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Dr. Pocock, down to the mean Author of the following Sermons. And, while Your Lordship continues to repeat the same Acts of Generosity, You must be contented to receive the very fame Acknowledgments; since We, who share the Obligations, can scarce find a better Way of expressing our Thanks and doing Justice to Your Character, than by informing the World, Why, and How they were derived to us.

The Secrecy, with which Wise Statesmen conduct their Designs for the Public Good, so as that the Execution alone shall make the Difcovery, hath by Your LORDSHIP been as carefully observed in Your Private Schemes of Beneficence; which have seldom appeared till they took Effect, and surprised even Those, who were most nearly inter


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ested in the Success of them.

them. By this means, You have, after the best manner, forbidden all Applications, by rendering them, not only unnecessary, but impracticable; and have enjoyed to the utmost both the Honour, and the Pleasure of well doing.

Indeed, there is scarce any Virtue, which either disposes the Mind to deserve well of Others, or adds Comeliness and Grace to deserving Acti

that doth not manifestly appear and shine in Your LORDSHIP: And by these Recommending Circumstances, You engage

the of those You Oblige, and double the Value of every Kindness You do them.

To give, boping (and looking) for nothing again, is the GospelRule. of Beneficence; and Your Lordshie hath strictly observed it. For none of your Gifts have been



very Hearts clogged with Conditions ; You have expected no Returns, but what every one, who hath a thankful Mind, and a juft Sense of his Duty, would even choose and delight to pay: You have aimed only at doing as became You in Your high Station; and when Those, whom You advanced, did likewise as became them in Their Stations, your Defires were answered, and You had

your Reward.

It is well known, with what Courtesy and Ease You have always treated Those, whom You have once obliged; on that very Account they were sure of having a nearer and freer Access to Your LORDSHIP, instead of being kept to the Usual Terms of Distance and Dependance. You have been so far from ever putting any Man in Mind of what You have done for


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him, that you would never bear to be put in mind of it Yourself; and have not been more careful to prevent Solicitations, than to avoid Acknowledgments. You had the Thanks of Your Own Conscience, and You neither needed, nor defired any other.

It is the peculiar Happiness of those Persons, on whom Your Favours are placed ; that they receive them from an Hand eminent for its great and lasting Services to our Church and Constitution. For there are, I think, no Enemies whatsoever, either of her Doctrine, Discipline, or Worship (either within Doors, or without) but what Your LORDSHIP hath, in the Course of your Episcopal Government, withstood, and baffled.

- You were one of those Seven Prelates (worthy of honourable Remem


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brance) who gave the most Effectual Check to the attempts of Popery in a late Reign, and preserved the pure

Profession of Christianity among us by the same Suffering Methods, by which it was at first propagated. It can never be forgotten, with what a true Christian Spirit (such as animated the chief Pastors of the Church, in those Days, when Episcopacy was a certain Step to Martyrdom) You stood forth, and offered yourself willingly to witness a good Confession; how Solicitous You were, left the TowerGates should have been shut upon those Excellent Persons, ere Your Distance would permit You to accompany them in their glorious Confinement; to partake of which, You made as much Haíte, as some Men afterwards did, to draw the


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