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and Youth on the Same Face. — Easier to Paint Old than to Paint

Young. Tracing the Lines of Suffering, Sorrow and Despair. -

Daubing with Chalk and Rouge.-A Lover's Disappointment. How

the Artist Rothermel changed Me from a Young Woman into an Old

One in Five Minutes.- Instructions in the Art of Making Up. Col-

oring for Indians, Negroes, etc. - Magic Effects produced by Actors

through Removing Color while playing a Part.

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ciety Beau.—Mr. l'ennyweight Demoralized. - He is Stage Struck. -

He Wants to Play Macbeth.— Besieging the Managers.--An Engage-

ment Secured.-Cast for the Bleeding Soldier.-Pennyweight Fright-

ened.—Procuring the Costume.—The Wardrobe Keeper. The Pad-

maker Visited. — Pennyweight's Legs. — The Fearful First Night.-

The Curtain Rings Up, and the Play Opens. — Pennyweight's Debut.

Effect on the Galleries. The Catastrophe. Good Advice to the

Stage-Struck. --The Cure for the Fever.- Ridicule, the Remedy.

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Street Entertainments for the Million.- A Procession.-Juvenile Suffer.

ings on Gala Days.—The Prominent Citizen in the Procession. The

Day of Gloom.- Theatricals under the Cloud of Death.—The Theatrical

Grandaddy.-Girl Waiters. - Erring Women.—The Death of a Mag-

dalen.-Doffing the Sock and Buskin-Homeward Bound—Travelers'

Miseries Funny Western Actors—The Balladist of the Parlor.


About Audiences.- A Sketch of a New York Audience.—Specimens

from the Audience.—The Rights of Audiences.—The Right to Hiss.-

Carrying Dissent very Far.-An Ungrateful Pit.-A Furious Canadian

Audience. Row in French Theatre.--Restoring Good Humor.-An

Actor who was Hissed to Death.—The Right of Free Applause.—The

Claqueur Nuisance.-Putting Down an Honest Hiss. — The Bouquet

Nuisance. — Curious Swindlers. — The Encore Nuisance. Coming

Before the Curtain. — Bad Habits of Audiences. Curious Aner-

dotes.—The Audience that Had to be Told to Go.-A California Speci-

men.-" Won't you Light that Gas-burner ?"-An Unbiassed Wit-

ness.—Jenny Lind and the Hoosier.-Mrs. Partington at the Play.

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