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Cricklewood. Dear son in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, grace and peace be multiplied.

I HAVE for some time had it upon my mind to send thee some account of my late goings on, having for some weeks back been much indulged and helped by the Holy Spirit of promise, of whose influence, help, and energetic intercession at the throne of grace,

I have been very watchful and observant;



the divine approbation. “God resisteth the proud.” But 0, how safe, how sweet, how salutary, how satisfactory, how humbling and softening, are the sweet influences, operations, discoveries, and communications of the Holy Spirit upon the souls of the children of God!

Various things are meant by the word Spirit in the holy scriptures:as wind, the spirit of beasts, and the souls of men, and angels, both good and bad. But the Holy Ghost is distinguished from all these, being emphatically called God, not in a figurative or metaphoric, but in an absolute, sense; “ to the acknowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ,” Col. ii. 2.

In which

passage the Holy Ghost stands first in the Holy Trinity, and he is distinct from the Father and from Christ: and, surely, if he were not essentially God, to all intents and purposes, he never would have inspired the apostle to name and place him as God before the Father. The church

also is called “ the temple of the Holy Ghost; as God hath said, I will dweil in them and walk in them.” No spirit whatever, that is mentioned in all the book of God, is ever numbered with the persons in the Holy Trinity, or ranked with the Father and the Son, except the Holy Ghost. Nor is the church the property, the temple, or the habitation, of any but of God alone: and, as the church is called the temple of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost must be God.

A ghost is a spirit. The Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit is one and the same in the original, as say the learned. Now what I have upon my mind, to write to my dear brother, is upon this important subject: and, however weakly, or however imperfectly I may express myself, I am fully persuaded, by my own experience, that it is most safe, and ever will be satisfactory and establishing, to the elect of God, who are regenerated and renewed by the Holy Spirit, to believe as I do: while the contrary is most dangerous, if not

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