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ALPHABETICAL LIST of SCOTCH BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced March 1826; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Aitken, James and Co. merchants and coopers in Leith

Algie, James, baker and grain-dealer in Paisley Anderson, George Hay, ship-builder in Leith Andrew, Allan, and Co. cotton-yarn merchants in Kilmarnock

Arnot, Peter, grain-merchant in Gorbals, Glasgow Arnot and Co. distillers at Langholm distillery Banks, James, merchant in Leith

Brown, John, shoemaker, Prince's-Street, Edinburgh

Calder, Joseph and Sons, silk-manufacturers and hatters, and Calder and Co. hatters in Edinburgh

Campbell, A. and D. and Co. merchants and warehousemen in Glasgow

Carson, William, oilman and tinsmith in Edinburgh

Colquhoun, Thomas, printer in Edinburgh

Cook, Robert, smith and wood-merchant in Glasgow

Clark, Alexander, miller in Dundee

Clark, William, ship-owner and stone-merchant

in Leith

Connal, John, and Co. brewers at Finnieston, near Glasgow, and Ebenezer Connal and Co. distillers there

Craig, Peter, spirit-dealer, Cowgate, Edinburgh Crawford, Alexander, junior, corn-merchant in North Berwick

Crichton, Hugh, paper-maker, at St. Leonard's, Lasswade

Dawson, J. and J. and Co. brass-founders in Glasgow

Duncan, William, thread-manufacturer in Dundee

Elder, John Alexander George, baker and spiritdealer in Perth

Forrester, Alexander, grain-merchant in Alloa Findlay, Connal, and Co. merchants in Glasgow Findlay, William, wright in Glasgow

Fisher, Thomas and Alexander, builders in Edinburgh

Gowan, John and William, ship-owners and mer. chantss in Leith

Gracie, Thomas, draper and cloth-merchant in Dundee

Graham, Duncan, grazier and cattle-dealer, Blarhulachan, Perthshire

Gray and Co. potters, Fife Pottery, near Kirkaldy Gray, Barclay Fyfe, merchant in Leith

Gray, Henry, merchant, and manufacturer in Glasgow

Home, James, jeweller in Edinburgh

Hutchinson and Pettrie, builders in Portobello Imray, James, wholesale stationer in Glasgow Law, Hugh and Sons, lath-splitters, joiners, and wood-merchants in Leith

Lockhart, Adam, flesher, and cattle-dealer in Newton-upon-Ayr

Mackay, James, merchant, Union-Street, Glasgow Mackenzie, Alexander and Co. merchants in Leith Mackie, George, builder in Edinburgh

[blocks in formation]


Sanderson, William and Son, tallow-chandlers and merchants, Leith Walk, Edinburgh Sanderson, James, grain and cattle-dealer, and farmer at Wick

Scott, Allan and James, and Co. timber and leadmerchants in Glasgow

Scott, Robert, leather-agent and merchant in Glasgow

Service, Robert, merchant and spirit-dealer in Greenock

Shillinglaw, and Scott, builders in Edinburgh Soutter, Andrew, ironmonger in Kirkaldy Sheppherd, Thomas, wine and spirit-merchant in Leith

Spinks, Charles, vintner in Edinburgh

Steven, William and Co. hat-manufacturers in Edinburgh

Strachan, John, merchant and manufacturer in Dundee

Sutherland, James, builder in Edinburgh Thomson, John, and Co. merchants and agents in Edinburgh

Turner and Boyd, merchants in Edinburgh Whillas and Kilpatrick, builders in Edinburgh Wilson, James, commission-agent in Glasgow Wyllie, William, grazier and cattle-dealer, Treesbank, parish of Shotts, Lanarkshire

Zuilt, John, distiller and spirit-dealer at Blairgorts


Forsyth, William, cabinet-maker and upholsterer in Aberdeen; by Alexander Webster, advo

cate there

Kent, Robert, banker, Kilmarnock; by William
Anderson, Commercial Bank there
Lang, William, grocer, &c. Paisley, deceased; by
Robert Reid, grain-merchant there
Mowat, James, perfumer, Edinburgh; by Alex-
ander Edington, leather-merchant there
Maclachlan, Dugald, ship-owner, dealer in wool,

and grazier, Corruanan; by M'Donald and M'Gregor, writers in Fort William Stewart, John, junior, late grocer in Inverness by James Gray, merchant there West and Eckford, coach-makers in Edinburgh; by F. Burke, accountant there


[blocks in formation]

7. At 8, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Ramsay, a son.

8. At Union-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs James Irvine, a son 10. At Brightmony, Mrs Mackintosh, a daughter. 11. At Huntly Place, Inverness, Mrs Fyvie, of twin sons.

13. The Lady of William Macdowall, Esq. of Carruth, a daughter.

14. At Bonnington Bank, Mrs Wyld, Gilston, a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the Lady of Henry Wight, Esq. advocate, a son.

15. At Ford, Mrs Fraser, a daughter.

[blocks in formation]

1825. July 5. At New Norfolk, Van Diemen's Land, by special licence, Lieutenant-Colonel S. H. Tod, of the Bengal establishment, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Captain Ewen Macdonald, Griminish, North Uist.

Sept. 13. At St. George's Church, Madras, the Honourable H. T. Graeme, Esq. Second Member of Council, to Miss E. A. Scott, niece of William Horsman, Esq. Madras Medical Establishment.

1826. Jan. 5. At Ekolsund, in Sweden, Baron Charles Gustavus Adlercreutz, Lieutenant in the royal horse guards, son of the late General Count Adlercreutz, to Margaret Seton, second daughter of Dr Seton, of Preston.

9. At Plantation Palmyra, East Coast, Berbice, by the Rev. A. Browne, A.M. senior minister of the Established Church of Scotland, in the united colony of Demerara, and Essequibo, Wolfert Katz, Esq. to Miss Susan Barclay, eldest daughter of the Hon. Simon Fraser, Member of the Council of Government of Berbice; and at the same time and place, Charles Mackenzie Matheson, Esq. to Miss Margaret Nicolson, second daughter of the Hon. Simon Fraser.

31. Mr John Campbell, of Pictou, Nova Scotia, to Miss Marion Campbell, third daughter of the Jate Malcolm Campbell, Esq. of Cornaig, island of Coll.

Feb. 10. At Hayes, Kent, Lord Dunalley, to the Honourable Henry Maude, youngest sister of Viscount Hawarden.

16. At Samuelston Mains, Mr John Kesson, surgeon, North Berwick, to Tomina, only daughter of the late Mr Thomas Watson, farmer there. -At Elerig, Appin, Argyllshire, George Ferguson, Esq. Quartermaster of the 91st regiment, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr Duncan Sinclair, residing there.

23. At the Hotel of the British Embassy, Paris, Robert Shed on Scrimgeour, Esq. to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late James Wilson, Professor of Anatomy to the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

-At Talisker, Isle of Skye, John Tolmie, Esq. Uginish, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late Dr D. M'Askill.

-At Strichen, the Rev. James Anderson, minister of St. Fergus, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Alexander Gavin, Esq. surgeon, Strichen.

By special licence, at the residence of the Earl of Harrington, in the Stable Yard, St. James's, Lord Southampton, to Miss Stanhope, daughter of the Hon. Colonel Stanhope.

24. Robert Fairbairn, Esq. writer in Dunse, to Jean, eldest daughter of John Kay, Esq.

25. At Borlum, William Fraser, Esq. Dell, to Mary, eldest daughter of William Fraser, Esq. Borlum.

27. At Quidenham, the seat of the Earl of Albemarle, Henry Frederick Stephenson, Esq. of the Middle Temple, barrister at law, to Lady Mary Keppel, second surviving daughter of the Earl of Albemarle.

28. At Leith, William Wardlaw, Esq. to Mary Ann, only daughter of Robert Douglas, of Preston, Esq.

-At Ayr, John Boyle, Esq. of Robsland, to Miss Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr James Goudie, ship-builder, Ayr.

March 1. At the Royal Lodge, Windsor, the Right Honourable Lord Strathaven, M. P. to Lady Elizabeth Conyngham, eldest daughter of the Marquis of Conyngham.

-At Knock, in Sky, the Rev. John Macrae, minister of Glenshiel, to Jamesina Fraser, youngest daughter of Norman Macleod, Esq.

6. At Whitelaw, Adam Thomson, Esq. Chesterhill, Northumberland, son of James Thomson,

Esq. of Earnslaw, to Marion, daughter of the late Francis Walker, Esq.

Feb. 8. By the Rev. Henry Grey, at Coalston, Gilbert Young, Esq. of Youngfield, to Patricia, eldest daughter of the Honourable Wm. Maule, of Panmure, M.P.

9. At Edgerston, Roxburghshire, the Rev. James Wight, to Miss Mary Leslie, Jedburgh.

10. Át 14, St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh, Mr James Robertson, merchant, Leith Walk, to Lillias, only child of the late John MacEwan, Esq. Crieff.

-At Edinburgh, Charles Campbell Stewart, Esq. clerk to the signet, to Mary Henrietta, daughter of the late Andrew Wood, Esq. surgeon, Edinburgh.

13. At Dumfries, Captain Henderson, or the Honourable East-India Company Madras military service, to Isabella Grierson, third daughter of Mr Grierson, Shillahill, parish of Drysdale.

Mr George Mortimer, musical instrument maker, Edinburgh, to Agnes Thorburn, daughter of James Creighton, Esq. Dumfries.

14. At Montrose, David Niddrie, Esq. surgeon there, to Miss Isabella Croll.

15. At Elie, Mr Andrew Thallon, merchant, Kirkaldy, to Miss Bethia, youngest daughter of Mr Lawrence Kilgour, King's Kettle, Fife.

16. At Mayfield, William Hope Mure, Esq. surgeon, to Jane Gordon, second daughter of the late James Robertson, of Mayfield, Esq. W. S.

At Bair Vadock, Dumbartonshire, William Tritton, Esq. only son of George Tritton, Esq. West Hill, Surrey, to Jane Dennistoun, second daughter of James Buchanan, Esq. of Ardeneonnel, grand daughter of the late, and niece to the present Earl of Caithness.

-At Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, by the Rev. Sir Henry Moncreiff Wellwood, Bart. the Rev. James Henderson, of Claremont-Street Chapel, to Eleanor Rutherfurd, third daughter of Professor Russell.

-At Lambourn Church, Berkshire, Mr Wm. Morrison, of Fenchurch-Street, London, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Wright, Banff.

18. At St. George's Church, Bloomsbury, London, by the Rev. T. Curtis, Michael Tweedie, Esq. royal artillery, to Miss Forbes, daughter of Richard Walter Forbes, Esq. Rolvenden, Kent.

20. At Dumfries, John Erskine Gibson, Esq. surgeon, to Sarah M'Kenzie, eldest daughter of Adam Rankine, Esq. merchant there.

22. At Clifton, Sir William Francis Elliot, of Stobbs and Wells, in the county of Roxburgh, Bart. to Miss Boswell, eldest daughter of the late Sir Alexander Boswell of Auchinleck, Bart.

-At Glasgow, Charles Shirreff, Esq. to Christian, eldest daughter of James M Nair, Esq.

25. At Aberdeen, Andrew Richardson, Esq. ma nufacturer, Edinburgh, to Frances Ann, second daughter of the late Rev. William Duncan, of the Grammar-school of Aberdeen.

28. At Raeburn Place, the Rev. Robert Carr, minister of Luss, to Georgina, daughter of the late Thomas Henderson, Esq. Chamberlain of the city of Edinburgh.

-At St. Andrew's Chapel, Aberdeen, Alexander M'Neill, Esq. advocate, to Anna Margaret, second daughter of the late Keith Turner, Esq. of Turnerhall.

At Mollance, Alexander B. Blackie, Esq. wine-merchant, Leith, to Isabella, eldest daughter of John Napier, Esq. of Mollance.

Lately. In the parish church of Temple Mighty, county Tyrone, James Cross, Esq. 2d royal vete. ran battalion, youngest son of James Cross, Esq. Gorbals, Glasgow, to Eliza, daughter of Captain Hardinge, of the Donegal regiment.


1825. March 13. Drowned, while swimming across Macquarrie River, Van Diemen's Land, Mr John Scott, lately builder, Brown-Street, Edinburgh.

June 25. At Cape Coast Castle, Africa, Lieute nant Jonas Oxley, of the Royal African colonial corps; and lately, aged 17, Calin, his son, became also a victim to that unhealthy climate. This meritorious officer was a native of Montrose, and was promoted from the ranks entirely by his own. merit, and at all times stood in the highest estimation with his superior officers.

[blocks in formation]

Oct. 8. Mr William N. Blane, (younger of Grougar,) whose travels in America, &c. gave just ground to hope that another volume from him would have proved highly useful. This, however, he was not permitted to bring forward, as he was cut off by a violent fever, in his 26th year, on his travels through Egypt and Syria, after a short but brilliant career. The accounts received of him state, that he died at Tarsus on the 7th or 8th of October, after three days illness, regretted by all who knew him. "He was of such rare and amiable qualities, that he never approached any one but he made him his friend. He was noble-minded, brave, and generous, and with talents such as would have fitted him for any sta tion or office; and withal so affectionate, so kind, so lively and good-tempered, as perhaps never was surpassed."

1826. Jan. 12. At Vienna, at an advanced age, Baron John Fyffe, a native of this city.

28. At Scalloway, Mrs Scott, of Scalloway, in the 66th year of her age, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with great patience and Christian resignation. Her extensive and unostentatious charity to the poor will long be remembered with gratitude, while her surviving family and friends can never forget the kindness of her heart, and her many other good qualities.

29. At Monkwood Mill, Mrs Marion Curry, aged 100, relict of Thomas M'Skimming of Traboch Mill. She had five children, 40 grandchildren, and 74 great grandchildren, and throughout her long life it is said she never tasted medicine.

31. At Queenston, Upper Canada, Wilhelmina Denham, spouse of Francis Hall, Esq. civil engineer there, and daughter of the late Mr Thomas Denham, Register Office, Edinburgh.

Feb. 2. At Gairscraft, near Springkell, John Johnson, aged 92. He entered the service of the Springkell family upwards of 70 years ago; and since he has been unable to work, he has received an yearly allowance, and free house, from Sir John H. Maxwell. Lady Maxwell and the young ladies used frequently to visit the aged couple, in their humble dwelling, and supply them with many comforts. He has been married 67 years, and his partner (two years older than he was) still survives him. It is remarkable, that though they have lived so long together, this is the first time that death has entered their dwelling.-Their eight children still survive them; and he has left children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, to the number of 120.

4. At Rome, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, Lieutenant William Wemyss Fraser, of the 44th regiment, youngest son of the late Mr John Fraser, Rhives, Sutherlandshire.

5. At Dykehead, Mr Robert Richardson, late Provost of Lochmaben.

6. At Rome, John Hugh Maclean, Esq. younger of Ardgour.

-At Pathhead, Mrs Elizabeth Carse, relict of the late Mr Andrew Gordon, Preston, aged 81.

8. At Harrowgate, Mrs Charles Thomson, of Edinburgh.

14. At Greenock, Mrs Rosina Hunter, relict of the late James Hunter, Esq.

15. At Dalkeith, Mr E. Bell, Rector of the Grammar School there.

16. At Cheltenham, Major Frederick Corfield, formerly Deputy Military Auditor-General in Bengal.

19. At Montrose, in the 25th year of her age, Helen Hunter Taylor, second daughter of Mr William Taylor, London.

20. At Edinburgh, Mary, the wife of Ken. Treasurer, 10, Terrace, aged 61.

-At No. 2, Fettes Row, Edinburgh, Margaret Agnes, only daughter of Captain David Campbell, of the 98th regiment.

21. At her brother's house, Castle-Street, Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Stivens.

Feb. 23. The Right Hon. Elizabeth Harriet, Dowager Viscountess Warren Bulkeley.

25. At Lawrieston, Glasgow, in the 29th year of his age, Robert C. Graham Gordon, third son of Peter Gordon, writer.

-At his house, 227, High-Street, Edinburgh, Mr John Kay, in the 84th year of his age.

-At his house, in George Street, Hanover Square, London, Viscount Carleton, aged 87. The title is extinct. His Lordship was one of the Irish representative Peers.

At Falkirk, the Rev. William Burns, in the 88th year of his age.

At Maryfield, Ross-shire, the Rev. Donald Mackenzie, minister of Fodderty, in the 58th year of his age, and 37th of his ministry.

-At Caldra, Miss Helen Low, daughter of the late Alex. Low, Esq. of Laws, Berwickshire. -At Laurencekirk, in the 65th year of his age, Alex. Gardiner, Esq. late Colonel of the Royal Montrose Volunteers-a man of superior attainments and fascinating manners-equally admired in the field and in the social circle. In the day of prosperity, his ear was ever open to the plaint of the poor, and his hand ever ready to relieve their


26. At Edinburgh, Janet, only daughter of William Baird, Esq. late farmer at Lochend.

27. At her son's house, Dublin-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Ballantyne, late merchant in Kelso, aged 78 years.

At Edinburgh, Ensign Walter Thomson, late of the 3d royal veteran battalion.

After a long and painful illness, Miss Rebecca Shiells, Hope Park, Edinburgh,

28. At Dingwall, Donald Cameron, Esq. principal clerk of the peace, &c. for the counties of Ross and Cromarty, aged 74.

March 1. At Southfod, Christina, third daughter of the late John Stenhouse, Esq. younger of Southfod.

-Sir John Aubrey, Bart. D.C.L. and M.P. in his 86th year. Sir John Aubrey was Father of the House of Commons, having sat without intermission in eleven successive Parliaments.

-At Waterford, after a short illness, Mr Alexander Leifer, Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, there, and late accountant of the Stirling Bank.

2. Lord Downes, the Ex-Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, Ireland.

-At Drygrange, Susanna, youngest daughter of the late Archibald Tod, Esq. of Drygrange.

3. At Pwllychronon, near Conway, North Wales, Jane, only daughter of Sir David Erskine of Cambo, Bart.

4. At his father's house, 39, North HanoverStreet, Edinburgh, deeply regretted by all who knew him, Mr A. P. Marshall, in his 29th year.

At Balbardie House, Linlithgowshire, Rachel, third daughter of Alex. Marjoribanks, Esq. of Marjoribanks.

-At Leith, Mrs Margaret Lourie, relict of the late Mr H. D. Lang, merchant there.

-At St. Roques, M Millan Jameson, M.D. late Surgeon General, royal artillery, aged 69.

At Muirburn, James Alston, Esq. of Muir

burn. - At Dumfries, Mrs Gilchrist, senior, aged 86, relict of the late James Gilchrist, Esq.

5. At Calcutta, Captain Patrick Dudgeon, of the 14th regiment of Bengal native infantry, and Commandant of the Silhet local corps.

-At Kelton, Ninian Hair Scott, Esq. of Knockenstob. The deceased served in the American war, latterly as Captain of the 63d regiment, and was distinguished for his bravery and good conduct.

- At Inverary, Miss Bell Maclachlan, eldest surviving daughter of the late Archibald Bell Maclachlan, Esq. of Craigenterne, Argyllshire.

-At Muirkirk, in the 84th year of her age, Mrs Janet Anderson, relict of Mr John Lapraick, late of Dalfram, well known to most of our readers as the intimate friend of Burns.

-At Stirling, Miss Helen Colquhoun, daughter of the late Robert Colquhoun, Esq. of Camstraddan.

-At Toulouse, Madame La Perouse, widow of the celebrated naturalist of that name, aged 80 years.

-At Inxion, aged 81, Mrs Helen Farquharson, relict of the late Thomas Mitchell, Esq.

March 6. At his house, 3, Great King-Street, Edinburgh, Mr John Garioch.

- At 28, Broughton Place, Edinburgh, Mar garet Ann, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr Da vid Ritchie, aged 12 years.

-At Rosehall, George Adam Graham, aged 21, second son of Mr John Graham, jeweller.

-At his seat, Redgrave Hall, Suffolk, George Wilson, Esq. Admiral of the Red.

-The Honourable Colonel John Lindsay, brother of the late Earl of Balcarras.

-John Kerr, Esq. Provost of Dumfries, in the 54th year of his age, after an illness of 14 days. The funeral was most numerously attended; ac cording to a moderate calculation made by individuals capable of judging, there were fully 500; and the concourse of spectators of this melancholy scene is supposed to have amounted to no less than 5000 souls.

7. At King's Place, Leith Walk, Mrs Margaret Hedley, relict of the late Mr John King.

At Aberdeen, Mr Archibald Tytler, merchant, in the 70th year of his age.

-At Edinburgh, Mrs Catharine Sommerville, in the 68th year of her age; and on the 16th instant, Mr William Gibson, jun., late merchant, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, her husband, in the 66th year of his age-both much and justly regretted.

-At Pittenweem, Miss Katherine Anstruther, daughter of the late Sir Philip Anstruther of Balcaskie, Bart.

8. At Thurso, William Henderson, Esq. of Scotscalder, Sheriff-substitute of the shire of Caithness.

- At Elshieshields, Mrs Christian Dickson, spouse of J. E. Dickson, Esq. Elshieshields.

-At Glasgow, in the prime of life, and much and justly regretted, Mrs Eliza M'Queen, wife of Mr James M Queen, South Wellington Place. -At Grangemouth, Mrs Martha Wing, wife of John Selby, Esq. Collector of Canal Dues.

9. At his house, West George-Street, Glasgow, in the 59th year of his age, Wm. Jamieson, Esq.

10. At Paris, Mr Pinkerton, the distinguished writer on geography, at the age of 67. He was born in Edinburgh.

-At 22, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, Eliza Roy, daughter of the late William Roy, Esq. of Nenthorn.

-At Allanfield, William G. V. Scott, son of Mr Robert Scott, merchant, Leith.

11. At Crieff, Mrs Margaret Drummond, relict of the late Rev. Robett Stirling, minister of Crieff. Mark Howard, fourth son of Mr Orr, 13, Forth-Street, Edinburgh.

-At Peterhead, Mrs Thomson Arbuthnot, of Nether Kinmundy.

-At Dunfermline, Mrs Margaret Pearson, relict of the deceased Mr John Kerr, manufacturer there, in the 82d year of her age, much and justly regretted.

12. At the manse of Dysart, Mrs Christian Hardie, relict of the late Peter Brotherston, Esq. of Esk Mills, near Penicuik.

-At Southfield, Stirling, John Anderson, senior, Esq. Izte of the island of St. Croix.

13 At Plains of Thornton, Ann Cooper; and three hours after, James Livingston, her husband; the former aged 53, and the latter 75. They were buried in the church-yard of Glammis, in one grave.

March 14. At Hamburgh, Mr Joseph Brodie, of the house of Messrs Pitcairn, Brodie, and Co.

At Manse of Knockando, the Rev. Lachlan Mason, aged 68 years.

-At Larkhill Crescent, near Worcester, John H. Martin, Esq. late of Glencree, Galloway, in the 45th year of his age.

15. At Montrose, at an advanced age, Mr Alex ander arns, harbour master.

-At Slangan, after a long fullness, which he ended with exemplary patience and resignation, the Rev. James Robert on, minister of that parish; a man who will long be respect fully and affectionately remembered by his pa rishioners and by all who were intimately acquainted with him, for his unfeigned piety, the accuracy and extent of his literary and theological acquire ments, the singleness of heart with which he devoted himself to his pastoral duties, the truth, integrity, and sincerity, which adorned his whole character, the warmth of his affections, and the steadiness of his friendship.

16. At Greenock, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Dunn.

17. At Ely, Miss Elizabeth Duddingstone, eldest daughter of the late James Duddingstone, Esq. of

Saint Ford.

-At Kirtleton House, Dumfries-shire, David Niven, Esq. of Kirtleton.

At Kirkaldy, Mrs Landale, senior.

At her house, Hanover-Street, Edinburgh, Miss Phebe Durham, daughter of the deceased John Durham, Esq. surgeon, Kirkaldy.

- At Forres, Mrs Grant, relict of the late Rev. Lewis Grant, minister of the gospel, Cromdale.

-At Edinburgh, Mrs Catharine Napier, wife of Macvey Napier, Esq. Professor of Convey. ancing in the University of Edinburgh.

-At Stirling, aged 60, Thomas Littlejohn, Esq. late Provost of Stirling.

18. At London, Mis Jane Smith, wife of Andrew Paton, Esq. soap-manufacturer there.

-At Edinburgh, Mr Wm. Stark, sen. builder.

At Kendal, Mr Alexander Davidson, lecturer in natural philosophy and chemistry. The la bours of this gentleman, continued for a period of 30 years, have greatly contributed to diffuse, among the middle ranks of society, a taste for philosophical pursuits; while his loss of sight ne ver failed to excite a general interest in the inge nuity and dexterity he displayed, in contriving and exhibiting experiments, to which the faculty of vision might be supposed indispensably neces


19. At Birnam House, near Crieff, Mr David Christie, exciseman, in the 30th year of his age. -At Paisley, Mr Walter Henderson, merchant.

-At Balnabriech, after a long illness, borne with Christian resignation, Mrs Betty Low, wife of Robert Colvill, Esq. farmer at Balnabriech, aged 34.

20. At Laurencekirk, aged 65, Mr John Low, pastor of the Berean congregation, much regretted. - Mr George W. Kippen, son of the late Capt. George Kippen, of the Hon. East India Company's


At Edinburgh, Ann, the infant daughter of William Macdowall, Esq. of Carruth.

April 1. At her house in George-street, Port man-square, London, Frances, the relict of Francis Constable, Esq. of Burton Constable, in the county of York.

J. Ruthven & Son, Printers.

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