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there, and other his majesty's loyal subjects of English blood, though of the Romish religion, being ancient inhabitants within several counties and parts of that realm, who have always in former rebellions given testimony of their fidelity to this crown; and for the utter depriving of his royal majesty, and the crown of England, from the government of that kingdom, (under pretence of setting up the Popish religion) have therefore taken into their serious consideration, how those mischievous attempts might be most speedily and effectually prevented, wherein the honour, and interest of this kingdom, are most nearly and fully concerned.

Wherefore they do hereby declare, that they do intend to serve his majesty with their lives and fortunes, for the suppressing of this wicked rebellion, in such a way as shall be most effectual, by the wisdom and authority of parliament, and thereupon have ordered and provided for a present supply of money, and raising the number of six thousand foot, and two thousand horse, to be sent from England, being the full proportion desired by the lords justices, and his majesty's council resident in that kingdom, with a resolution to add such further succours, as the necessity of these affairs shall require. They have also resolved of providing arms and munition, not only for those men, but likewise for his majesty's faithful subjects in that kingdom, with store of victuals, and other necessaries, as there shall be occasion; and that these provisions may more conveniently be transported thither, they have appointed three several ports of this kingdom, that is to say, Bristol, Westchester, and one other in Cumberland, where the magazines and storehouses shall be kept, for the supply of the several parts of Ireland. They have likewise resolved to be humble mediators to his most excellent majesty, for the encouragement of those English or Irish, who shall, upon their own charges, raise any number of horse or foot, for his service, against the rebels, that they shall be honourably rewarded with lands or inheritance in Ireland, according to their merits. And for the better inducing the rebels to repent of their wicked attempts, they do hereby commend it to the lord lieutenant of Ireland, or, in his absence, to the lord deputy or lords justices there, according to the power of the commission granted in that behalf, to bestow his majesty's gracious pardon to all such as, within a convenient time to be declared by the lord lieutenant, or lord deputy, or lords justices and council of that kingdom) shall return to their due obe. dience; the greater part thereof, they conceive, have been seduced upon false grounds, by the cunning and subtile practices of some of the most malignant rebels, enemies to this state, and to the reformed religion; and likewise to bestow such

rewards as shall be thought fit and published by the lord lieutenant, lord deputy, or lords justices and council, upon all those who shall arrest the persons, or bring the heads of such treaytors, as shall be personally named in any proclamation published by the state there.

And they do hereby exhort and require all his majesty's loving subjects, both in this and in that kingdom, to remember their duty and conscience to God and his religion.



I A. B. do, in the presence of Almighty God and all the saints and angels in Heaven, promise, vow, swear, and protest, to maintain and defend, as far as I may, with my life, power, and estate, the public and free exercise of the true and Roman Catholic religion, against all persons that shall oppose the same. I further swear, that I will bear faith and true allegiance to our sovereign lord King Charles, his heirs and successors; and that I will defend him and them as far as I may, with my life, power, and estate, against all such persons as shall attempt any thing against their royal persons, honours, estates, and dignities, and against all such as shall directly or indirectly endeavour to suppress the royal prerogative, or do any act or acts contrary to regal government; as also the power and privileges of parliament, the lawful rights and privileges of the subjects, and every person, that makes this vow, oath, and protestation, in whatsoever he shall do, in the lawful pursuance of the same. And to my power, as far as I may, I will oppose, and by all means and ways endeavour to bring to condign punishment, even to the loss of life, and liberty, and estate, all such as shall either by force, practice, plots, conspiracies, or otherwise, do or attempt any thing to the contrary of any article, clause, or any thing in this present vow, oath, or protestation contained. So God me help.




THE 5th of this present was a day of great com. fort and consolation to me, receiving assurance (by your majesty's direction) from my Lord Falkland, that your majesty was pleased to hold a gracious opinion of my endeavours and proceedings for your service; and that the distraction of the times, and not displeasure, diverted the course of your majesty's favours towards me, which, in my own thoughts, gave me very high satisfaction, and requires my humble acknowledgements; and if your majesty had reserved the reducing of this kingdom to our own power and management, I do confidently presume, that as you have honoured me with this government, so your majesty would have long since intrusted me with means and ability to discharge the duty of my place, and to appear considerable in your service; but, as it is now governed, though many there are most near unto me in blood, and, as I conceive, sure to me in friendship and affection, yet I apparently find (such is the disposition of the times) let my endeavours be never so industrious and faithful, I shall never attain to any trust or employment that may gain me honour by my service, nor any support to ease my infinite charge, which hath already consumed both my fortune and credit.

I have written to my Lord of Falkland, and sent him several papers, that will give some account of my proceedings since my last dispatch, and the motives, that guided me to the courses I have taken, being left to myself, without either strength or intelligence; and there I hope faith and duty will appear, though accompanied with error and disability. Those of most impor. tance, wherein I most desire to justify myself, concern the arrival of the Lord Forbes to the Bay of Galway, with the title of lieutenant general of the additional forces.

And unto your majesty, I presume to send herewith a copy of the submission his lordship required from Galway. The motives of my proceedings with his lordship, and a note of particulars I have sent unto my Lord of Falkland, that your majesty may be informed at your best leisure of what you shall please to make choice of. I understand, that those forces were sent at the request, and upon the charge of the city of London; and whether they were so fair in your majesty's favour as to

have such an important place put into their hands, and taken out of my government, intrusted to me by your majesty, appeared very doubtful unto me, and inclined me rather to a respective refusal of such assistance, until I received some further intimation of your pleasure, whether it be a necessary part of my duty to receive all accidental forces, or to attend those supplies, that may be properly assigned for this place, and that I may have some interest or command over them: otherwise I have cause to fear much danger and prejudice by the violence offered by some here, and more frequently in other places.

After a long expectation, the natives of these parts finding no power or assistance coming or appointed for me, nor no instruction or declaration directed to me under your royal signature, neither intreaties, threats, nor protestations can persuade or draw most men from the belief, that they do really serve your majesty, that are in this present commotion, and that I do adhere to those that stand in opposition to your majesty, in regard that


brother hath so far cast himself into your majesty's displeasure (which I cannot mention but with a deep impression of grief and amazement), and that your majesty's fort at Galway is no more at your own disposal, but in the hands of your enemies, by the correspondency between the Lord Forbes and the captain of the fort; and most are so carried with these opinions, that I have gotten the hatred of the whole kingdom, and though most faithful, yet least able to serve your majesty, or defend myself. And such is the distracted apprehension of these people, that though many are inclining to fall off, in whom I reposed much confidence; and that few will pay any exact obedience: and that oppressed by multitudes, I may this winter be in danger to be shut up or besieged; yet, if vows or protestations may gain belief, I should be followed by thousands to serve your majesty in any other place. But as the state of this kingdoin stands, such is their sense of the opposition given to your majesty by some faction in your parliament, of the injustice done them by those, that govern here, and the general destruction conceived to be designed against the natives, that almost the whole kingdom are united into one resolute body to gain their preservation, or sell their lives' at the dearest rates.

I give your majesty most humble thanks for the licence I have received for my repair into England; but the land passages to Dublin being stopt, and the time of the year far spent, which make the long voyage by sea most dangerous and troublesome for women and children, I resolved between two extremes to keep my family here till summer; but if your majesty find no inconvenience there, by my attendance upon you in England, which I know not how to judge of at this distance, being debarred free intelligence, I should myself be glad to wait upon your majesty, to represent some things unto you, that I conceive might be of advantage to your service, which I humbly submit to your majesty's consideration. And for my own particular, God is my witness, I have no other aim nor end but merely to approve myself serviceable, and most constantly loyal to your majesty; and but for these respects, I should not care how soon I paid nature that debt, which must be at last discharged; and if it please God to hasten me from these miseries, and that I may not repair unto your majesty, I shall confidently trust in your grace and goodness, that your majesty will vouchsafe to take my wife and children into your royal care and protection and likewise the heir male of a never tainted family, whose carriage and disposition will, I hope, deserve your majesty's favour.

And pardoning my present presumption, whilst I have life I will constantly offer up my prayers and vows for your majesty's preservation from all dangers, and that you may appear in full power and glory, answerable to the birth and virtues of so great a monarch, and your majesty may be graciously pleased to conceive it want of ability and means of expression, and no failing of duty or affection, if I do not clearly approve myself,

Your majesty's most humble and faithful Laughreagh, the 26th subject and servant, of October, 1642.







WEE your majestie's most dutifull and loyall subjects, the Catholiques of your highness' kingdome of Ireland, being necessitated to take armes for the preservation of our religion, the maintenance of your majestie's rights and prerogatives, the natural and just defence of our lives and estates, and the liberties of our country, have often since the beginning of

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