Myth and Geology

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Luigi Piccardi, W. Bruce Masse
Geological Society of London, 2007 - Science - 350 pages
"This book is the first peer-reviewed collection of papers focusing on the potential of myth storylines to yield data and lessons that are of value to the geological sciences. Building on the nascent discipline of geomythology, scientists and scholars from a variety of disciplines have contributed to this volume. The geological hazards (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and cosmic impacts) that have given rise to myths are considered, as are the sacred and cultural values associated with rocks, fossils, geological formations and landscapes. There are also discussions about the historical and literary perspectives of geomythology. Regional coverage includes Europe and the Mediterranean, Afghanistan, Cameroon, India, Australia, Japan, Pacific islands, South America and North America. Myth and Geology challenges the widespread notion that myths are fictitious or otherwise lacking in value for the physical sciences." -- BOOK JACKET.

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Hello writers and also to the ones who edited this book i would like you to know i love this book it gives me a lot of information to work with but the thing is im very young for my age doing all this research and more research i do research on lost mythical objects such as the philosophers stone and many other things and ive gotten so much info even info that isnt available to the public i know info across the world and i love knowing more so i was happy about this book but im just a 13 year old so i really dont know much about technology but i wanted to put the preview of this book since i did not buy the book for your info i wanted to add all of the preview of this book to my flash drive so if you made a PDF for this book so i could i would be greatly happy and so would be many others please message me back about this situation and request of mine if possible thank you very much for the time you took reading this 


Geomythology of 1ndia
Vittori E Fulloni S Piccardi L Environment and natural hazards in Roman and
Native American oral traditions from
The ad 60 Denizli Basin earthquake and the apparition of Archangel Michael at
Morner N A The Fenris Wolf in the Nordic Asa creed in the light of palaeoseismics
destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
an African case study
Dini A Corretti A 1nnocenti F Rocchi S Westerman D S Sooty sweat stains
Mayor A Place names describing fossils in oral traditions
Di Patti C Truden B Giants and elephants of Sicily
the mythology of fossil
sacred glass from the California sky
from protector beings to geosites to be protected
Gentili B Pambianchi G Piscitelli A M The contribution of the

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