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by the Authority aforesaid, That all and singular the said The Ordinary may Archbishops, Bishops, and all other their Officers exercising punish ofEcclesiastical Jurisdiction, as well in place exempt as not fenders by exempt, within their Diocess, shall have full power and Au- the Cen. thority by this Act, to reform, correct and punish by Censures Church. of the Church, all and singular persons which shall offend within any their Jurisdictions or Diocess, after the said Feast of the Nativity of St. John Baptist next coming, against this Act and Statute; any other Law, Statute, Priviledge, Liberty or Provision, heretofore made, had or suffered, to the contrary notwithstanding.

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And it is Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, Which JusThat all and every Justices of Oyer and Determiner, or Jus- tices may tices of Assize, shall have full power and Authority in every offences. punish their of their open and general Sessions, to enquire, hear and determine all and all manner offences that shall be committed or done contrary to any Article contained in this present Act within the limits of the Commission to them directed, and to make Process for the execution of the same, as they may do against any person being indicted before them of trespass, or lawfully convicted thereof..

Provided always, and be it Enacted by the Authority afore- A Bishop said, That all and every Archbishop and Bishop, shall or may with the may join at all time and times, at his liberty and pleasure, join and Justices to associate himself by vertue of this Act, to the said Justices of enquire of Oyer and Determiner, or to the said Justices of Assize, at every of the said open and general Sessions to be holden in any place within his Diocess, for and to the enquiry, hearing and determining of the offences aforesaid,


Provided also and be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the Books concerning the said Services, shall at the costs and charges of the Parishioners of every Parish and Cathedral Church, be attained and gotten before the said feast of the Nativity of St. John Baptist next following; and At whose that all such Parishes and Cathedral Churches, or other charges the places where the said Books shall be attained and gotten Commonbefore the said feast of the Nativity of St. John Baptist, shall prayer shall within three Weeks next after the said Books so attained be gotten.

Books of

Within what time offenders be impeached.

Trial of



Cities and

and gotten, use the said Services, and put the same in use according to this Act.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That no person or persons shall be at any time hereafter impeached, or otherwise molested, of, or for any of the offences abovementioned, hereafter to be committed or done contrary to this Act, unless he or they so offending be thereof Indicted at the next General Session to be holden before any such Justices of Oyer and Determiner, or Justices of Assize, next after any offence committed or done contrary to the tenour of this Act.

shall enquire of

Provided also, and be it Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, that the Mayor of London, and all the Boroughs Mayors, Bayliffs, and other head Officers, of all and singular Cities, Boroughs, and Towns Corporate within this Realm, offenders. Wales, and the Marches of the same, to the which Justices of Assize do not commonly repair, shall have full power and authority by vertue of this Act, to enquire, hear and determine the offences abovesaid, and every of them, yearly within fifteen days after Easter, and St. Michael the Archangel, in like manner and form as Justices of Assize, and Oyer and Determiner may do.

The Ordi

naries Jutheir cases.

risdiction in

Provided always and be it Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and singular Lords of the Parliament, for the third offence abovementioned, shall be tried by their Peers.

Provided always, and be it ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and singular Archbishops and Bishops, and every of their Chancellours, Commissaries, Archdeacons, and other Ordinaries having any peculiar Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction shall have full power and authority by vertue of this Act, as well to enquire in their Visitation, and elsewhere within their Jurisdiction at any other time and place, to take accusations and informations of all and every the things abovementioned, done, committed, or perpetrated within the limits of their Jurisdictions and Authority, and to punish the same by Admonition, Excommunication, Sequestration or Deprivation, and other Censures and Process in

like form as heretofore hath been used in like cases by the Queen's Ecclesiastical Laws.

above once

Provided always and be it Enacted, That whatsoever per- None shall sons offending in the premises, shall for their offences, first be punished receive a punishment of the Ordinary, having a Testimonial for one thereof under the said Ordinaries Seal, shall not for the same offence. offence eftsoons be convicted before the Justices: And likewise receiving for the said first offence, punishment by the Justices, shall not for the same offence eftsoons receive punishment of the Ordinary: Any thing contained in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding.


Provided always and be it Enacted, That such Ornaments Ornaments of the Church, and of the Ministers thereof, shall be retained of the and be in use, as was in this Church of England, by Autho- Church and rity of Parliament, in the second year of the Reign of King Edward the Sixth, until other order shall be therein taken by the Authority of the Queens Majesty, with the Advice of her Commissioners appointed and authorized under the Great Seal of England for causes Ecclesiastical, or of the Metropolitan of this Realm.

And also, that if there shall happen any contempt or irreverence to be used in the Ceremonies or Rites of the Church, by the misusing of the orders appointed in this Book, the Queens Majesty may by the like advice of the said Commissioners or Metropolitan, ordain and publish such farther Ceremonies or Rites, as may be most for the advancement of God's glory, the edifying of his Church, and the due reverence of Christs holy mysteries and Sacraments.


And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, All Laws That all Laws, Statutes and Ordinances wherein or whereby and Orany other Service, Administration of Sacraments, or Com- made for mon-prayer is limited, established, or set forth to be used other serwithin this Realm, or any other the Queens Dominions or vice, shall be void. Countries, shall from henceforth be utterly void and of none effect. Coke, pla. fol. 352.

A Clause, Anno 8. Eliz. cap. 1.

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the Stat. of


Administration of

the Sacra


WHEREFORE, for the plain declaration of all the prefirmation of mises, and to the intent that the same may the better be 2 Eliz. 1 known to every of the Queens Majesties Subjects, whereby touching such evil speech, as heretofore hath been used against the the Book of high state of Prelacy, may hereafter cease; Be it now declared prayer, and and enacted by the Authority of this present Parliament, That the said Act and Statute made in the first year of the Reign of our said Soveraign Lady the Queens Majesty, whereby the said Book of Common-prayer, and the Administration of Sacraments, with other Rites and Ceremonies, is authorised and allowed to be used, shall stand remain good and perfect to all respects and purposes: And that such order firmation of and form for the Consecrating of Archbishops and Bishops, 5.& 6. Ed. and for the making of Priests, Deacons, and Ministers, as 6.1. touch- was set forth in the time of the said late King Edward the ing the form Sixth and authorized by Parliament in the fifth and sixth years of the said late King, shall stand and be in full force and effect, and shall from henceforth be used and observed in shops, &c. all places within this Realm, and other the Queens Majesties

A Con

the Stat. of

of consecrating of Archbi

Dominions and Countries.

3 Ed. 6. 12. 5 Ed. 6. 1. Dyer f. 377.

Anno 13. Eliz. cap. 12. Reformation of Disorders in the Ministers of the Church, &c.

THAT the Churches of the Queens Majesties Dominions, may be served with Pastors of sound Religion, be it Enacted by the Authority of this present Parliament, that every person under the degree of a Bishop, which doth or shall pretend to be a Priest, or Minister of Gods holy Word and Sacraments, by reason of any other form of Institution, Consecration, or ordering, than the form set forth by Parliament in the time of the late king of most worthy memory, King Edward the Sixth, or now used in the Reign of our most gracious Soveraign Lady, before the Feast of the Nativity of Christ next following, shall in the presence of the Bishop or

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person shall

Guardian of the Spiritualities of some one Diocess where he hath or shall have Ecclesiastical Living, declare his assent, and subscribe to all the Articles of Religion, which only concern the Confession of the true Christian faith, and the Doctrine of the Sacraments, comprised in a Book imprinted, Every Ecentituled Articles; whereupon it was agreed by the Archbishops clesiastical and Bishops of both Provinces, and the whole Clergy in the subscribe to Convocation holden at London, in the year of our Lord 1562, the Articles according to the computation of the Church of England, for the Confesthe avoiding of the diversities of Opinions, and for the esta- sion of the blishing of consent touching true Religion, put forth by the Faith, and Queens Authority; and shall bring from such Bishop or assent Guardian of Spiritualities, in writing, under his Seal authen- thereunto. tick, a testimonial of such assent and subscription, and openly Reading of on some Sunday in the time of some public Service afternoon, and Tesin every Church where by reason of any Ecclesiastical living timonial. he ought to attend, read both the said testimonial, and the said Articles, upon pain that every such person which shall not before the said feast do as is appointed, shall be (ipso facto) deprived, and all his Ecclesiastical promotions shall be void, as if he were then naturally dead.

declare his

And that if any person Ecclesiastical, or which shall have The peEcclesiastical Livings, shall advisedly maintain or affirm nalty of any maintaining Doctrine directly contrary or repugnant to any of the said of Doctrine Articles, and being convented before the Bishop of the against the Diocess, or the Ordinary, or before the Queens Highness of Articles. Commissioners in causes Ecclesiastical shall persist therein, or not revoke his errour, or after such revocation eftsoons affirm such untrue Doctrine, such maintaining or affirming, and persisting, or such eftsoon affirming shall be just cause to deprive such person of his Ecclesiastical Promotions; And it shall be lawful to the Bishop of the Diocess, or to the Ordinary, or the said Commissioners, to deprive such persons so persisting, or lawfully convicted of such eftsoons affirming, and upon such sentence or deprivation pronounced, he shall be indeed deprived.

And that no person shall hereafter be admitted to any Several Benefice with Cure, except he then be of the age of 23 things reyears quired in

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