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tle them t' and being thereof convicted, shall forfeit and pay the rewa. s. four times the money obtained, by means of such false

oath, to the informer: to be recovered with costs, by action of debt or information, in any court of record where the same shall be cognizable; and moreover,

shall suffer as for wilful and corrupt perjury. Premium to V. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforebe paid by said, That the treasurer, of this colony, for the time the treari. being, shall be, and is hereby authorised and required, lowed in his out of any public monies in his hands, to pay unto the accounts. party or parties entitled thereto, such sum and sums

of money as shall be to them ordered, by warrant from the said governor or commander in chief, to bim directed, for the bounties aforesaid, from time to time, in pursuance of this act; to be allowed to the said treasurer upon passing of his accounts, in the General

Assembly. Sums appro

VI. Provided always, That the rewards for tar priated for shall not exceed twelve hundred pounds, and the rethe rewards.

wards for hemp not to exceed four thousand pounds. Repcaling

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforeclause. said, That all and every other act and acts, clause

and clauses, heretofore made, for or concerning any matter or thing within the purview of this act, shall be, and are hereby repealed.


An det for Inspecting Pork, Beef, Flour,

Tar, Pitch, and Turpentine.


1. WHEREAS an act of assembly made in the nineteenth year of the reign of his present majesty, intituled, An act for continuing and amending an act, intituled, An act for inspecting, weighing, and stamping all pork, and beef, packed in this colony, or imported for sale, before the same shall be sold here, or shipped for exportation; and to amend the act, intituled, An act for the ascertaing the guage of barrels, for pork, beef, tar, and pitch; and for inspecting, weighing, and stamping all flour exported, will expire at

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the end of this session of Assembly: And the same
being, by experience, found useful and beneficial to
the trade and export of this colony, and necessary to
be further continued:

II. Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant Gover- Inspectors, nor, Council, and Burgesses of this present General As- by whom sembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the and when to same, That no pork, beef, or flour, shall be exported

be appoint

ed. out of this colony; or tar, pitch, or turpentine, exposed to sale, or exported, until the same shall be packed, or filled in barrels, under the regulation herein after expressed: And the justices of every county court, within this dominion, are hereby authorised and required, in the month of August or September, an. nually, to nominate and appoint, in open court, one or more (not exceeding six in one county) fit and able person or persons, residing in the same county, to inspect the package, and weigh all pork, beef, and flour; and also to inspect the filling of all tar, pitch, or turpentine, packed or filled for sale or exportation, within their respective counties: And the said courts may appoint the same person or persons, to be inspectors of pork, beef, flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine, if such person appears to them duly qualified, or may appoint several inspectors, as in their discretion shall seem best: And every person so appointed, shall, before he enters upon the execution of that office, make Where to be oath before the justices of liis county court, carefully to view, inspect, and examine, when required, all pork, beef, flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine, packed, or filled, for sale or exportation, and to the best of his skill and judgment, not to pass or stamp any barrel of pork, or beef, or any flour, pitch, tar, or turpentine, that is not good, clean, sound, merchantable, and of the Their duty weight or guage by this act directed, and faithfully to discharge the duty of his office, without favor, affection, partiality, or other by-respect; and shall constantly attend, upon notice, at such time and place as the owner of any of the said commodities shall appoint, to inspect the same within his county; but shall not inspect or stamp any tar, pitch, or turpentine, or any pork or beef inported from Carolina, until the same shall be brought to some public landing; and shall provide a stamp, or stamps, with the first letter of his county, the letter V for Virginia, the first letter of his own christian name, and his whole sur-name at


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length, to be stamped on each barrel or cask by him passed; and on every cask or barrel of flour, the gross, tare, and nett weight thereof, and a distinction of the fineness by the words First or Second, stamped on the head; and on every barrel of pork the letter L for large, or the letter S for small pork; and on the head of every barrel of tar, pitch, and turpentine, shall dis

tinguish whether the same be tar, pitch, or turpentine: And fees. for which he may demand, and take, for every barre!

of pork or beef, by him stamped, six pence; for every barrel of tar, pitch, or turpentine, two pence; for every barrel of flour, containing two hundred and twenty pounds nett, or less, three pence; and for every cask of greater weight, six pence, and no more; to be paid down by the owner. And if any officer so ap

pointed and sworn, shall neglect his duty, or stamp * Penalty for any of the commodities aforesaid, contrary to this act, neglect.

he shall forfeit and pay twenty shillings, for every barrel of pork or beef; ten shillings for every barrel or cask of flour; and five shillings for every barrel of

tar, pitch, or turpentine, which shall be found not duAnd where ly qualified, or of less weight or contents than this recoverable. act requires; and also five shillings for every neglect

of his duty, recoverable by the intormer, with costs, before a justice of peace of the county where such of

fence shall be committed. Contents of III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforethe barrel said, That every barrel of pork or beef, packed withfor pork or in this colony for sale or exportation, or imported beef.

here, shall contain at least two hundred and twenty pounds nett of good, clean, fat, sound, merchantable meat, well salted between each layer, well pickled, nailed, and pegged, and no more than two heads of pork in one barrel; and after the same has been inspected, weighed, found merchantable, and passed by the inspector or inspectors, residing in the county where the same shall be packed or imported, every such barrel shall be by him, or them, stamped or

branded, as aforesaid, and certificate thereof given to And of tar, the owner; and every barrel of tar, pitch, and turpenpitch, and turpentine.

tine, shall contain thirty one gallons and a half, wine measure, at the least; and after the same shall be inspected, guaged, found clean, well, and truly made, merchantable, and passed by the inspector or inspectors of the county where the same shall be inspected, shall be by bim or them stamped or branded, and cer

tificate thereof given to the owner as aforesaid: And Wheat flour that every person making, or causing to be made, how to be wheat flour intended for exportation, shall make oath inspected. before a justice of the peace, that the flour by him intended to be exported, or sold for exportation, is clean and pure, not mixed with meal of Indian corn, pease, or any other grain or pulse, to the best of his knowledge: which oath every justice of peace is hereby impowered, upon request of the owner of such flour, to administer, and shall grant a certificate of such oath before him made; and such certificate being produced to the inspector, he shall diligently view and examine the flour therein mentioned, and if by him found clean, pure, unmixed, and merchantable, shall see the same packed in casks or barrels, well secured for exportation, and shall stamp or brand the same, in the manner herein before directeu.

IV. And be it further enacted, by the authority afore- Pork, beef, said, That all pork and beef exposed to sale or barter pitch, tar, within this colony, in barrels, whether the same be and turpenpacked here or imported from Carolina, or any other tine, not to place, shall contain at least two hundred and twenty to salę, in pounds of nett meat, allowing only two and a half per less barrels, centum for shrinkage, or loss of weight; and every under a penbarrel of tar, pitch, or turpentine, exposed to sale or how to be barter, whether made here or imported from any other recovered. place, shall contain at least thirty one gallons and a hall, wine measure, and be stamped or branded, as this act directs. And if any person shall presume to sell, or expose to sale or barter, any barrel of pork, beef, tar, pitch or wrpentine, of less weight or guage, he or she shall forfeit and pay to the informer twenty four shillings current money, for every such barrel of pork or beef; and five shillings for every such barrel of tar, pitch, or turpentine, sold or exposed to sale or barter, in this dominion: recoverable with costs, by the informer, before any justice of the county, where such offence shall be committed, although the penalty shall exceed twenty five shillings current money. And every justice of the peace, upon such complaint before him made, and due proof of such offence, shall and may, by virtue of this act, give judgment for the whole penalty, and award execution thereupon: Any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

V. Provided nevertheless, That from such judgment for more than twenty five shillings current money,

Defendant the party grieved may appeal to the next court, to be may appeal held for the county wherein such complaint was made, to tberciun the appellant entering into bond, with suflicient secusome cases, rity, before the justice by whom the judgment shall be giving secu- given, that he will prosecute his appeal with effect, rity.

and pay the same judgment, and all costs awarded by the court, if the judgment shall be affirmed: And the justice of peace taking such bond, shall return the same, together with the whole record of his proceed. ings in the cause, to the same court to which such appeal shall be; which court shall and may receive, hear, and finally determine the same.

VI. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforeSellers or

said, That every seller or exporter of pork, beef, flour, exporters to make oath. tar, pitch, or turpentine, packed or filled in this colo

ny, and stamped or branded, shall make oath before .a justice of peace, within three days before delivery of the goods sold or exported, that the several barrels by him intended to be sold, or exported, are the same that were inspected and passed, and do contain the full quantity without embezzlement to his knowledge.

And that every master of a vessel, wherein pork, beef, Masters of flour, tar, pitch, or turpentine, shall be exported, shall vessels ex make oath, that he will not knowingly, take, or suffer porting pork

to be taken, on board his ship or vessel, any porky &c. to be

beef, tar, pitch, turpentine, or flour, contrary to law: which oath the respective naval officers of this colony are hereby required to administer: And if any of the

said commodities, packed or filled in barrels or cask, Pork, &c.

for exportation, and not stamped or branded, as aforeshipped without

said, or any parcels of pork or beef unpacked, or any stamping, li- flour, in barrels or cask, not so stamped, except for able to be

necessary provisions, only, shall be put on board any seized and ship or vessel, to be exported as merchandize, every

such cask, barrel, or parcel, may be seized, by any sworn oilicer, and brought on shore, and the same, or the value thereof, shall be forfeited to the informer: l'ecoverable before a justice of peace: And the ofticer seizing the same, may demand and take the like fees,

as for serving an execution, to be paid by the party Officer suci from whom such seizure shall be; and if such officer may plead sball be sued for any thing by him done, in pursuance the general issue, and

of this act, he may plead the general issue, and give shall recover this act in evidence; and upon non-suit, or a verdict double costs. for the defendant, he shall have double costs; and the

master of surli ship or vessel, shall forfeit and pay


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