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No. 1.

Introductory Observations-Abstract of Unitarian Belief-Obsta-

eles to be encountered in extending liberal and just views of Reli-

gion-Christ and the Father ove-Rev. Dr. Ware's Ordination Ser-

mon-Progress of Reformation in the Swiss and French Protestant

churches Young Men's Bible Society of Baltimore-Letter from the

Rev. Professor Norton of Harvard University, to the EditorBalti-

more Unitarian Society for the Distribution of Books—Wakefield's

translation of the New Testament-Belsham's Commentary on the

Epistles of Paul-Unitarian Society in New-York.

No. II.

Enemies of the Gospel-Unitarianism in England-Bishop Clayton

on the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds-Causes of Partial Judgment

peculiar to Inquiries in Religion-- Unitarian Christians in India—Rev.

Richard Wright's Mission to the United States Practical Comment

on Toleration-Dr. Ware's Letters to Trinitarians and Calvinists—

Remarks on the Rev. Jared Sparks' Letters to Dr. Wyatt, consider-

ed-Illustration of the sixth chapter of the Gospel of St. John-Re-

marks on the Doctrine of Human Merit-Rev. Dr. Harris's Selec-

tion of Hymns—Theological Education.

No. III.

Remarks on the Rev, J. Emory's Reply to the Abstract of Unita-

rian Belief-On Original Sin-On the personality of the Holy Spirit

Illustration of the Sixth Chapter of the Gospel of St. John-Advan-

tages of Unitarianism-Letter to the Rev Dr. Miller, on the charges

against Unitarians contained in his late Ordination Sermon in Balti-

more-Hackney College Dedication at New-York-Lipsius and the

States of Holland-Liberal Recorder,

p. 101

No. IV.

Arguments against the Doctrine of Original Sin Review of Dr.
Chalmer's Sermon respecting the Theological Sentiments of Sir Isaae
Newton—The Established Church of England-Orthodox Alarms,

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