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quit the path in which the Lord requires through the force of bad company, to them to walk. Shun, therefore, every take rapid strides in iniquity, yet so evil communication which can be fool-hardy does he remain, that he avoided ; and where you cannot shun thinks no good would follow, should he the danger, trust only in that Divine resolutely abandon his evil connections. Arm, which alone can shield you even No! he cries ; for I have loved stranthen.

gers, and after them will I go. The 3. Again, “ Be not deceived as to fact is, he is neither conscious of the the possibility of separating yourself extent to which he is already corrupted, from ungodly connections.—The slothful nor aware of the unholy influence of and irresolute are ever ready to cry out, the society by which he is surrounded.

There is a lion in the way! and to He does not perceive that every year, imagine impossibilities, which exist no every day, is making the state of his where, but in their own insincere and soul worse, his heart harder, his prindeceitful hearts. Convince me only cipies more corrupt, his entire nature that you have a real desire to escape the more alienated from the ways of God. corruption that is in the world, and the Now what must we expect to be the task shall be shown to be far more easy end of all this? O, my friends, the end than you suppose. The peculiar cir- of these things is death? death, without cumstances of your situation will, in- repentance, without conversion; often deed, make a difference in the plans to without fear; and, if so, absolutely be adopted for avoiding ungodly so- without hope. Be not deceived : that ciety : there is, however, one general fearless associating with worldly or rule, which will be found applicable in wicked company, of which men make the far greater number of cases. Be so little account, is the first downward faithful and consistent yourself, in the step in the way to eternal ruin. If you profession and practice of Christian do not start at the danger at first, piety: your ungodly acquaintance will nothing but a miracle of mercy will then save you the trouble of avoiding ever awaken you to it. If you be untheir company, by. diligently shunning moved and indifferent now, you will yours. Walk before God, and be thou probably continue unmoved, even when perfect—that is, be upright, sincere, evil communications are gradually corand fearful of displeasing him. As you rupting every thing that is good within have opportunity, testify unto the world you. Awake, then, to righteousness, that the works thereof are evil : reprove and sin not. If you have the least open vice: adorn the Gospel of God knowledge of God and of his Christ, or your Saviour : and set sinners an ex the least desire for his favour, shun all ample of a more excellent way :-half those scenes and places, which are your work will then be done. The frequented by people who know hiin world may still, from time to time, not, neither love him. Hear how he honour you with a sneer of contempt, himself calls you forth from the corrupt but they will cease from troubling you and devoted city. Come out of her, my with their company; and you will be people, that ye be not partakers of her left to pursue the conflict with your sins, and that ye receive not of her own heart and with Satan, cheered by plagues ! What fellowship hath righthe sympathy of Christians, your bre- teousness with unrighteousness? and thren in tribulation, and in the kingdom what communion hath light with darkand patience of Jesus Christ, and sup- ness? and what concord hath Christ ported by the all-sufficient grace of with Belial? or what part hath he that Him, who is the same yesterday, to-day, believeth with an infidel? Wherefore and for ever.

come out from among them, and be ye 4. Once more, I will add, “ Be not separate, saith the Lord, and touch not deceived” as to the final tendency of the unclean thing; and I will receive that corruption, which arises from evil you, and will be a Father unto you, and communications.-Always remember the ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the end. The first effect of worldly inter- Lord Almighty.Vol.ji. Pp. 250—257. course, as I said before, is not always

This is, we believe, the first very perceptible. And with regard to

appearance of Mr. Jowett before the growing corruption, this also, though visible enough to those who

the public, as a writer of sermons ; look on, is seldom discovered by the

we trust he will meet with sufficient

wet individual, whom it most nearly con, encouragement to induce him to cerns. Nay, even when a man begins, publish some additional volumes. “



Recently Published. Elements of Chronology and History Essays and Letters, humbly and affec

By Andrew Thomson. Hamilton. tionately presented to the Church of 12mo. Pp. x. and 222.

Christ. By Susanna Pearson. 18mo. This is an useful manual to the student Pp. viii. and 224. of history, and appears to have been drawn up with considerable care and Homilies on the Sacraments. By the attention. It commences with various

Rev. Edward Irving, M. A. Vol. I. observations on the Divisions of Time,

On Baptism. 18mo. Pp. viii. and 432. Cycles, Periods, &c. and then intro

Panton. 1828. duces an outline of important events from the Creation, to A. D. 1822.

Dying Sayings of Eminent_Christians,

especially Ministers. By Ingram The Anti-Pauper System, containing

Cobbin, M. A. 12mo. Pp. xii. and the positive and practical good re

384. Westley. 1828. alized by the relievers and relieved, under the frugal, beneficial, and law

The Burial and Resurrection of Jesus ful administration of the Poor Laws

Christ, according to the Four Evanprevailing at Southwell. By the Rev.

gelists, from the German of John John Thomas Becher, M. A. Simpkin.

David Michaelis. 12mo. Hatchard. Bvo. Pp. vi. and 58.

Pp. viii. and 352. The Constitution of Friendly Societies upon legal and scientific Principles, Revised Prayers for Family Worship, esemplified by the Rules and Tables

every Morning and Evening during for the government of the Southwell a Quarter of a Year, erclusively from Friendly Institution. By the Rev. Divines of the Established Church.

J. T. Becher. 8vo. Pp. viii. and 78. By the Rev. John Shepherd, M. A. We recommend these Publications to 12mo. Pp. xii. and 456. Seeleys. . the serious attention of the Friends of the Poor. The Anti-Pauper system Memorials of the late Rev. Alexander shows that our present Poor Laws, Hay. By Jacob Kirkman Foster. properly administered, would materially 12mo. Pp. viii. and 196. Wightman. contribute to the relief of the Poor, without either inflicting that intolerable Observations on Early Rising, and on burden upon Parishes which is so fre Early Prayers, as a means of happiquently experienced, or communicating ness, and as an incentive to devotion. that encouragement to imprudence aud By Henry Erskine Head, A. M. extravagance, which has led some to 12mo. Pp. 190. Longman, suggest the expediency of annulling all compulsory provision for the poor. The A Chart of Ecclesiastical History. subject is confessedly one of consider Seeleys. 1828. able difficulty, but we conceive Mr. The object of this Chart is to exhibit the Becher's observations throw considerable actual state of the world with respect to light upon it, and are therefore every religious profession, from the Christian way deserving of an extended circula æra to the present time. Pure Chris

tianity, corrupted Christianity, Roman

ism, Mohammedanism, &c. are distinAn Essay on Medical Education. By guished by streams of different colours William Bennett Marshall. 12m3. and shades, which are drawn of a magPp. x. 114. Burgess.

nitude proportionate to the numbers This short Essay displays a considerable who belong to the several denominadegree of good sense and piety, and tions. The names of Martyrs, Reformwill repay an attentive perusal.

ers, Heretics, &c. &c. are introduced in

the Chart according to the time of their A Catechism of the Christian Religion, appearance, and short hints are occabeing a translation of Catechismus sionally given by way of elucidation. Heidelbergensis, with Scripture Proofs We conceive this Chart will be exceedat length. By a Graduate of the ingly useful for reference, and be highly University of Orford. 12mo. Pp. prized by the student of Ecclesiastical viii. and 122.

History AUGUST 1828.

2 s



REFORMATION IN IRELAND. We have been favoured with the copy returned to the Protestant communion; of a letter addressed by a most respec- in others, they have been publicly retable Parish Minister in Ireland to a ceived on declaring their sorrow; and distinguished English prelate, contain their wish to be re-admitted to a coming an account of the Reformation in munion which they abandoned only the diocese of Kilmore, and some through dread; through a weakness observations on its state and prospects and frailty which could not resist the throughout Ireland, from which we importunity of friends; or through the gladly insert the following extracts. seductions of worldly advantage, under

extreme poverty and sickness. In this The diocese of Kilmore, more generally manner, nine of the above relapsed known in connexion with recent events cases, to my own personal knowledge, at Cavan, being at once the most in- have, after their public declarations, teresting, and that with which I am come back to the church, and are now best acquainted, I shall principally within her pale. One woman whom I dwell on; and shall begin with de- churched about three weeks ago, whose tailing to your Lordship the present infant had been baptized the Sunday state of the Reformation in Cavan, previous, told me after service, that taken from the registries of the Cavan since her first conformity she had reReformation Society for one year, and lapsed; but in doing so had not yielded checked and corrected by other pub- to her own convictions, but to the lished records of the progress of this absolute want to which she and her wonderful work.

husband (who was also a conformist, From the 8th of October 1826, to the but did not relapse) had been reduced 10th of October 1827, both inclusive, the in consequence of the step they had recantations of Popery in the diocese taken, and to the entreaties and proof Kilmore have amounted to somewhat mises of temporal benefit held out to more than sigut HUNDRED exclusive her. She confessed that a declaration of children.

purporting to be hers, had been read It has been loudly asserted, and the out at the popish altar at Cavan ; but clamour and constancy of re-iteration that she had never made the declarahave induced many persons to believe, tion, nor even known its contents. that vast numbers of the conformists She appeared to be much humbled and have relapsed into Popery ; and that very penitent. Five other persons, therefore the work already done, is including a widow and her adult chilquite evanescent. But nothing can be dren, a short time before had been more fallacious. A few have gone publicly restored to our communion in back : but giving the Roman Catholic the church of Bally Mc Hugh: and priests full credit for every avowed thus we should deduct nine from the backslider they claim, the amount does forty five cases of relapse which the not exceed forty five. Their cases have Priests claim, which would reduce the all been published in the newspapers, number, upon which we can certainly with certain declarations attached ; and predicate, to thirty six. were your Lordship likely to derive It is a singular fact, my Lord, that any satisfaction or useful information of these remaining thirty six, there are from their names, I could easily furnish four or five persons in the parish of you with a list. The means by which Drumlummon, who after their relapse, these relapses have been procured are returned to church, adducing to the almost demonstrably a system of wicked minister that starvation alone compelled persecution, actual bribery, and false them to leave it; they have since repromises. Of this we have abundant turned to the mass; and again occaproof in the fact, that wherever the sionally go to church; not fixed to persecution has remitted, or lost its either. We do not claim them; neither terrors, or the hopes been frustrated, can the Priest. It is hard to say how many of those very persons have ex they will settle down; but they have pressed a desire to return to the church. frequently declared, and there is no In some instances they have been dis- reason for disbelieving them, that they couraged ; in others they have silently are Protestants in heart, and would never leave the church if starvation were good, in many cases exemplary; and not the certain consequence of adhering in general they are more attentive to to her.

Divine Service than the old Protestants. It is but fair, however, to add, my In one parish of the County of Cavan Lord, that there are about twenty per- which is in the Diocese of Tuam, sons, of whose present condition we his Grace, the Archbishop, confirmed cannot pronounce with certainty one upwards of 40 at one time. We hear way or the other. These being labour of 30 and 40 repeatedly, as attending ers, farm, or domestic servants, have in the Holy Communion in their respective general left the place of their original parish churches at the stated seasons. residence, and gone elsewhere to seek At a late monthly communion in Bally the employment of which their con- Mc'Hugh, a parish which adjoins the formity had bereft them. From these union of which I am Curate, and which and other circumstances, being now I am therefore well acquainted with, beyond the reach ofour superintendance, there were 40 converted communicants, we cannot say whether they all continue and at Virginia, which is equally consteadfast to their new profession or tiguous, I frequently hear of from 15 have reverted to the old. Rumour, of to 20. course, has an unrestricted licence; and we have thus, my Lord, an ascerit is probable that some may have tained accession to our church of 748 wavered ; for, in a list now before me, steadfast and creditable conformists in I find the names of thirteen conformnists a single county. But favourable as this who had relapsed and have since returned is, it gives still an inadequate idea of to the church. Nine of those, as I the total gain. It is to be remembered informed your Lordship before, were that none are enumerated but those who persons who had made a public decla- have actually read their recantation. ration : so that four more converts at The silent conversions, though numeleast, must have relapsed and returned. rous, are not taken into account: for The probability, however, is that the instance, that of a Physician, of high regreat majority of these twenty persons putation, whose whole family have subhave continued Protestants, in places sequently conformed in the same silent where they are not known to have been way. Neither do we reckon the chilat one time Papists, and in which they dren of the parties, who still being are consequently less exposed to direct under proper age, will naturally be persecution. But I have thought it brought up in the adopted creed of only right, in laying a full and correct their parents. statement before your Lordship, to give Were there no other results of the you as fact nothing but what I could present religious movement ; were the vouch for.

whole confined to what I have stated, Making, therefore, every allowance the event is not unimportant. But your for what is ascertained, and even for Lordship has already learned that the what is uncertain, the account stands flame has spread itself all over the thus:-Conformists in one year 800. country, if not with the same rapidity Certain relapses 45. Imputed, but yet, I trust, with a progressive steadiuncertain 20.' Total 65. Of the former ness. As far as could be ascertained cases, nine have returned; of the latter, from the published accounts, the numfour; in all 13, which, deducted from ber exceeded 2040. These were actual, 65, leaves the whole certain and uncer- public recanters. Not including their tain at 52. This number, from the young families, nor the silent conformreasons I have stated, is in all proba- ists. The matter however cannot termi. bility greater than the truth; but, even nate here. There is a gradual convicat the worst, it would still leave a re tion overspreading the minds of the mainder amounting to SEVEN HUN- whole Popish population, that all is not DRED AND FORTY-EIGUT; most of whom right in their church. There exists in are under the observation of the Cavan multitudes a certainty of its errors, of Committee, by means of their Scripture which nothing but the direct pressure readers and the district superintendants of persecution could repress the open who are usually the parochial Clergy. We manifestation. The Romish clergy seem have monthly returns from these quarters perfectly aware of this state of things. of the condition and conduct of the Accordingly, there is hardly an artifice, conformists, and I can assure your Lord whether of temptation or misrepresenship the Reports are highly satisfactory. tation, nor a mode of coercion and per Their moral conduct is reported to be secution to which they have not had recourse, either personally or by means world with only a few half-pence of their agents, the devotees and Care in his pocket. He continues a steadfast melite Scapularians, in order to repress Protestant. this manifestation of feeling or to re 2. John D- of T , was cover those who have gone out from persecuted in sundry ways, called “Perthem.

jured Rascal, Turn Coat Heretic "These discouragements have had their was assailed by these terms as he went effect; and, I am sorry to add, have to evening prayers. He was shunned not been counteracted by a propor- by all. He had a chest in the care of tionate degree of friendship and protec- one S of M- ; but when it tion on the part of the Protestant gentry. was known he had conformed, the With a few honourable exceptions, the owner of the house would not give notoriety of which is a proof of my room to the heretic furniture. It was general assertion—the latter have shown therefore removed for safety to a pubthemselves indifferent in the cause. lic-house, but when the Landlord heard They would certainly be glad that Ro- of it he had the obnoxious chest cast man Catholics should become Protes- into the public road. D w as at tants; but they will take no active means last obliged to lodge it in the common to induce a Reformation, or to comfort pound : and pay the pound-keeper to take and befriend the conformists. The custody of it. He continues steady. consequence is that many who were 3.


, wife of the halting between two opinions have foregoing, was told by John R- , of determined in favour of their first per T- , that he was commissioned by suasion; and many who have had the the Parish Priest, to offer her Five courage to face the storm are suffering Pounds if she would return to Mass. under its effects. I have no hesitation The offer was refused, and the priest in attributing the great majority of re was so indignant that he called John lapsed cases to persecution on the one D from the altar on the followhand, and a cold reception on the other; ing Sunday, and said, he was possessed whether the apathy arise from want of by the Devil, &c. will, or want of means. Several of those Your Lordship may not be aware who have fallen away from us, have of the terrors of this call from the altar. declared the fact. Thus, Robert Mor- In Ireland it is equivalent, or nearly so, row states on oath, that William Reilly to an excommunication, and if imme(one of the first backsliders) assured diate submission do not mitigate the him, after the event, that “he could sentence, has the full effect. not live in the country unless he re 4. John Mc N— of K- , flaxturned to mass :' that he would not hackler, was so cruelly persecuted by be allowed to dig his potatoes unless he mobs hallooing and shouting “ Turndid so; but, that he would soon leave coat," &c. after him, wherever he went ; the country and go where (not being and his own and the lives of his children previously known) he might have no so frequently endangered by the pelting hindrance to follow the conviction of of stones, that he was obliged to leave his mind."--A few instances, outof many bis residence, and is now a wanderer. which are now lying before me, will He continues steady. convince your Lordship of the truth 5. Christopher B- , of Fof my statement, and show at once the was much persecuted. His brother redifficulties which prevent a more exten- fused to give him his clothes ; and sive conformity, and the afflictions which warned him from coming to his house they suffer who have already joined our for them-otherwise to fetch his coffin communion.

with him. These cases, taken from the lips of 6. Jane E- of

G w as turned the sufferers themselves, who are ready out of doors by her sister. Her whole to verify them on oath, if necessary, family deserted her. are reported by the inspectors of only 7. James T- of K-M, was two of the Farnham districts.

deserted by his wife, on his conformity. 1. John C of G-- after his She carried away his six children and conforming was turned out of doors by a considerable part of his property. his father and brothers into a friendless What is remarkable in this case is, that . We are in possession of the names both of the

his Parish Priest came and offered to persons and places referred to in the following send back his wife, if he would return to cases, and are assured that the statements are

Mass. unquestionably correct. We think it better, how. eyer, not to insert the names at length.--ED.

8. Anne K- , of


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