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Item, That they use not to exact or receive unreasonable rewards or stipends of the poor Pastors, coming to their Cures to preach, whereby they might be noted as followers of filthy lucre, rather than use the office of preaching of charity and good zeal, to the salvation of mens souls.

İtem, If the Parson be able, he shall preach in his own person every three Months, or else shall preach by another, so that his absence be approved by the Ordinary of the Diocess in respect of sickness, service, or study at the University. Nevertheless, yet for want of able Preachers and Parsons, to tolerate them without penalty, so that they preach in their own persons, or by a learned Substitute, once in every three months of the year.

Articles for Administration of Prayer and Sacraments.

FIRST, That the Common-prayer be said or sung decently and distinctly, in such place as the Ordinary shall think meet for the largeness and straightness of the Church and Quire, so that the people may be most edified.

Item, That no Parson or Curate not admitted by the Bishop of the Diocess to preach, do expound in his own Cure or otherwhere, any Scripture or matter of Doctrine, or by the way of Exhortation, but only study to read gravely and aptly, without any glossing of the same, or any additions, the Homilies already set out, or other such necessary Doctrine as is or shall be prescribed for the quiet instruction and edification of the people.

Item, That in Cathedral Churches and Colledges the holy Communion be ministred upon the first or second Sunday of every month at the least. So that both Dean, Prebendaries, Priests and Clerks do receive; all other at discretion of the foundation, do receive four times in the year at least.

Item, In the ministration of the holy Communion in Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, the principal Minister shall wear a Cope, with Gospeller and Epistoler agreeably, and at all other prayers to be said at that Communion Table, to use no Copes but Surplices.

Item, That the Dean and Prebendaries wear a Surplice with a Silk Hood in the Quire; and when they preach to wear their Hood.

Item, That every Minister saying any publick prayers, or ministring the Sacraments or other Rites of the Church, shall wear a comely

Surplice with Sleeves, to be provided at the charges of the Parish; and that the Parish provide a decent Table standing on a frame for the Communion-Table..

Item, They shall decently cover with Carpet, Silk, or other decent covering, and with a fair Linnen Cloth at the time of ministration, the Communion-Table, and to set the Ten Commandments upon the East wall over the said Table.

Item, That all Communicants do receive kneeling, and as is appointed by the Laws of the Realm, and the Queens Majesties Injunctions.

Item, That the Font be not removed, nor that the Curate do Baptize in Parish-Churches in Basons, nor in any other form than is already prescribed, without charging the parent to be present or absent at the Christning of his Child, although the parent may be present or absent, but not to answer as Godfather for his Child.

Item, That no Child be admitted to answer as Godfather or Godmother, except the Child hath received the Communion.

Item, That there be none other holy-days observed besides the Sundays but only such as be set out for holy-days, as in the Statute Anno quinto & sexto Edwardi sexti, and in the new Kalender authorized by the Queens Majesty.

Item, That when any Christian body is in passing, that the Bell be tolled, and that the Curate be specially called for to comfort the sick person and after the time of his passing, to ring no more but one short peal; and one before the burial, and another short peal after the burial.

Item, That on Sundays there be no Shops open, nor Artificers com monly going about their affairs worldly. And that in all Fairs and common Markets, falling upon the Sunday, their be no shewing of any Wares before the Service be done.

Item, That in the Rogation-days of Procession they sing or say in English the two Psalms beginning Benedic anima mea, &c. with the Letany and Suffrages thereunto, with one Homily of thanksgiving to God, already devised and divided into four parts, without addition of any superstitious Ceremonies heretofore used."

Articles for certain Orders in Ecclesiastical Policy.

FIRST, against the day of giving Orders appointed, the Bishop shall give open monitions to all men to except against such as they

know not to be worthy either for life or conversation. And there to give notice, that none shall sue for Orders, but within their own Diocess, where they were born, or had their long time of dwelling, except such as shall be of degree in the Universities,

Item, That young Priests or Ministers made or to be made, be so instructed that they be able to make apt answers concerning the form of the Catechism prescribed.

Item, That no Curate of Minister be permitted to serve without examination and admission of the Ordinary or his Deputy, in writing, having respect to the greatness of the Cure, and the meetness of the party; and that the said Ministers if they remove from one Diocess to another, be by no means admitted to serve, without testimony of the Diocesan from whence they come, in writing, of their honesty and ability.

Item, That the Bishop do call home once in the year any Prebendary in his Church, or benefices in the Diocess which studieth at the Universities, to know how he profiteth in learning: and that he be not suffered to be a serving or waiting man dissolutely.

Item, That at the Archdeacons Visitation, the Archdeacon shall appoint the Curate to certain texts of the New Testament, to be con'd without Book. And at the next Synod to exact a rehearsal of them.

Item, That the Church-wardens once in the quarter, declare by their Curates in Bills subscribed with their hands to the Ordinary, or to the next officer under him, who they be which will not readily pay their penalties for not coming to Gods Divine Service accordingly.

Item, That the Ordinaries do use good diligent examination, to foresee all Simoniacal pacts or covenants with the Patrons or Presenters for the spoyl of their glebe, tythes or mansion-houses.

Item, That no persons be suffered to marry within the Levitical degrees mentioned in a Table set forth by the Archbishop of Canterbury in that behalf, An. Dom, 1563, and if any such be, to be separated by order of Law.

Articles for outward apparel of persons Ecclesiastical.

FIRST, That all Archbishops and Bishops do use and continue their accustomed apparel.

Item, That all Deans of Cathedral Churches, Masters of Colledges,

Archdeacons, and other dignities in Cathedral Churches: Doctors, Batchelers of Divinity and Law, having Ecclesiastical Living, shall wear in their common apparel abroad, a side Gown with sleeves straight at the hand, without any cuts in the same. And that also without any falling cape; and to wear tippets of Sarcenet, as is lawful for them by that Act of Parliament, Anno 24. Henrici octavi.

Item, That all Doctors of Physick, or of any other faculty, having any Living Ecclesiastical, or any other that may dispend by the Church one hundred marks, so to be esteemed by the fruits or tenths of their Promotions; and all Prebendaries whose promotions be valued at twenty pounds or upward, wear the like apparel.

Item, That they, and all Ecclesiastical persons, or other, having any Ecclesiastical Living, do wear the Cap appointed by the Injunctions. And they to wear no Hats but in their journying.

Item, That they in their journying do wear their Cloaks with sleeves puit on, and like in fashion to their Gowns, without gards, welts or


Item, That in their private houses and studies, they use their own liberty of comely apparel.

Item, That all inferiour Ecclesiastical persons shall wear long Gowns of the fashion aforesaid, and Caps as afore is prescribed.

Item, That all poor Parsons, Vicars and Curates do endeavor themselves to conform their apparel in like sort, so soon, and as conveniently, as their ability will serve to the same. Provided that their ability be judged by the Bishop of the Diocess. And if their ability will not suffer to buy them long Gowns of the form afore prescribed, that then they shall wear their short Gowns, ageeable to the form before expressed.

Item, That all such persons as have been or be Ecclesiastical, and serve not the Ministery, or have not accepted or shall refuse to accept the Oath of obedience to the Queens Majesty, do from henceforth abroad wear none of the said apparel of the form and fashion aforesaid, but to go as meer lay-men, till they be reconciled to obedience : and who shall obstinately refuse to do the same, that they be presented by the Ordinary to the Commissioners in causes Ecclesiastical, and by them to be reformed accordingly.

Protestations to be made, promised and subscribed by them that shall hereafter be admitted to any Office, Room or Cure in any Church, or other place Ecclesiastical.

INPRIMIS, I shall not preach or publickly interpret, but only read that which is appointed by publick Authority, without special license of the Bishop under his Seal.

I shall read the Service appointed plainly, distinctly and audibly, that all the people may hear and understand.

I shall keep the Register-book according to the Queens Majesties Injunctions.

I shall use sobriety in apparel, and specially in the Church at common prayers, according to order appointed.

I shall move the Parishioners to quiet and concord, and not give them cause of offence, and shall help to reconcile them which be at variance to my uttermost power.

I shall read daily at the least one Chapter of the Old Testament, and another of the New, with good advisement, to the increase of my knowledge.

I do also faithfully promise in my person, to use and exercise my office and place to the honor of God, to the quiet of the Queens subjects within my charge, in truth, concord and unity. And also to observe, keep and maintain such order and uniformity in all external Policy, Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, as by the Laws, good Usages and Orders are already well provided and established.

I shall not openly intermeddle with any Artificers occupations, as covetously to seek a gain thereby, having in Ecclesiastical Living to the sum of twenty nobles, or above, by year.

Agreed upon and subscribed by

Matthæus Cantuariensis,
Edmondus Londoniensis,

Richardus Eliensis,

Edmondus Roffensis.

Robertus Wintoniensis.

Nicholus Lincolniensis.

Commissioners in Causes

With others.

Imprinted at London by Reginald Wolfe.

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