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Particularly, the Clergy of that Diocese, and the University of Oxford, who were chiefly concerned in the Consequences of Your Promotion, received the first Accounts of it with the greatest Satisfaction, and were in Pain while the Event was suspended---A Suspense which, we may presume, designed to do Honour to Your LORDSHIP, and to justify the Wisdom of Her Majesty's Choice; since it tended to fhew how impatiently You were expected, and desired, by Those who were to be under Your Inspection and Authority.

Among all the Learned Bodies, whose Hopes and Fears were then in greatest Agitation, None was more (or with more Reason) folicitous than that House, which had the Honour of Educating Your LordSHIP, and instilling into Your Mind


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those Principles, which whoever hath once imbibed, seldom forsakes; and whosoever forsakes not, must immoveably adhere to the true Interests of the Church, and Monarchy. Whilst that fruitful Parent thus trains up her Children, She is secure of Protection and Favour from Your LORDSHIP, or from Whoever else He be, that hath not been with-held from doing Good to her, in Evil Days, by malicious and groundless Clamours. Under Your and Their Shadow She hath rested at Noon, when the Heat was most intense and scorching. She hath flourished hitherto, and will, I doubt not, ftill continue to flourish, though Her Enemies be Many and Mighty, and daily foot out their Arrows against her, even bitter Words. She looks upon your LORDShip’s Advancement, as a sure


Token, that Divine Providence is still propitious' to Her; and, encouraged by this Prospect, She is ready to take up her Parable, and say : Joseph is a fruitful Bough, even a fruitful Bough by a Well

, whose Branches run over the Wall. The Archers have forely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him : but his Bow abode in Strength, and the Arms of his Hands were made Atrong by the Hands of the mighty God of Jacob: from thence is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel.

In the Names of These, and of all Other the true Friends and Sons of the Church, permit me, My LORD, to congratulate Your Accession to a See, which will afford You such a Sphere of Action as You were made to fill; which will furnish You with many welcome Opportunities of doing Good, of Vol. I.

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rewarding Merit, of cherishing Piety and Virtue, of encouraging Perfons, distinguished by their Learning, their undaunted Affertion of Divine Truths, and undiffembled Zeal for our admirable Constitution in Church and State; which will, in short, enable You to carry on all those Excellent Designs, to which Your Upright and Bountiful Heart is religiously inclined.

What may We not promise ourfelves from the Influence of

your LOrdship’s Conduct in fo Eminent a Station ? from Your known Courage and Fervency in the Cause of God, and his Church? from the Greatness of Your Mind, the Goodness of Your Intentions, and the Soundness of Your Principles? from that Habitual Love ofWorthy Deeds, which You contracted fo early, and have by long Practice confirmed? and from your Experience of the Success that hath attended You in all You have suffered, or done for the Public?

By Your Lordship’s Means, and within the Circle of your Power, we doubt not but to see all proper Steps taken towards reviving decayed Discipline; and restoring Church Censures to their due Force and Credit; towards detecting and defeating Clandestine Simoniacal Contracts; towards securing the Rights and Revenues of the Clergy from Encroachments, rescuing their Persons and facred Function from Contempt, and freeing Religion itself from the Insults now made upon it by Blasphemous Tongues, and Pens, with equal Boldness and Inpunity

These, My LORD, are the Expectations with which the best Meri

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