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For Monday Morning

Come let us fing unto the Lord, let us heartily rejoice in the
Strength of our Salvation. Let us come before his Presence

with Thanksgiving , and few our relves glad in him with Psalms. For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all Gods.

O come let us worship, and fall down, and kneel before the Lord our Maker. For He is the Lord our God. And we are the People of his Pasture, and the Sheep of his Hand

O Lord our God, thy Wonders and Favours towards us, are in so great Number, that we are not able to count them. ?

Thou hast given us Life, Motion, and Being.

Thou dost always give us Evidences of thy Bounty in doing us Good, in sending from Heaven Rain, and fruitful Seasons, and in filling our Hearts with Food and Gladness.

Thou hast fent thy. Only Son into the Wor]d, to the end that He.. might be a Propitiation for our Sins. 1: Thou hast honoured us with an holy Calling: Thou haft adopted us, and then callcit us to the Poffession of thy Glory.

For all these Things we bless Thee, we worship Thee, and we exalt thy glorious Nanie, saying with Angels, and all the Heavenly Hoft, Holy, Hély, Holy, Lord God of Hofts, Heaven and Earth are full of the Majesty of thy Glory, O God most High.

Let our Mouth be filled for ever with thy Praise, and let all Fich
Bless Thee per pernailya? di
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.

As it was in the Begiming, is now, and ever fall be, World with
Out End. Amen.


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Another Hymn for Monday Morning. O Lord, from the Morning hear our Voice ; from the Morning

we will seek after Thee : Send thy Light and Truth, to the end that they may guide us, and bring us into thy holy Tabernacles. We will come into thy House, and we will cast down our selves in thy Holy Temple, with that Reverence which is due unto Thee.

I wash my Hands in Innocence, and I encompass thy Altar, O Lord, to break forth into Thanksgivings, and to tell of all Thy wonderful Works. My God, I love the Habitation of thy House, and the Place where is the Tent of thy Glory.

Make us to understand thy Goodness in the Morning, for our Hope has been in Thee. Make us to know the Way in which we are to walk, for we have lifted up our Hearts to Thee : Teach us to do thy Will, for Thou art our God : Let thy good Spirit guide us as through an even Country.

Satisfie us every Morning with thy Goodness, to the end that we may be joyful all our Days. Let the work of thy Grace appear in us, and we shall bless thy holy Name.

Let us bless the Lord, who heaps upon us good Things every Day. Let us give Thanks to the Father, who has made us capable of partaking of the Inheritance of the Saints in Light, who hast delivered us from the Power of Darkness, and brought us into the Kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have Redemption by his Blood, even the Remision of Sins.

Glory be to the Father, Gr.

An Hymn for Monday Evening.
the Lord upon

his Name, among the People, sing to Him, sing Psalms to Him, speak of all his marvellous Works. Glorifie his holy Name: Let the Heart of all those that seek the Lord, rejoice : Seek the Lord and his Strength, seek continually bis Strength : Remember all his marvellous Works.

Our God is Great, of great Power, none can tell the Greatness of his Wisdom. Sing to the Lord with Thanksgivings, by answering one another : Sing Psalms to our God.

Jerusalem praise the Lord, Sion praise thy God. 'Tis He that strengthens the Bars of thy Gates, and that blesses thy Children within thee. 'Tis He that makes thy Land peaceful : 'Tis He that makes known his Word to Jacob, and his Statutes to Ifrael : He

o has

An Hymn for :MONDAYE v eNING.

49. has not dealt so with all the Nations. 'Tis He that has so loved the World, that He has given his Only Son, to the end that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting Life.

What shall we render unto the Lord ? All his Benefits are upon us. We will take the Cup of Salvation, and we will bless his holy

, the Courts of his House, in the midst of thee, o Jerusalem, praise the Lord.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

Another Hymn for Monday Evening.

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Lord God our King, we will exalt Thee, and we will bless

thy Name for ever. The Lord is Great, and worthy of great Praise : There is no End of his Greatness : One Generation shall tell another the Glory of thy Works. We will speak of the glorious Magnificence of thy Majesty : We will every where declare the Memorial of Thy great Goodness : We will publish thy Righteousness with Songs of Triumph.

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to Anger, and of great Goodness. The Lord is gracious to all, his Mercies are over all his Works.

Lord, all thy Works shall praise Thee, and thy Beloved shall bless Thee : They shall repeat the Glory of thy Kingdom, and publish thy great Asts.

Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, thy Dominion endureth through all Ages. The Lord upholds those that are falling, and sets upright those that are stumbling:

The Lord is righteous in all his Ways, and full of Goodness in all his Works

The Lord is near all those that call upon Him, to all those that call upon Him fincerely. ! : ....

The Eyes of all Creatures wait upon Thee, Thou givest them their Food, Thou openest thy Hand, and satisfieft the Defires of all living Creatures.

He fulfils the Defires of those that fear Him : He hears their Cry and delivers them. The Lord keeps all those that love Hiin, and roots out all the Evil-doers. !

Our Mouth shall shew forth the Praises of the Lord, and all Creatures shall bless his Holy Name for ever Glory be to the Father, &c. is itteni H



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Lord God of our Fathers, Thou art blesed, Thou art worthy ;

to be praised,, and exalted above all Things for ever. The holy Name of thy Majesty is blessed : Thou art blessed in thy Holy Temple : Thou art blessed in the glorious Throne of thy Kingdom, celebrated and glorified eternally.

O all you Works of the Lord, praise Him, and exalt Him above all Things for ever.

Oye Heavens, praise Him; ye Angels of the Lord, praise Him; all ye Creatures of Heaven, of Earth, and of the Sea, praise Him, and' exalt Him above all Things for ever.

Ye Sons of Men praise Him: Let Ifrael bless the Lord : Let him praise Him, and exalt Him above all Things for ever.

Ye Priests and Ministers of the Lord ; ye Spirits and Souls of the Júft ; ye Saints, humble of Heart, bless the Lord, praise Him, ard exalt Him above all Things for ever.

All ye the Servants of the Lord, blefs the Lord, the God of Gods, for He is gracious, and his Mercy endureth for ever.

Thou art blessed, O Lord God, of our Fathers, and blessed is the Name of thy Glory, in all the Churches, through Jesus Chrift: Thou art worthy of Praise for ever and ever: Let us bless the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; let us praise and exalt Him for ever

Glory be to the Father, Sr."

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Another Hymn for Tuefday Evening.
God, we will celebrate Thee with all our Heart, we will ling

Psalms to Thee, we will bow down our selves in the Palace of thy Holiness, and we will praise thy Goodness and: Faithfulness.

Lord, we adore thy infinite Majesty, we bless Thee for thy Mercy, and we rejoice in thy Salvativn.

Thou hast n ade thy Favour admirable towards Men:

Thou hast sent thy Son, to the end that Thou mightest manifest the Truth of thy Promises made to the Fathers, and to the end that the Gentiles may praise Thee for thy Mercy'; for the sake of which we will praise Thee among the Nations, and we will fing Hymns to thy Name

Oye Gentiles, rejoice with his people. O all ye Nations, praise the Lord. O all ye People, celebrate Him : You that were formerly nɔ People, but are now the People of God: You that in former Times bad not obtained Mercy, buy who have now obtained Mercy.

.? Hymnis för WÈ ONE'S DAY EVENING. ŽI io the Deptli of the Riches, of the Wisdom and Knowledge of God! How incompre ensible are his Judgments, and his Ways past finding out! Who has known the Thoughts of the Lord? Or who has been his Counsellor ? Or who has first given Him any Thing, and He hath not returned it to him ? for all Things are of Him, by Him, and for Him To Him be Glory for ever and ever.

Glory be to the Father, 66.

An Hymn for Wednesday Evening 10ME, and let us present our selves before the Face of God, let

, us cast down our Telves before Him. Know that the Lord He is God, 'tis He that hath made us, not we our felves: We are his people, and the Flock which. He feeds and leads. c. Enter into his Gates with Thạnksgiving, and into his Courts with Praise, celebrate and bless his holy Name: For the Lord is gracious, his Mercy endiireth for ever, and his Truth from one Generation to another.

O God, we adore Thee as our God, as our creata" ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, we humble our feines in th, 'eunce, and acknowledge thy infinite Majesty.

The Angels adore Thee, and all the Hoft of Heaven fall own before Thee, and praise Thee, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Host, all the Earth is fill'd with thy Glory.

Receive the Honours that we pay to Thee upon Earth, we poor Mortals, miserable Sinners, who are thy Creatures and thy Children through Grace, Gloryi be to the Father, con

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Another Hymn for Wednesday Evening. .

. 10 ME, and let us present our selves before the Face of God, let és C , his Sanctuary.

D. Ion; The Lord is here : How venerable and holy is this Place! This is the House of God, this is the Gate of Heaven. O Lord God of our Fathers, Thou art blessed for evermore. TQ Thee belongs Might, Power, Glory, Eternity, and Majesty.

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