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and on the discovery of South America, morals and religion, all the right educait was found, says Robertson, that tion of children, spring from the invioMontezuma immolated twenty thousand lability of the nuptial contract. Perhaps, human beings annually to the sun. The the superiority of Europe over Asia, light of truth scared away the monster more depends on the abrogation of the from the Christian flock.

practice of polygamy, and the recur2. Again, the heathen were full of rence to the original institution of marmurder, as the Apostle strongly expresses riage, than on any other cause. it. Scenes of blood made a part of the 5. In fact, the Christian faith has put public diversions of the people. Miser- an end to the degradation and dishonour able slaves were exposed to the fury to which the whole female sex had been of wild beasts for an amusement and dooined by Pagan nations. Woman is recreation to the populace, and were no longer accounted as a slave and engaged in mortal combat with each beast of burden. The drudgery of the other upon a public stage. Such bloody meanest and most servile occupations, sports are no more.

is no longer imposed on her feeble Women of condition would have no shoulders. The injustice, the cruelty, relish, as of old, for the sight. They the ungenerous and harsh contempt of would not be able to behold it with so her by the other sex, is no more. Among much composure as to observe and Christian nations she is no longer, like admire the skill and agility of the cham the wretched inmate of the seraglio, pions, and interest themselves in the doomed to glut the base passion of a issue of the combat. The tender virgin pampered master. Christianity seems would not rise from her seat in ecstacy to say to the sex generally, what our as the victor put his dagger to the throat Lord did to one afflicted with bodily of the vanquished; and exclaim, “He distemper, Woman, thou art loosed from is my delight;' and give a sign with thine infirmity. her thumb for him to lay open the 6. Again, the cruelties of domestic breast of the prostrate wretch. Nor slavery no longer pursue with their would the audience applaud and shout curse the great bulk of mankind. It when the blood of the dying man gush cannot now be said of any Christian ing from the ghastly wound, flowed upon state, as it was of Athens, that out of

four millions of inhabitants, only twenty3. Further, Christian nations are not one thousand are free. - Our citizens no destitute, as the Heathen, of natural longer possess ten or twenty thousand affection. "No man in a Christian slaves, tilling their grounds in chains. country, would avoid the burden of a The master of a family no longer buys family by the exposure of his infant and sells his servants like cattle, nor children; no man would think of set- punishes and tortures them as he pleases, tling the point with his intended wife nor puts them to death with or without before marriage, according to the ancient reason. Youths of condition no longer practice, that the females that she might venture forth to murder their unhappy bear, should be all exposed, and the fellow-creatures for amusement, by boys only reared." Horsley.

thousands at a time. A Claudius no 4. Once more; Christianity has longer gluts his lake with dying gladiacleared away the immense mass of ators, nor does a Tacitus record the deed misery and vice, arising from the with admiration. A Vedius Pollio no heathen customs of divorce and poly- longer throws his servants, on the most gamy. It is no longer the practice, as trifling fault, into his fish-ponds, to feed

was in the latter days of Rome, for his lampreys; nor, upon a master of a the profligate woman of rank to count household being found dead, are all his the years, not by the consuls, but by servants, as formerly, amounting somethe number of her husbands. The sta- times to thousands, put to death tates of all Christian countries are One foul blot, indeed, upon the Framed in conformity with the rules of Christian nations remains, the accursed* We gospel, and no cause of divorce is traffic in African slaves—a blot wbich allowed but that which' violates the this country, thank God, has wiped off; fundamental law of the union.

and which the other countries of Europe 1. By this one act, Christianity has more have been compelled professedly to

• We wish our valued friend Mr. Wilson quately conceived. All the social affec wonld not authorise the use of such expressions tions, all the purity and comfort of

as ACCURSED traffic. We do not like the term, and recommend the substitution of abominable, detested, hateful, &c. as more expedient.

the stage.

abandon--and which they will effectually which was gradually lessened, till at and totally renounce, in proportion as length it was entirely banished from Christian principles prevail. “We have Christian states. The Christian religion, still, as Englishmen, to follow up the indeed, preserved the Roman empire act of national righteousness wbich we from that sudden destruction which her performed in abolishing the trade, by vices threatened; it infused into her immediate and vigorous measures for government, and the mass of her people, ameliorating the condition, and provi a new virtue and life; and though the ding for the ultimate emancipation, whole mass of the state was too far of the descendants of the injured corrupted to be recovered, it broke the Africans, in order to vindicate fully our rapidity and violence of its fall. holy faith in this respect.

Pp. 418-428. 7. Private assassination is another

We are sure our readers will of the monstrous fiends which the true

ue regret that our limits prohibit the religion has put to flight. The guardian mixes not now the deadly cup for the

insertion of larger extracts, and will unhappy orphan, whose large property

anxiously desire the publication of has been entrusted to his management. the remaining Lectures. The husband no longer poisons the wife for her dowry, nor the wife her husband that she may marry the adulterer. A

Sermons preached before a Village Christian magistrate has no longer to Congregation. By the Rev. punish capitally for this one crime, three Joseph Jowett, M. A. 2 Vols. thousand persons during part of a 12mo. Pp. xvi. and 360, and season, as was the case with a Roman viï. and 372. Seeleys. prætor in Italy. But, I cannot dwell on all the evils

We have seldom, if ever, inet with banished by the doctrine of Christ.The unlimited power of parents, ex

any Village Sermons so strictly tending to the liberty, and even life appropriate, and so generally deof their children—the vindication and serving of commendation as the defence of suicide---piracy—public in- Volumes before us. They are plain, decencies between the sexes--the incests, clear, unaffected; written in an and unnatural crimes, which polluted

easy and intelligible style, every way the philosopher and statesman of old, and which the poet did not fear to

es adapted to the middling and lower descant upon with the utmost indiffer

classes of society, and perfectly ence, and connect forsooth, with moral free from any thing low, or offenreflections upon the brevity of life. sive to those who move in the

These, and a thousand similar evils higher circles of life. have been banished from Christian Take the following specimen. states, and banished by the Christian It is the commencement of the doctrine. For that we owe their expul viith Discourse from Dan. xii. 2. sion to this cause is manifest, because it was Christianity that first raised her The ministers of Christ, while declarvoice against them; it was she that first ing the whole counsel of God, must often prohibited them to her disciples; whilst appear as though they were addressing all the wisest men of the heathen world, only one part of their congregations. If at the period of greatest refinement and they describe the necessity of Converhighest intellectual cultivation, applaud- sion, for example; the more religious ed, connived at, and practised them. among their hearers may approve, Is was moreover by Christian emperors indeed, the statements that are made, that the first public enactments against while they feel something like regret them were framed. Constantine, upon that the subject is not more adapted to his conversion to the Christian faith, to their own state and circumstances. If, stop the crime of infanticide, ordained again, the promises of the Gospel are that the public should maintain the brought forward, for the encouragement children of those parents who were of those who have entered upon the unable to provide for them. In A. D. narrow way which leadeth unto life, 319, he made it a capital offence to many will show, by the listlessness of expose infants. He promulgated also their attention, how little interest they the first edict against gladiatorial shows; take in a discourse, so exclusively and discouraged perpetual servitude, directed to the true believer in Christ.

No such objection, my brethren, can observe, that, in the verse immediately be made to the truths which this day are before, the apostle had said, By the brought before you. These are of no offence of one, judgment came upon ALL private interpretation ; they have no MEN to condemnation. exclusive reference to particular indivi Many, therefore, that is, the whole duals. They deeply concern every collective body—of them that sleep in human being; and are calculated to the dust of the earth, shall awake. afford him the highest consolation and There will shortly be a general Resurjoy, or else to fill him with unspeakable rection of the dead. dismay. The text is one of those por- Humiliating as the thought may be, tions of Scripture which cannot be read these our bodies, which are so fearfully seriously, without being deeply felt; and wonderfully made, were originally which can scarcely be repeated by the composed of the same materials with preacher, without exciting attention and the ground upon which we tread. And awe. The meaning of the words is lest, in the pride of our hearts, we perceived at once, by the most un should forget or overlook this fact, we learned hearer; and every one must are reminded that our sins will bring us listen, with anxious interest, to truths, again to our original state. Dust thou in which all are equally concerned. Let art, and unto dust thou shalt return. me entreat you, my brethren, thus to Yet, with this sad prospect before us, listen to me; while I lay before you the sure word of prophecy affords a ray some considerations, which my text of hope. We must, indeed, return to suggests, on THE GENERAL RESURREC the earth from whence we were taken ; TION, and on THE CONSEQUENCES OF but it will be only to sleep there. Our THAT RESURRECTION.

corrupted bodies may, to all human I. THE GENERAL RESURRECTION is appearance, be lost among their kindred the first of those subjects, which the dust: but God, who cannot lie, hath text sets before us.-Many of them that declared, that those who sleep in the sleep in the dust of the earth shall dust of the earth shall awakeand with arcake.

God all things are possible. If this were the only Scripture in If you ever had occasion to walk which the Resurrection was foretold, through a populous market-town at the we might suppose, from the use of the close of the day, you will be able to feel word many, that only a part of mankind the force of the prophet's language, in were interested in that solemn event. I describing death and the resurrection. do not, however, recollect any other As the darkness increases, the streets passage, which could give the least gradually become more quiet and still. countenance to such a supposition: The lights in the different houses disapwhile there are numerous texts, which pear, one after another; and midnight explicitly declare, that the Resurrection at length arrives. All is hushed; and, will be universal. The hour is coming, as you pass through the town, every said our Saviour, in which ALL THAT thing impresses you with the idea of ARE IN THEIR GRAVES shall hear his solitude and death. But wait awhile ; voice, and come forth. Equally strong and the signal of returning day again is the declaration of St. John, in the changes the appearance of things. What Revelation : I saw the dead, small seemed like death, proves to have been and great, stand before God ;-and the but sleep: and the sad and solemn sea gave up the dead which were in it, impressions, which the stillness of night und death and the grave gave up the made upon the mind, are soon dissidead which were in them. After hearing pated by the active employments, and these words, can we suppose, that only busy scenes, which day has brought a part of mankind will be raised from back. the dead in the last day?-The word In the same manner let us view many, therefore, must in this place be death, of which sleep is but an imageunderstood as meaning ALL; or, per and the resurrection, in which all shall haps, more exactly, THE MANY—that is, awake, never 10 sleep again. The the whole collective body of mankind. churchyard which surrounds us, is filled A similar use of this word occurs, in the with earth that once had breath and fifth chapter of the epistle to the life. If all those, who have been buried Romans. St. Paul there states, that, in it, were now alive, the place could upon the fall of Adam, by one man's not contain them, nor could you count desobedience MANY were made sinners : their number. Death has levelled them and his meaning will be evident, if you all, whatever may have been their rank, their character, their pursuits, or their will despise him. These taunting words expectations: there they all lie, moule will meet him, on rising from the tomb: dered, or mouldering, into dust. It Because I called, and ye refused; I seems, when you walk among their stretched out my hand, and no man graves, as if eternal night had closed regarded; but ye set at nought all my over them; as if they would never be counsel, and would none of my reproof : seen, or heard of, again. But, as I said I also will now laugh at your calamity, before, wait awhile. They only sleep in I will mock now when your fear cometh, the dust of the earth. Their night will You shall eat of the fruit of your oun have an end. The day of the general way, and be filled with your own devices. Resurrection will at length dawn upon And is the contempt of an avenging them, and they will all awake-in a Judge the whole of what sinners must moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at look for in that day? No; the Saints the last trump. We too, like them, of God will also unite with Him, in must sleep; and, like them, we shall condemning His enemies. The righawake again. Death, though it must teous shall see, and fear, and shall laugh overcome every one, can prevail but for at him, and say, Lo! this is the man, a time. Death itself must at last be that made not God his strength, but swallowed up in victory.

trusted in the abundance of his riches, Now, if we should inquire no further, and strengthened himself in his wickedthis grand promise of the Resurrection ness ! might seem to be a doctrine of unmixed Surely, also, his former wicked comcomfort and satisfaction. For who is panions will then surround him; and, there among you, but has felt the bitter- while they tremble for themselves, will ness of the universal curse? who, but find leisure to taunt him with his folly, has lost son or daughter, friend, parent, and to reproach him for having hardened husband, or wife? And is it no comfort and encouraged others, by his evil to tell such a person, that those who example while on earth.—The Angels sleep in the dust of the earth shall of God, who now rejoice over a sinner awake? Yes! it often appears the only that repenteth, will doubtless join in His consolation, of which his sorrow is triumph over the condemned sinner.capable. The prospect of that day, Even the Devil and his angels will derive when all friends shall meet again, must a malicious pleasure, from insulting needs constrain a man to wipe away his over the fate of him, who has been the tears, and to wait patiently till his own dupe of their temptations. Should you appointed time shall come. The thought die without conversion, without repentof a Resurrection, moreover, will teach ance, or faith in the Son of God, those him to meet the King of Terrors not evil spirits, who now lie in wait to without hope; knowing that the night deceive you, will at the Resurrection of death will be succeeded by an eternal start up as your fierce accusers, your day.--Pp. 309–314.

bitter revilers, and your eternal torAdd also the close of the same


Such will be the certain and immediscourse.

diate consequences of the General There remains, however, a still more Resurrection : some shall awake to everbitter ingredient for the cup of the lasting Life ; und some, to shame and sinner, in that awful day. He will everlasting Contempt. And what shall awake, not to shame oply, but to ever I say more? the subject itself must have lasting Contempt.--You all know how deeply impressed your minds already; mortifying it is, to experience the con- and have filled you with earnest desires tempt of your fellow-creatures. Even after the happiness of the righteous, and when the contempt is not deserved, a with dread of that misery which is pregood conscience will sometimes hardly pared for the ungodly. I can only enable a man to support it: nothing, entreat you to fix the impression, by indeed, but an assurance of God's serious meditation and prayer, still favour and love, can fully reconcile a more deeply upon your hearts. Acquaint man to the contempt and sneers of the now thyself with God, and be at peace. world. Behold, then, the final portion Remember, that the glorious Being, who of every unconverted sinner! he will will in that day sit on the Throne of awake to everlasting contempt! Neither judgment, is at this moment seated on will he be able to support himself, by the Throne of grace, and desirous of the experience of God's favour; since becoming your Saviour. But he will God himself will be one of those who for this be inquired of by you, to do it


for you. He will have you to confess we know that he is provoking God, and and forsake your sins ; to be converted, ruining his family, by idleness and and become as little children; to cast dissipation. Then, again, Where away all confidence in yourselves, all can be the harm of going to a feast, or i vain reliance on your fancied innocence, a fair, or a public-house ? Surely, I need all hope of making satisfaction for your not be more scrupulous than my neighown offences. Come, then, and put bours. It is not the company that can your trust in him alone, who is mighty hurt me, if I exercise my own discreto save. And, when you reflect, that, tion. Besides, if I am to be so very

millions of your fellow-creatures, particular, I shall have no pleasure or the day of grace is gone by; diligently enjoyment left.'- In these and such like seize and improve the short space which ways do men shut their eyes to manifest still remains to you, for securing your and acknowledged danger. But be not interest in Christ. In a little while, he deceived, my brethren. THERE IS NO that shall come, will come, and will not SAFETY in the society of those, who tarry. O may God, of his great mercy, have not the fear of God before their “so prepare and make ready his way, eyes. If they be openly immoral or by turning the bearts of the disobedient unprincipled, all connection with them to the wisdom of the just,” that you is perilous in the extreme. But their may meet him, at bis coming, with joy society is scarcely less dangerous to a and not with grief: and, at length, true Christian, if, while destitute of receive the end of your faith, even the religion, their outward behaviour is salvation of your souls.-Vol. I. Pp. 323 plausible and decorous. You are in --326.

this case more liable to deception, being The following extract also from thrown off your guard by external the xivth. Sermon in the Second

appearances, while the unholy influence Volume, on the corrupting influ

is still secretly, but actively, at work.

Never, then, take it for granted that ence of evil communication will

you are safe ; but let it be your constant confirm our commendation.

and anxious concern, to avoid even the III. I shall now endeavour, in the possibility of infection. third place, to APPLY the subject; and 2. Secondly, “ Be not deceivedas bring it home, if possible, to the heart to your ability for resisting the influence and conscience of every individual here of evil communications.--A man may present.

say, I know that there is danger, to Some of you may be inclined to think many people, in irreligious society. that the truth, which I have been labour. But I am proof against it; my principles ing to establish, was so obvious, as are fixed : and, as I do not go into scarcely to need any demonstration. such company, out of any love for their St. Paul appears to have been of a bad conduct, which is certainly very different opinion. His introductory shocking, I shall easily avoid what I caution—Be not deceived—which stands know to be wrong. The man who at the beginning of my text, is intended talks thus, my brethren, is ignorant to remind us, that, even in so plain a both of the power of temptation, and case, we are liable to error. I shall of the weakness of his own corrupt endeavour, by placing his caution in heart. It is this proud and self-condifferent points of view, to guard you fident spirit which goeth before a fall. against any mistake into which you He that trusteth in his own heart is a might fall, upon this important subject. fool : and he that despiseth small things

1. “ Be not deceived," as to the small dangers, small temptationsreality of your danger from ungodly shall fall by little and little. This society. We soon perceive the perilous fearlessness is the way to make God situation of a son, a daughter, or a leave you to yourself; that you may friend; but we are apt to be very blind learn by bitter experience, what you when the case becomes our own. would not be taught by scriptural ad

Why should I suspect such or such monitions, and by the examples of those a person ? he surely means me no harm; who have gone before you. O rememhe is nobody's enemy but his own. ber, that your own strength is perfect Then we use softening expressions, to weakness.” And should the Tempter disguise from ourselves a man's evident suggest, as he did to Jesus, that God character: He is as good a creature as will give his angels charge over you to ever was born: as honest a man as any keep you; recollect, that there is no in the world:'-although, very possibly, promise of such protection, to those who

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