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User Review  - emugrlx3 - Borders

I had to read this book for the Summer Reading requirement at my former high school. At first when I looked at this book, it looked quite big and I wasn't a fan of reading. I started to force myself ... Read full review

Amazing Awsome A... Book

User Review  - Triple A - Borders

This is a two thumbs up book. Very vivid and the adventure will take you on wild ride through the book. The book will have you heart broke and excited. Though might not be age aproved by all perents with young kids. Great for teens who like misteries. I'm 11 and I was okay with it. Read full review

A read of recovery

User Review  - Amanda Star Struck - Borders

John Connolly fascinates readers with his book The Book of Lost Things. His voice plays as a beautifully weilded paintbrush, painting the canvas of his pages into the ultimate fantasy adventure ... Read full review

Good Quality Fantasy

User Review  - kcvillar - Borders

Here's what I don't like about this book. I don't like that some parts of the story were predictable. The comedic portions of the story were funny, but ultimately they felt out of place considering ... Read full review

Wonderfully dark & twisted

User Review  - Anjanette R - Borders

I picked this up because it was a twist on fairy tales, but I never expected it to be as good as it was. I couldn't put it down - literally...I read it in one night. It's the story of a young boy in ... Read full review

Adult Fairy Tales, with a Twist

User Review  - Borders

Think of Hemingway writing a fairy tale, and add the bluntness of Koontz or King. Sparcity of description, vagueness of color in the land of Faerie, which, by necessity must be vague. The novel is an ... Read full review

A Classic

User Review  - Anonymous - Borders

This is one of my favorites. A modern Grimm's Fairy Tale, vibrant and powerful, Book of Lost Things will stick with you for a long time. Recommend it to young readers, to fans of C. S. Lewis or ... Read full review


User Review  - Peachy Lishy - Borders

I loved every moment in this book! The delightful depiction of the Snow White & The 7 Comrade Dwarfs highly amused me. The weaving of many misquoted fairy tales into a story of loss, growth and ... Read full review

another great read

User Review  - susanne - Borders

John Connolly has yet to disappoint me, and I have been a huge fan since Every Dead Thing. This latest offering delivers the expected dose of the unexpected. You never know where the dark path will ... Read full review

I loved it

User Review  - aals99 - Borders

Very entertaining! I really enjoyed this simple and fun read. Read full review

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