Reveille in Revelation: (Trumpets in Prophecies)

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Religion - 352 pages
The methodical procedure that God established through Adam from the beginning to grant knowledge to all homogenesis which he had created was to maintain equilibrium in the evolutions of the minds in two corridors for the indoctrinations: the natural and the spiritual; which in reality, are the Negative and the Positive of the one true God. He knew that in order for this to materialize there would have to be chastisements and incentives to bring man into his image; for this reason Adam was created to sew the seeds and permeate that knowledge into all mankind: and with his two sons, Cain and Abel, and the offerings they presented unto the lord it would enforce God's will to mental advancements in both corridors, for God was creating a people unto himself. This book reveals how man abuses all that God has given him. From the beginning of the word of God to the end his procedure would be the same until the later days when it would become more severe in both corridors culminating to a harvest of the earth to determine who shall preserve their life or who shall die: and the ending began with the crucifixion of his only begotten son Jesus, the Christ. How the ending should come about was first revealed to holy men of old: then to Daniel four hundred and ninety years before the Christ: and again to his servant John who wrote of the coming times in the book of Revelation of the Holy Bible: that we might prepare our selves for certain conditions Jesus revealed to his ministry, then written by the Apostles for us that we might be saved from the devastations of the generations of the harvest and the finalities..

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Four Angels
Fifth Trumpet First Woe
Little Book Open
Birth of a Nation
The Wine Press
Prelude to the Plagues
The Plagues
The Great Whore
Exposition Babylon
Marriage of the Lamb
Millennial Reign
Bride of Christ
Coming of Jesus
Appendix Dreams and Visions

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