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HE following Treatife was

composed by that most

Learned and Judicious Civilian FRANCIS HOTOMAN, a grave, fincere, and unexceptionable Author, even in the Opinion of his Adverfaries. This Book gives an Account of the Ancient Free State of above

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three Parts in four of all Europe ; and has of a long time appeared to ine so convincing and inftruEtive in those Important Points he handles,

that I could not be satisfied whilst it remained unknown, in a manner, to Englishmen; who, of all People living, have the greatest Reason to be thoroughly instructed in what it contains; as having, on the One hand, the most to lose ; and, on the Other, the least Sense of their Right to it. Therefore a fincere Desire of Instructing the only Poffeffors of True Liberty in the World, what'Right they have to that Liberty, of how great a i Value it is, what Misery follows the Loss of it, and how eafily, if


Care be taken in time, it may be preferved, has induced me to Tranilate and fend Abroad this {mall Treatise. And if it either opens the Eyes, or confirms the Honourable Resolutions of any of iny Worthy Countrymen, have gained a Glorious End; and done that in my Study, which I would have promoted any other way, if I had been called to it. I hope to dye with the Comfort of Believing, that Old England will continue to be a free Country, and know its self to be such; that my Friends, Relations, and Children, with their Posterity, will inherit their share of this ins estimable Blessing, and that I have contributed my part to it.

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I have often with’d, in regard to my Author, that he had of mitted his Nineteenth Chapter, wherein he discovers a great Ae version to Female-Governments 3 having nothing to say 'in Excufe of hạm, but that being a Lawyer and a Frenchman, he was Vindigating the Constitution of his Country: Certain it is ( how little favourable soever fuch Governments have proved to France) other Nations have never flourish'd more, in good Laws, Wealth and Conquefts, than, under the Administration of Women: There are not brighter Characters in Antiquity, than of Semiramis, Thalefins, Tbomiris

, Zenobia, and many Others. "I am sure our Inand in


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