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and their immediate charges. The inferior clergy
imitate their superiors, and in general take little
more care of their parishes than barely what is ne-
cessary to avoid the censure of the law. And the
clergy of all ranks are, in general, either ignorant,
or if they do apply, it is rather to profane learning,
to philosophical or political matters, than to the
study of the scriptures, of the Oriental languages, of
the fathers, and ecclesiastical authors, and of the
writings of devout men in different ages of the
church. I say this is in general the case ;, i. e. far
the greater part of the clergy of all ranks in this
kingdom are of this kind. But there are fome of a
quite different character; men eminent for piety,
facred learning, and the faithful discharge of theis
duty, and who, it is not to be doubted, mourn in
secret for the crying sins of this and other nations.
The clergy, in general, are also far more free from
open and gross vices,, than any other denomination of
men amongst us, physicians, lawyers, merchants, i
foldiers, &c. However, this may be otherwise
hereafter. For it is said that in some foreign coun-
tries the superior clergy, in others the inferior, are as
corrupt and abandoned, or more so, than any other
order of men. The clergy in this kingdom feem to
be what one might expect from the mixture of good
and bad influences that affect them. But then, if
we make this candid allowance for them, we must
also make it for persons in the high ranks of life, for
their infidelity, lewdness, and sordid felf-interest.



And though it becomes an humble, charitable and impartial man, to make all these allowances, yet he cannot but see, that the judgments of God are ready to fall upon us all for these things; and that they may fall first, and with the greatest weight, upon those, who, having the highest office cominitted to them in the spiritual kingdom of Christ, neglect it, and are become mere merchants of the * earth,' and 'Thepherds that feed themselves, and (not their flocks.' P. 450.

« These are my real and earnest sentiments upon these points. It would be great rashness to fix a time for the breaking of the storm that hangs over our heads, as it is blindness and infatuation not to see it; nor to be aware, that it may

break. And


this infatuation has always attended all falling states. The kingdoms of Judah and Ifrael, which are the types

of all the rest, were thus infatuated. It may be, that the prophecies concerning Edom, Moab, Ammon, Tyre, Egypt, &c. will become applicable to particular kingdoms before their fall, and warn the good to flee out of them. And Christendom in general seems ready to assume to itself the place and lot of the Jews, after they had rejected their Messiah, the Saviour of the world. Let no one deceive himself, or others. The present circumstances of the world are extraordinary and critical, beyond what has ever yet happened. If we refuse to let Christ reign over us, as our Redeemer and Saviour, we must be Nain before his face, as enemies, at his second coming.” 455.


To these passages from Dr. Hartley, I shall add another from an excellent Sermon preached in the chapel of Trinity College, Cambridge, December 13, 1793, the day appointed for the commemoration of the Benefactors to that Society. p. 13, &c.

“ Nature recoils with horror at the spectacle now presented by their unfortunate country (France). Under the guidance, however, of divine revelation, the contemplative mind may discern the signs of these times, and the hand of Providence directing the madness of the people. The oracles of truth, when foretelling the persecutions to be endured by Christians, assure us, " He that killeth with the

sword, must be killed with the sword.' They have Shed (faith the angel) the blood of faints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy. Destruction awaits the persecutor. And it must excite our astonishment to see vestiges of this righteous dispensation in what is passing before us. Lyons is recorded in early history, as the spot where a company of Martyrs glorified God. Lyons is now devoted, and its name erased from the memory of

Paris once streamed with the blood of the Hugonots : Paris hath since been dyed with the Naughter of that court and clergy, which instigated the unutterable deed.”

“ Let us, too, be honest in declaring, whether if the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, the revocation of the edict of Nantz, or a Spanish act of faith, were dictated by the spirit of Antichrist; the deprivation



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of the TWO THOUSAND ejected Ministers; the fee vericies which forced our countrymen to take refuge in the wilds of America, and the two religious conflagrations which have disgraced our own days, demonstrated the presiding influence of a mind like that which was in Jesus.”

« One particular in which the prophecy appears to enlighten us, is the fate of the Gallican church. The revolted city of the apocalypfe is supposed to represent the Antichristian community established in the European territory of the western Roman empire, ftill subsisting in its pollarchical and dismembered state. Of this city it is written, that the fall of a tenth part would a short time precede that of the reft; and that its overthrow would be accompanied by an earthquake, and the destruction of fever fbiliads of the names of men.

As France was one of the ten kingdoms founded on the ruins of the western empire; as violent commotions are now agitating the political world, from the Borysthenes to the Atlantic; as seven classes have lately been deprived of their privileges and titles; the curiosity of the Christian scholar is beyond measure excited; and will be gratified with the discovery of various circumstances which will confirm his faith; but which a desire of brevity obliges me to refer to his private confideration. One question, however, I cannot help proposing; that if we be of that chosen people who have in truth come out of Babylon, who partake not of her fins, and merit not her plagues, why should we


appear unprepared, or disinclined, to comply with the angelic mandate, and begin, at least, some prelude to that song of triumph, Rejoice over her, * thou heaven, and ye holy apostles, and prophets, for God hath avenged you on her.'

“ The legislators of France are Deists! While “ they expatiated freely in every region of useful “ science, they were enjoined to s take for granted" " those controversial matters of religion, their force « fathers had some good reason for adhering to *." - They were not permitted to distinguish the doctrines of our Lord from those of their church, Their mind arrived at maturity in some points, disdained the puerilities on which they dared not speculate; and rejected the gospel, on account of the meretricious dress in which it was introduced to


“ The legislators of France are deists! Much as we may lament their infidelity in their private capacity, we rejoice that, as lawgivers, they are unbeliey, ers. Indifferent aļike to all professions, and all sects, they will not form an unnatural alliance with one, nor proscribe all others with civil incapacities, imprisonment, and death. Every persuasion will enjoy their equal and wise protection; and genuine Christianity, undisguised with absurd confessions, and not made contemptible by ridiculous ceremonies, will exert her

* This is quoted from a speech of Dr. Milner, Vice-Chan, gellor of the University of Cambridge, on the trial of Mr. Freed,


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