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with her sister on good terms, until she day at the chapel gate of Ballyhaise and conformed; was then literally kicked barbarously beaten. The perpetrators out of the house by her brother-in-law. of this outrage were convicted at the

9. Bridget M , of K- , “ It Quarter Sessions of Cavan, and senis almost impossible," says my inform tenced to three months imprisonment. ant, “to describe in sufficiently strong But the persecution detailed in the terms, the persecution this woman has foregoing cases is, perhaps, not so acute endured. Being on a visit with her as those endured by a very numerous sister at B- , as soon as it was class of farm-servants, poor mechanics, discovered she was there, the house and schoolmasters, who have been quite was filled and surrounded with people thrown out of employment by the upbraiding her in the bitterest terms Roman Catholics, and left almost to with her apostacy. They afterwards starve. Protestants, inclined to assist, began to devise what death she ought to are too few in numbers to absorb the die. After a little, the mob became so whole of the hands thus left idle. The furious, that had not a party of police case of a schoolmaster from my own providentially come to her relief, she neighbourhood is to the point. Previous thinks they would have torn her to to his conformity, he kept a school in pieces. They retired upon Sergeant connexion with the Kildare-place So. Pike's remonstrance--but afterwards ciety, on the property of a protestant returned. She was at length obliged, gentleman, to the full satisfaction of the from the terrifying aspect they assumed, patron and neighbourhood. He conto run to the police for protection, who formed with the approbation of the safely convoyed her home.

gentleman. Immediately afterwards, 10. Michael F

of Lisoney- however, he was dismissed, on the plea more-About a week after his recanta that Roman Catholics would no longer tion, whilst he was in bed, two men send their children to the school. I rapped him up, to show them the way procured him a school in a part of the across the bog. With some reluctance country where he was formerly unknown. he consented; but on opening the door, But the report of his recantation followthey seized him by the throat, pulled ed him; he lost his pupils, and is now him on his knees, and one of them reduced to the verge of beggary. A taking out a pistol declared he would female servant was engaged at a protesblow his brains out unless he took an tant house not far from me-her fellow oath never to go to church again. He servants (Roman Catholics) would not resisted for some time, but seeing them sleep in the same room, without sprinkdetermined, he yielded to their desires ling herself and her bed with holy water. and went to mass the next Sunday. She could not remain. I advised her 11. James R of C

to return to her friends—they would Shortly after conforming, he was at not receive her, and she could get no Ballyjamesduff transacting business. On service. From absolute want I fear she his way home he was attacked by four has relapsed. men, and beaten very severely. His These sufferings, my Lord, it is true, assailants told him he might expect the if compared with those which the first same treatment every day they could Christians and our own early Reformers catch him, while he continued going to endured, who were “stoned and sawn church. Three written papers were left asunder," and burnt at the stake, appear at his door, warning him, if he did not triling, but are perhaps in no degree return to the mass, his house should be inferior to others mentioned in the same burned over his head. One evening, sacred page, who “ were tortured, had fishing on a lake contiguous to his house, their trial of cruel mockings, who wanhe was attacked by a large party, he dered about in sheepskins and goatthinks 100, with stones, and narrowly skins, being destitute, afflicted, and escaped with his life.

tormented.” If, however, your LordBesides the foregoing cases, my Lord, ship were acquainted with the real there are numerous others of a more condition of the Irish peasantry, you violent complexion, which, having would perceive in their transactions an attracted the cognizance of the laws, intensity of suffering, such as would at have become matters of such public once account for the relapses of many, notoriety, that I shall not trouble your and excite admiration at the constancy Lordship with a detail. Thus, for in. of the vast majority who have persevered, stance, a party of conformists returning not accepting deliverance at the expence from church, were way-laid in the open of their conscience.

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· These poor persons, deserving as In extending relief of this kind, whatthey are of Christian commiseration, ever the adversary might say, I consider are, for the most part, still exposed to we should be acting in strict accordance severe trials; and the cause of the with the conduct of the Apostles and Reformation still suffers under the the societies of the primitive Christians; consequences. We have no adequate who, whilst they would neither buy nor means for the relief of miseries so sell the gifts of the Holy Ghost, bad yet extensive. The Reformation Societies all things in common, and raised liberal have as yet given no aid, whether contributions for the relief of the pecuniary or otherwise, to the dis- necessitous brethren. tressed conformists. Want of funds upon the one hand, and fear of imputa We are here compelled, for the pretion of bribery on the other, have repress_ sent, to close our extracts from this ed exertions which I am confident they interesting Letter. Some important would otherwise cheerfully make, and observations follow, which we purpose the necessity of which is but too obvious. inserting at a future opportunity.

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. We are happy to arnounce the public climate. On this subject the remarks cation of the Proceedings of this valu- of Mrs. Kilham, which follow, deserve able Society for the twenty-eighth year, serious attention. containing the Sermon by the Bishop

MEDITERRANEAN. of Winchester, the Report of the Com The Rev. W. Jowett, having recently mittee, some interesting Documents in arrived in this country, delivered to the the Appendix, especially a Report of Church Missionary Committee a Statethe West African Mission, and of the ment, from which we extract the followTinnavelly Mission, together with a List ing particulars :of the Subscribers, &c. printed in a In 1815, when he first went out, very small type, and in the most econo- there was not a single Missionary in the mical manner. We gave in our Number Mediterranean : in 1820, when he refor June a brief Extract of the Report turned to England with his family, there of the Society, and shall therefore now were six. În 1828, on his present only notice one or two points.

second return, he left thirty, who are SIERRA LEONE.

the accredited servants of various Mis• The minds of many of our readers sionary, Bible, and Jew Societies ; have been deeply exercised on the besides wives and children: there have subject of the West African Mission, been, in all, since 1815, forty-eight: and such will be highly gratified to of the eighteen which make the differlearn, that, notwithstanding the inter- ence, nine are deceased, and nine have ruptions and losses occasioned by been either removed to other stations the death and severe indisposition or have quitted the field. of so many labourers, &c. there has A peculiar characteristic of this band been only a very small diminution in of Missionaries was, that it was furthe number of communicants : the nished from the three principal sections present number being 590, and the num of the Protestant part of the worldber at the close of last year 605.

from Germany, the birth-place of the The re-opening of the Christian In Reformation; from Britain, and from stitution, (for which the Society has America: they had commenced their just purchased a very convenient house, work in a spirit of good harmony and with about nine acres of land) is also good understanding; and there appeared an encouraging circumstance. Never to be among them, generally, a simple let it be forgotten, that the hope of desire to draw their principles and their evangelizing Africa must, under the measures from the Bible. -Divine blessing, mainly depend upon His own occupations in the Society's Native Teachers; we very much doubt service had been fourfold : whether coloured Missionaries can be 1. He had continued the work of obtained from either the West Indies Christian research, by visiting Syria and or America, where indeed fit persons Jerusalem; the result of which visit are wanted for home service; but we had been given to the public in a confidently anticipate great and impor- Second Volume of “ Researches.” tant benefits from the education of the 2. The establishment of a Printing Native Youth, either in Africa, in this Press, in Malta, was another business Country, or in some more suitable which had been specially charged upon

him, during the period of his last resi- the way for the spreading of His Gospel dence in Malta.

--shaking the nations with wars and 3. He had continued to prosecute the alarms—and putting to confusion, by cultivation of the Maltese Language, exposing to public view, the errors, and the translation into it of the Holy superstitions, and crimes, which have Scriptures.

been established by custom and by law, 4. He had, further, been engaged in during many centuries. It would be receiving, and forwarding on their way, impossible to calculate the myriads now the Missionaries sent by the Society in the Mediterranean who are utterly into the Mediterranean, and in main discontented with things as they are, taining correspondence with them at and equally ignorant how they ought to their respective stations.

be. Such a state of general excitement The openings for Missionary use must be regarded as a peculiar call on fulness in the Mediterranean had always Missionaries to be calm, decided, and increased, in proportion as faithful Mis- single-eyed-simply to do the work of sionaries have been sent to prepare the him that hath sent themreferring all way of the Lord. At the present awful their fears and hopes, as to the result, period, the Lord appears to be, in a to His infinite wisdom, power, and very signal manner, Himself preparing love.

WEST AFRICA. FRIENDS' AFRICAN COMMITTEE. little children, together with a number Mrs. KILHAM, an active and pious of the other scholars, to try the effect member of the Society of Friends, who of some parts of the Infant School has recently returned from Africa, has system, and with a success so interestaddressed a report to the Committee ing, that we could not but greatly of that Society, from which we select desire such a school for the junior the following extracts :

children could be formed in that place. On the day after our landing I visited There is not I think a more prothe Free Town Eastern School, which, mising appearance in any quarter with since the removal of a number of the respect to African instruction, than the Free Town children to this school, in recent introduction by one of the the early part of last year, had been Missionaries, Thomas Davy, on his reconducted by J. and A. Weeks, with turn to Sierra Leone, of the Infant two native assistants. The school con School system. The plan introduced tained about two hundred children, boys by him at Leopold is indeed somewhat on one side and girls on the other, modified, and the exhilarating practices without farther division than a few slight of some of the schools here, rather posts, at a distance from each other. softened down, which for Africa is quite The room has been built for the pur necessary; but it will probably require pose, ample and commodious, and very some further variations, or still remain pleasantly situated near the sea. The rather too exhausting for a school to be scholars are chiefly children of the wholly conducted by the same teacher. American settlers, together with a few The tangible and attractive nature of others sent from Native districts in the this system renders the instruction more vicinity of Sierra Leone, and boarded in intelligible to children who know but Free Town at the expense of their little English, than any that has yet parents, for the advantage of having been practised in Sierra Leone, and it them sent to the day schools. The has not been my lot to visit any infant attention and intelligence of the boys school in England in which the system in this school delighted me; and was acted upon with more interesting never did I see a company of chil effect than in this at Leopold, which I dren in any school whose counte- trust may be presented as an example to nances struck me as more expressive the native teachers, and a model Infant of a lively disposition to imbibe instruc- School for Sierra Leone. The system tion, and quick capacity for receiving addressing itself to the eye, as well as it. They answered with readiness from to the ear, the lessons become more the Scriptures, questions on many in- easy to understand, than in the common teresting and important subjects, and mode of teaching; and the kind, friendly evidently enjoyed the opportunity given manner in which instruction is imparted, them of receiving farther instruction. incites and cherishes the best feelings,

For several days during the school and opens a way to the hearts of the vacation, which commenced on the 15th, · dear little children when religious inJ. W. assembled a large company of struction is thus conveyed to them. The widow of Thomas Heighway, a ance it may be so permitted, for prekind-hearted, pious, and estimable wo- paring Agents of intelligence and man, after the early removal of her Christian feeling from among the Natives beloved companion, who lived only a themselves. Let them be trained in few weeks in the colony, believing it to habits which will lead them to the exerbe her religious duty to remain still in cise of their own understanding; and Africa, has taken the charge of this let them be taught to make good use interesting school, at least for the present. of their own resources, and not disposed

On the subject of Native Teachers, to look to others to do for them, what Mrs. K. remarks,

is within their own power, by proper It is the Africans themselves that exertion and attention, to do for themmust be the Travellers, and Instructors, selves; and, above all, may they. be and Improvers of Africa : let Europeans taught to feel and thankfully acknowaid them with Christian kindness, as ledge, that their beneficent Creator, the senior brethren would the younger and Father of all the families of the earth, feebler members of their Father's family; wills the happiness and redemption of but let it be kept in mind to what perpe all-that all mankind are, indeed, in a tual interruption every purpose must be fallen state and prone to evil; but that subject, which is made dependant upon the effects of our first Parents' fall are European Life on the African Shores. not more universal, than the blessing of

Lei a full and fair opportunity be an universal opening to Redemption given, if by Divine Favour and Assist- by Christ Jesus.

JEWS AT CONSTANTINOPLE. OUR Readers will recollect the con- The unhappy backslider Peter still version and consequent imprisonment of remained in prison. Having professed three Jews at Constantinople, as men- himself to be again a Jew, the Armetioned in our Number for April 1827. nians did not, and could not, interest One of their number subsequently apos themselves about him. May he be made tatized, but the two who remained faithful sensible, by this additional trial, of his were, we are happy to say, released guilt in denying his Saviour, and may from prison, on Thursday, March 15, grace and pardon be in store for him at four o'clock in the evening, by order also ! of his majesty the Grand Seignor.

REGISTER OF EVENTS, A CONSIDERABLE sensation has been excited by the Election of Mr. O'Connell as Member of Parliament for the County of Clare. That Daniel O'Connell can sit in the House of Commons without taking the oaths is out of the question ; and it is equally absurd to suppose, that any relaxation in the existing laws will be made in his favour. He may perhaps enjoy till the next Session the privilege of franking letters, and may thus save a few pounds for himself or his friends; but when he attempts to take his seat, or when there is a call of the house he must either take the Anti-catholic Oath or retire.

Meanwhile the result of this Election shows what would be the consequence of the mis-named Catholic Emancipation. The Romish Priests would compel their people to choose Romish Members; and the supporters of any administration denounced by the Catholic Association, would be turned out as Mr. Fitzgerald bas been. We hope he and others of his party may profit by the lesson.

The Russians have succeeded, after hard fighting, in taking Bruila, and have advanced to Trajan's Wall. Some of the daily papers are now adopting the idea we have always entertained, that Turkey will not be the easy conquest formerly anticipated.

The Business of Parliament has on the whole proceeded quietly, the chief novelty is the Reduction of the Sinking Fund, from Five to Three Millions; or rather to the positive surplus of Income over Expenditure instead of the old system of borrowing with one hand to pay with the other.

The Most Rev. Charles Manners Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury, departed this life at Lambeth Palace, on Monday, July 21. His Grace was elected to the See of Norwich in 1792, and translated to Canterbury in 1805. It is expected that his Grace will be succeeded by Dr. Howley, the present Bishop of London.

Notices and Acknowledgments. Received—ZELOTES.-D. O, M.--V.--THEOgn IŞ.--and AN UNPREJUDICED INQUIRER. :



Church of England Magazine.



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[Concluded from Page 287.] As soon as he gained some com certain. He was a popular and posure of spirit, he found increasing useful preacher, and a kind and delight in his own calling. “Now," zealous pastor. The removal of şays Walton, “all his earthly one, who had been too much affections were changed into divine idolized in his affections, was a love, and all the faculties of his trial ultimately blessed to his soul. own soul were engaged in the But his imagination was a constant conversion of others; in preaching snare, and his literary ambition a the glad tidings of remission to dangerous temptation. In his repenting sinners, and peace to sonnets, elegies, satires, &c. there each troubled soul. To these he is pious sentiment, but mixed with applied himself with all care and much that is trifling, much that is diligence : and now such a change exceptionable ; nor is that false was wrought in him, that he could taste which led him to indulge say with David, Oh how amiable in metaphysical absurdities and are thy tabernacles, O Lord God punning conceits the least of his of Hosts ! Now he declared openly, faults. When a young man, he that when he required a temporal, wrote an essay which he afterwards God gave him a spiritual blessing; excused by saying, “It was written and that he was now gladder to be by Jack Donne, and not by Dr. a doorkeeper in the house of God, Donne ;” to which the ready than he could be to enjoy the answer is, that Dr. Donne should noblest of all temporal employ- have destroyed what Jack Donne ments.”

wrote. But he left it with other All this may be true. At the papers in the hands of his son same time, the statements of his John, an atheistical libertine of the biographer, conveyed in an anti reign of Charles the Second, who thetical and declamatory style, had so little respect for his parent's require qualification. That he was memory, as, contrary to his express deeply humbled and sincerely peni.. injunctions, to give it to the world, tent for past errors and follies These facts however ought not to there can be little doubt, and that prejudice any against his sermons, he had an earnest desire to be which are distinguished by promade instrumental to the spiritual testant feeling and evangelical benefit of his fellow-creatures, is as verity ; while his meditations and

SEPT. 1828.



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