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VI. Provided nevertheless, That such rent arrear But not for do not amount to more than one year's rent; and if more than

one year, more be due, then the party suing out such execution, paying or tendering to such landlord, or his agent, one year's rent, may proceed to execute his judgment: and the sheriff or officer serving the same is hereby impowered and required to levy and pay to the plaintiff, as well the money or tobacco so paid for rent, as the execution money.

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority afore. Where tensaid, That where any landlord shall have sufficient ant removes, grounds to suspect that his tenant will remove, with the landlord his effects, out of the county, before the expiration of tachment.

may have at: his term, so as no distress for the said rent can be made, it shall be lawful for such landlord to go before any justice of the peace, of the county where the lands leased do lie, and make oath, what rent the tenant is to pay, and at what time the same will be due, and that he has just cause to suspect, and verily believes, such tenant will remove his, or her effects out of the county, before the time of payment; and thereupon such justice may, and he is hereby impowered and required, to issue an attachment against ihe goods and chattels of such tenant, returnable to his next county court, and if such tenant shall not, at the time of serving such attachment, or before, or at such next court, enter into recognizance, with one or moro sufficient securities, for the payment of the said rent at the time it shall become due, it shall be lawful for such court, and they are hereby required, to order the goods attached to be sold, by the sheriff at public auction, for money or tobacco, according to the reservation of the rent, to be paid at the time the rent shall become due, the purchasers giving good security for such payment, and to assign the bonds taken for the same, and the costs, to such landlord: and the overplus of such sale, if any, besides the charges of attachment and sale, to return to the owner.

VIII, And that in case any lessee, for life or lives, Goods carterm of years, at will, or otherwise, of messuages,

ried off, mag

be seized lands, or tenements, upon the demise whereof any within ten rents are or shall be reserved, or made payable, shall days, at any time, fraudulently or clandestinely, convey or carry off or from such demised premises, his goods or chattels, with intent to prevent the landlord, or lessor, from distraining the same for arrears of rent so reserv

ed, it shall be lawful for such lessor òr landlord, or any person or persons by him for that purpose law. fully impowered, within ten days next after such conveying away, or carrying off such goods and chattels, to take and seize the same wherever they shall be found, as a distress for the arrears of such rent, and the same to sell, in like manner as if they actually had been distrained, by such lessor or landlord, in

and upon the demised premises. But not if IX. Provided always, That no goods or chattels so sold before carried off, and bona fide sold for a valuable consideseizure.

ration, before such seizure made, shall be afterwards

liable to be so taken or seized for any arrears of rent, Rent arrear X. And be it further enacted by the authority aforeupon lease saitl, That any person or persons, having rent in arfor life, recoverable by rear or due, upon any lease or demise, for life or action of

lives, may bring an action or actions of debt for such debt.

arrears of rent, in the same manner as if such rent were due, and reserved upon a lease for years.

XI. And that it shall be lawful for any person or How 'rent arrear may be persons, having rent in arrear or due upon any lease distrained af- for life or lives, or for years, or at will, ended or de. ter determi. nation of the

termined, to distrain for such arrears after the deterlease. mination of the respective leases, in the same manner

as if such lease or leases had not becn determined. Proviso XII. Provided, That such distress be made within

six months after the determination of such Jease, and during the continuance of such landlord's title or interest, and during the possession of the tenant from

whom such arrears became due. Saving debts

XII. Provided also, and it is hereby enacted and due to the declared, That nothing in this act contained shall exking: tend, or be construed, to let, hinder, or prejudice his

majesty, his heirs and successors, in the levying, recovering, or seizing, any debts, fines, penalties, or forfeitures, duc, payable, or answerable, to his majesty, his heirs and successors: But that the same may be levied, recovered, and seized, in the same manner

as if this act had never been made. Repealing

XIV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforeclause. sard, That all and every other act and acts, clause

and clauses, heretofore made, for or concerning any matter or thing within the purview of this act, shall

be, and are hereby repealed. Commence

XV. And be it further enacted, That this act shall ment. commence and be in force, from and immediately after

the tenth day of June, which shall be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one.


An Act for the Settlement and Regulation of Ferries,

and for Dispatch of Public Expresses.

I. BE it enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, Coun. Public fercil, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, ries appoint

ed and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That ferries be constantly kept at the places hereaf- Rates of ferter named, and that the rates for passing the said riage. ferries be as follows, viz.

On James River and the Branches thereof.

For a Man. Horse.

$. d. S. d. From the land of Henry Batte, in Hen

rico county, to the Glebe land, at Varina.

0 31 0 33 From Westover, in Charles City coun

ty, to Maycox, or Coggins Point;

and from Maycox to Westover, 0 71 0 71 From Kennon's to Maye's, on Appo

mattox river, and from Maye's to Kennon's,

0 33 0 34 From Joseph Wilkin's, or John Hood's

land, in Prince George county, to

John Minge's land, in Wyanoke, 0 71 071
From Hog-Island, in Surry county, to

Higginson's landing, on Col. Lewis
Burwell's land, so long as the ferry-
keeper will, at his own charge, keep
a sufficient bridge, over Hog Island
creek, and upon failure thereof from
Hog-Island main, to the end the said
bridge may never become a county
charge, and from the said Higgin-
son's landing to Hog-Island, or up-
on failure as aforesaid, to the main, 1 3 13

3. d.

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For Man. Horse.

S. d.
At Williamsburg, from Princes Anne
Port to Hog-Island,

2 6 For a man and horse,

4 0 From Swan's Point to Jamestown, 0 71 07 From Crouchc's creek to Jamestown, 10 1 0 From Jamestown to the two last mentioned places respectively,

1 0 10. At Chicahominy, the usual place on each side the river,

06 06 From Cowle's to Williams's,

03 03 From Cowle's to Hamner's point, 06 06 From Coffield's point, in Nansemond

county, to Robert Peale's near Sleepy Hole,

06 06 From Hampton town point, to Brooke's point,

03 03 From Hampton town to Sewell's point, 30 30 From Norfolk town to Sawyer's point,

or Crawford's, and from Crawford's to Norfolk town,

06 06 From Crawford's to Powder point, 04 04 From Bolling's point, in Henrico county, over Appomattox river,

02 0 2 From Bermuda-hundred to City point, 1 0 10 From City point to Shirley-hundred,

at the ship landing, and from the said landing to City point,

1 0 1 0 From the ship landing at Shirley, to Bermuda hundred,

06 06 From the hemp landing, at the falls of

James river, to Shococ's, on the land of William Byrd, esq.

04 04 From the land of Stephen Woodson, in

the county of Goochland, to Manacon town,

03 0 3 From Henry Cary's land, over the ri.

ver, to the land of the said Cary, 0 3 03 From Henry Batte's, in the county of

Henrico, to Alexander Bolling's, in the county of Prince George,

0 3

03 From the land of Col. Richard Bland,

in the county of Prince George, to the land of Mrs. Anderson, in the county of Charles City,

07 0 71

s. d.

For Man: Horse.

S. d.
From the land of William Pride, call-

ed the Store Landing, in the coun-
ty of Henrico, to Anthony's landing,

in the county of Prince George, 03 05 From the said Store Landing over Per

sie's stile creek, to the land of Peter

03 OS From the warehouse landing at War

wick, to the land of. Thomas Mose-

03 Os From the town of Southampton, to the

borough of Norfolk, and to Nanse-
mond town,

7 6 7 6 But if there be more than one single man and horse,

5 0 5 0 And the same rates from Norfolk and

Nansemond, to Southampton.
From Mulberry-Island point, in tho

county of Warwick, to Cocket's in
Isle of Wight; and from Cocket's to

1 3 i's From the land of Richard Mosby, in

Goochland county, to the land of Tarlton Fleming, opposite to Mosby's landing,

0 3 03 From the land of Tucker Woodson, to

the land of Paul Micheaux, near the court-house,

03 03 From the land of Bennet Goode, to the land of Col. John Fleming,

03 03 From the land of James Fenly, to the

land of William Cabell, cross the Fluvanna,


03 From Charles Lynch's plantation, in

Albemarle county, on the Rivanna, cross the said river, to the land of Richard Meriwether,

03 OB From the land of Mr. Benjamin Cocke,

cross the said river to the land of the said Benjamin Cocke,

03 03 From the land of Ashford Hughes, on

the north side of James river, near the mouth of Willis's creek, cross the said river, to the land of Robert

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