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It was early known in Canton, that all order from the commissioner was sent up to the local authorities, for the return of servants and coinpradors. On the 19th, the following was published.

No. 26. Choo, the Kwangchow foo, Lew, the Nanhae heën, and Chang, che Pwanyu heën, proclaim this officially to compradors. (Here the wame to whom it is addressed is given.) It apppears proper that forrigners who come to Canton to trade should employ compradors who obtain their licenses from the magistrate at Macao, whose special business it is to superintend that affair. Now, when the imperial commands were received to annihilate the traffic in opium, the foreigners not being willing to surrender the opium held by them, the high commissioner, conjointly with the governor, ordered that the compradors and others in their employ should for the present scatter and go away from their service. But now, as the foreigners have all in succession surrendered many chests of opium, though not one fourth of the whole quantity has been received, yet the barbarians having all become obedient and submissive, of which evidence is possessed, orders have been received in return their compradors and servants to their service. It is relied upon that the hong merchants select these people, and cause them to be producell at the public offices for strict investigation, besides which passports are granted to them, and an. nexed to this is a list of those articles which they are permitted to buy for the foreigners. No contraband goods are to be bought, neither is knavery or deceit to be practiced in the management of all the business --- not a hair's breadth of incorrectness must there be, or of opposition to the laws. Finally, you must be governed by the old regulations laid down clearly by the Macao magistrate. Do not oppose. A special edict.

Up to this time, all remained quiet in Macao, so far as actual restraint upon the inhabitants of the settlement was concerned. In the early part of his arrival at Canton, the commissioner sent a requisi. tion by the hands of an officer to the governor to deliver up all the opium in Macao, but it had been previously sent on board ship, and the further landing of it at the custom-house prohibited ; and a reply was therefore returned to his excellency stating these things. Con. siderable anxiety was felt by some concerning the movements of the Chinese authorities, and several persons began to lay by a store of provisions; but nothing was done which at all inconvenienced the resideuts except taking away the chair-hearers, during the whole pe. riod of lhe detention here.

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