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Sir Alexander Fitter, Lord Lord Bishop of Meath

Baron of Gosworth, Lord Bishop of Ossory

Bishop of Cork
Earl of Westmeath

Bishop of Limericke Earl of Barrymore

Lord Baron of Athenree Earl of Clancarty

Baron of Kinsale Earl of Tyrone

Baron of Enniskillen Earl of Longford

Baron of Strabane Earl of Granard

Baron of Catleconnell Earl of Limerick

Baron of Brittas Lord Viscount Glanmalira Baron of Dunbayne Viscount Killmallock

Baron of Cahirr Viscount Iveagh

Baron of Howth Viscount Mountgarret

Baron of Dunsany Viscount Dillon

Baron of Upper Ossory Viscount Rosse

Lord Baron of Slane Viscount Gallway

Chief Justice Nugent, Baron of Sir Valentine Brown, Viscount Riverstown, lately made

Kenmare, lately made John Bourk, Baron of Bophin,
Justin M'Carthy, Viscount lately made
Mont Cashel, lately made Baron of Trinlestown.

County of Catherlough.

County of Gallway.
Dudly Bagnal, Esq.

Sir Ulick Bourk, Bart.
Henry Luttrell, Esq.

Sir Walter Blake, Bart.
Borough of Callan.

Borough of Athenry.
Walter Butler, Esq.

James Talbot, of Mount Tal. Tady Meagher, Esq.

bot, Esq. Borough of Catherlough. Charles Daly, of Dunsandal, Marcus Bagot, Esq.

Esq. John Warren, Esq.

Borough of Tuam. Borough of Old Lughlin. James Lally, of Tullenedally Darby Long, Esq.

William Bourk, of Carrewfraila Daniel Doran

County of Kilkenny. David Nagle, of Carragowen, James Grace, of Courstowne, Esq. Esq.

Manor and Borough of Roth Robert Walsh, of Clonencassy,

Cormuek. Esq.

James Barry, Esq. Borough of Thomastown.

Edward Powell, Esq. Robert Grace the elder, Esq. Manor of Donerail. Robert Grace the younger, Esq. Daniel O'Donovane, Esq.

Borough of Gowran. John Baggot, jun. of BagotsRichard Butler, Esq.

town, Esq. Walter Kelly, Doctor of Physic Borough of Charlevile.

Borough of Inistioge. John Bagot, sen. of Bagots. Edward Fitzgerald, Esq. town, Esq. James Fitzgerald, Esq. John Power, of Killballane

Borough of Knocktopher. County of Tipperary. Harvey Morres, Esq.

Nicholas Purcel, of Longmore, Henry Meagh, Esq.

Esq. City of Kilkenny. James Butler, of Granigebegg, John Rooth, Mayor of that City City of Cashell. James Bryan, Alderman Denis Kerney, Alderman

County of Cork. James Hacket, Alderman Justin M‘Carthy, Esq.

Borough of Clonmell

. Sir Richard Nagle, Knt. Nicholas White, Alderman

Borough of Youghall. John Bray, Alderman Thomas Uniack, Alderman Borough of Fethard. Edward Gough, Alderman Sir John Everard, Bart.

Borough of Kinsale. James Tabin, of Fethard, Esq. Andrew Murrogh, Esq.

City of Waterford. Miles de Coursey, Esq. John Porter, Esq. Borough of Baltimore.

Nicholas Fitzgerald, Esq. Daniel O'Donovan, Esq.

County of Kerry. Jeremy Donavan, Esq.

Nicholas Brown, Esq. Borough of Bandenbridge. Sir Thomas Crossby, Knt. Charles M'Carthy, of Ballen, Borough of Trayley. Esq.

Maurice Hussey, of Kerry, Daniel M‘Carthy Reagh, Esq. Esq.

Borough of Cloghnokelty. John Brown, of Ardagh, Esq. Lieutenant Colloen Owen Borough of Dinglesducouche. M'Carthy, Esq.

Edward Rice Fitz James, of Daniel M'Fin M'Carthy, Esq. Ballineling, in the County

Borough of Middletown. of Limerick
Dermond Long, Esq. John Hussey, of Culmullin,
John Long, Esq.

Borough of Mayallow. Borough of Ardfert.
John Barret, of Castlemore, Callonel Roger M'Ellyot

Cornelius M'Gillicuddy



City of Limerick.

The Hon. Col. Henry Dillon Nicholas Arthur, Alderman Borough and Manor of Mula Thomas Harrold, Alderman

lengarr. Borough of Roscommon. Gerrald Dillon, Esq. Prime John Dillon, Esq.

Serjeant John Kelly, Esq.

Edmond Nugent, of CarlansBorough of Boyle.

towne Captain Johu King

Borough of Athlone. Terrence M'Dermot, Alder- Edmond Malone, of Ballyna

bourne, Esq. County of Meath.

Edmond Malone, of JurispeSir William Talbot, Bart.

rit, Esq. Sir Patrick Barnwall, Bart. Borough of Kebeggan.

Borough of Ratooth. Brian Geoghegan, of Donore, John Hussey, Esq.

Esq. James Fitzgerrald, Esq. Charles Geoghegan, of Lyon

Borough of Trym. ane, Esq. Captain Nicholas Cusacke

Queen's County. Walter Nangle, Esq.

Sir Patrick Trant, Knt. Borough of Navan. Edmond Morres, Esq. Christopher Cusack, of Corbal- Borough of Marrybrough. lis, Esq.

Pierce Bryan, Esq. Christopher Cusack, of Ratho. Thady Fitzpatrick, Esq. leran, Esq.

Borough of Ballynekill

. Borough of Kells. Sir Gregory Byrne, Bart. Patrick Everard, Esq.

Oliver Grace, Esq.
John Delamare, Esq.

Borough of Galloway.
Borough of Athboy.

Oliver Martin, Esq.
John Trynder, Esq.

John Kirwan, Esq.
Robert Longfield, Esq.

County of Cavan.
City of Cork.

Phillip Reyley, of AghnecreSir James Cotter, Knt.'

sey, Esq. John Gallaway, Esq.

John Reyley, of Garriroback, County of Limerick.

Esq. Sir John Fitzgerrald, Bart.

Borough of Cavan. Gerrald Fitzgerrald, Knt. of Phillip Oge O’Reyley, Esq. the Glyn

Hugh Reyley, of Lara, Esq. Borough of Kilmallock. Borough of Bellturbet. Sir William Harley, Bart. Sir Edward Tyrrel, Bart. John Lacy, Esq.

Phillip Tuite, of Newcastle, Borough of Askeaton. Esq. John Bourk, of Cahirmayhill, County of Waterford. Esq.

John Power, Esq. Edward Rice, Esq.

Matthew Hore, Esq. County of West Meath. Borough of Dungarvan. The Hon. Colonel William John Hore, Esq. Nugent

Martin Hore, Esq.

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County of Sligoe.

County of Antrim. Henry Crofton, Esq.

Cormucke O'Neale
Oliver O'Gara, Esq.

Randall Mac Donnell
Borough of Sligoe.

Borough of Bellfast.
Terrence Mac Donogh, Esq. Marcus Talbatt
James French, Esq.

Daniel O'Neale
County of Tyrone.

County of Wexford.
Colonel Gourdon O'Neile Walker Butler, of Monsin,
Lewis Doe, of Dungannon, Esq.

Patrick Colclough, of Macbury
Borough of Dungannon. Borough of Wexford.
Arthur O'Neile, Esq.

William Talbot, Esq.
Peter Donnelly, of Dungannon Francis Rooth, merchant
Borough of Strabane.

Borough of New Ross.
Christopher Nugent, Esq. Luke Dormer, Esq.
Daniel Donelly, Gent. Richard Butler, Esq.
County of Clare.

Borough of Newbury.
Daniel O'Bryan, Esq. Abraham Strange, of Tober-
John Mac Namarra, of Grat- duffe, Esq.
tlagh, Esq.

Richard Doyle, of Kilorky
Borough of Ennis.

Borough of Eniscorihy.
Florence MacNamarra, of James Devereux, of Cargme-
Dronodd, Esq.

nan, Esq. Theobald Butler, of Straghna- Arthur Waddinton Portriff gohoone, Esq.

Borough of Taghmon. County of Leytrim. George Hore, of Polehore, Esq. Edmond Reynells, Esq. Walter Hore, of Harperstowne Triell Farrell, Esq.

Borough of Bannow. Borough of Jamestown. Francis Plowden, Esq.* Alexander Macdonnel, Esq. Dr. Alexius Stafford William Shapley, Esq.

Borough of Cloghmine. County of Ardmagh. Edward Sherlock, of the city Francis Strafford, Esq.

of Dublin, Esq. Constantine O'Neale, Esq.

It is to be remarked, that the only names, which appear not to be Irish in this list of the members are the two menibers for Bannow, and Mr. Luke Dormer, member for New Ross. All these three gentlemen were of English Catholic families : indeed there were supposed to have been only six Protes. tant members returned to that parliament. Most of the members were men of landed property, and probably were the fairest representation of the people of Ireland, that ever were sent to any parliament of that country. Mr. F. Plowden was a younger brother of the Plowdens of Plowden in Shropshire, and great great uncle to the author. He followed the fortunes of James, and acted as his treasurer at St. Germaine's, where after some years he marnied Mary, the daughter of the Hon. John Stafford Hovard, who was the second son of William Viscount Stafford (beheaded in 1680)" by Mary Stafford, the heiress of the noble family of that name, as well as to the ancient barony of Stafford, which was restored by Edward Ví. to Henry Lord Stafford, the son of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, attainted and beheaded in 1520. Francis Plowden had issue by Mary his wife three children: Francis who died


Nicholas White, of Rosse, Robert Russell, of Drynham, merchant

Borough of Fetherd.

Borough of Newcustle. The Right Hon. Col. James Thomas Arthur, of ColgansPorter

towne Captain Nicholas Stafford John Talbot, of Bellgard County of Longford,

City of Dublin. Roger Farrell, Esq.

Sir Michael Creagh, Knt. Lord Robert Farrell, Esq.

Mayor Borough of Lanisborough. Terence Dermot, sen. Alder: Oliver Fitz Gerrald Roger Farrell

College of Dublin. County of Mayo. Sir John Meade, Knt. Gerrald Moore, Esq.

Joseph Coghlan, Esq.
Walter Bourke, Esq.

County of Wicklow.
Borough of Castlebarr.

Richard Butler, Esq.
John Bremingham Portriffe

William Talbot, Esq. Thomas Bourke, Esq.

Borough of Caris-Fort. County of Downe. Hugh Byrone, Esq. Murtogh Mac Gennis, of Green Pierce Archbold, Esq. upon Castle, Esq.

default of a process of P. A, Ever Mac Gennis, of Castle Palewheele, Esq. William, Esq.

Borough of Wicklow.
Borough of Newry,

Francis Tool, Esq.
Rowland White, Esq.

Thomas Byrne, Esq. Rowland Savage, Esq.

Borough of Blessington, Borough of Killileagh. James Eustace, Esq. Barnard Mac Gennis, of Bally, Maurice Eustace, Gent. gorianbeg, Esq.

County of Kildare.
Toole O'Niel, of Drummekel- John Wogan, Esq.
ly, Gent.

George Aylmer, Esq.
County of Dublin.

Borough of Neas. Simon Lutterell, of Lutterells. Walter Lord Dungan towne, Esq.

Charles White, Esq. Patrick Sársfield, of Lucan, Borough of Athy. Esq.

William Fitz Gerrald, Esq, Borough of Swords. William Archbold, Esq. Francis Barnwall, of Wood- Borough of Harristowne.

scarke, in the county of James Niheli, Esq. Meath, Esq.

Edmond Fitz Gerrald, Esq, unmarried at Paris in 1788; Louisa, who died unmarried at Paris in 1784 ; and Mary, who married Sir George Jerningham, of Cossey, in the county of Norfolk, Bart. whose eldest son the present Sir William Jerningham, if he survive Lady Stafford, a maiden lady of very advanced age, now living at Pa. ris, the last surviving daughter of William late

Earl of Stafford, who died in 1734, will become sole heir to the barony of Stafford. The late Lady Jerning ham was a singular instance of having lived to see six generations of her gwa family,

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