xl., 1, 2

XL. Can a woman forget ?—Isa. xlix., 14, 15

XLI. Thanksgiving obtains the Spirit.—2 Chron. V., 13, 14

XLII. An exceeding good land.-Numb. xiv., 7, 8

XLIII. Family government.-Gen. xviii., 19

XLIV. And in this mountain.—Isa. xxv., 6,8

XLV. The heart deceitful.- Jer. vii., 9, 10

XLVI. Trust in the Lord. -Prov. iii., 5

XLVII. Not a Jew which is one outwardly.-Rom. ii., 28, 29

XLVIII. Jesus's compassion on the multitudes.—Matt. ix., 35-38

XLIX. Christ's love to the Church.-Eph. V., 25-27

L. Christ became poor for sinners.—2 Cor. viii., 9

LI. Enemies reconciled through death.—Col. i., 22-23

LII. My God, my God.-Matt, xxvii., 46.

LIII. Death of Stephen.-Acts vii., 59

LIV. Time is short.-1 Cor. vii., 29-31

LV. Sir, we would see Jesus.—John xii., 20-26

LVI. Thou that dwellest in the gardens.-Cant. viii., 13, 14

LVII, Draw water with joy.- Isa. xii., 1-3

LVIII. Look to a pierced Christ.—Zech. xii , 10, xiii., 1

LIX. I sleep, but my heart waketh.-Cant. V., 2, to the end

LX. A thorn in the flesh.—2 Cor. xii., 7-10

LXI. The second advent.-Mark xiii., 34-37

LXII. Lot's wife.-Gen. xix., 26

LXIII. Happy art thou, O Israel !-Deut. xxxiii., 29

LXIV. Entreat me not to leave thee.-Ruth i., 16

LXV. The vision of dry bones.—Ezek. xxxvii., 1-14

LXVI. Christ the only refuge.--Isa. xxxvi., 20

LXVII. Will ye also go away ?--John vi., 66-68

LXVIII. Ye will not come to me.-- John 40

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