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of Spirit in Religion, p. 283, 284, &c. tenthly, that we should maintain in our minds. a conftant Senfe and Expectation of Heaven, p. 289, 290, &c. eleventhly, that we fbould live in the frequent Ufe of the publick Ordinances and Inftitutions of our Religion, P. 293, 294, &c.


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Containing certain Motives to animate men against the Difficulties of thefe Duties; first, that whatfoever Difficulty there is in them we may thank our felves for it, p. 301, 302, &c. fecondly, that in the Course of our Sin there is a great deal of Difficulty as well as in thefe Duties, p. 303, 304, &c. thirdly, that how great foever the Difficulty be, it must be undergone, or that which is much more intolerable, p. 305, 306,&c. fourthly, that how difficult foever they may be, the Grace of God will render them poffible to us, if we be not wanting to our felves, p. 307, 308, &c. fifthly, that though they are difficult, yet they are fairly confiftent with all our other neceffary Occafions, p. 310, 311, &c. fixthly, that the Difficulty is fuch as will abate and wear off by degrees, p. 313, 314, &c. Seventhly, that there is a world of present Peace and Satisfation intermingled with the difficulties, p. 315, 316, &c. eighthly, that the difficulty is abun


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dantly compenfated by the Reward of them, p. 318, 319, &c.


Containing thofe Inftrumental Duties which are neceffary for us in order to our improving towards Perfection by Perfeverance in the Chriftian life; which are first, that while we Stand we should not be over-confident of our felves, but keep a Jealous eye upon the Weaknes and Inconftancy of our own Natures, P. 323, 324, &c. fecondly, that if at any time we wilfully fall, we should immediately arife again by Repentance, p. 326, 327, &c.thirdly, that for the future we should endeavour to withdraw our Affections from the Temptations of the world, and especially from thofe which were the Occasion of our Fall, p. 328, 229, &c. fourthly, that we should curiously fearch into the fmaller Defects and Indecencies of our Nature, in order to our timely correcting and reforming them, P.333, 334, &c. fifthly, that we should, as far as lawfully me can, live in the Communion of the Church whereof we are members, p. 336, 337, &c. fixthly, that we should not ftint our Progres in Religion, (out of a fond Opinion that we are good enough already) to any determi nate Degrees or Measures of Goodneß, P. 354, 355, &c. feventhly, that we should frequently entertain our felves with the Pro


spect of our Mortality, p. 358, 359, &c. eighthly, that to put our felves into a good Po fture of Dying, we should discharge our Confciences of all the Reliques and Remains of our paft Guilts, p. 361, 362,&c. ninthly, that to Compenfate, fo far as we are able, for those Guilts, we should take care to Redeem the Time we have formerly milfpent in finful Courfes by being doubly diligent in the Exercife of all the contrary Vertues, p. 365, 366, &c. tenthly, that we should labour after a rational and well-grounded Affurance, p.369, 370, &c.


Containing certain Motives to perfwade men to the Practice of thefe duties of Perfeverance, which are all deduced from the Confideration of the urgent Neceffity of our final Perfeverance; as firft, unleẞ we im mediately recover when we have wilfully relapfed we fball go much fafter back than ever we went forward, p. 377, 378, &c. fecond ly, if after we have made fome Progreß in Religion we totally Relapfe, we fball thereby forfeit the Fruit of all our paft Labour, P. 379, 380, &c. thirdly, we fball forfeit the Fruit of it after we have undergone the greatest Difficulty of it, p. 382, 383, &c. fourthly, we shall not only forfeit the Fruit of


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