An Authentic History of the Second War for Independence: Comprising Details of the Military and Naval Operations, from the Commencement to the Close of the Recent War; Enriched with Numerous Geographical and Biographical Notes, Volume 1

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J. G. Hathaway, Kellogg & Beardslee, printers, 1815 - United States

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Page 42 - The United States offer you peace, liberty, and security. Your choice lies between these and war, slavery and destruction. Choose then, but choose wisely...
Page 42 - Indian, will be taken prisoner — instant destruction will be his lot. If the dictates of reason, duty, justice, and humanity, cannot prevent the employment of a force which respects no rights and knows no wrong, It will be prevented by a severe and relentless system of retaliation.
Page 11 - Great Britain, and in the midst of amicable professions and negotiations on the part of the British Government, through its public Minister here, a secret agent of that Government was...
Page 221 - ... instant, fifty more passed Chicago for the same destination. A Miami chief, who has just returned from his annual visit to Maiden, after having received the accustomed donation of goods, was thus addressed by the British agent: "My son, keep your eyes fixed on me; my tomahawk is now up; be you ready, but do not strike until I give the signal.
Page 162 - I had understood another armed vessel lay at anchor, and I was obliged to run down the river, by the forts, under a heavy fire of round, grape, and canister, from a number of pieces of heavy ordnance, and several pieces of flying artillery, was compelled to anchor at a distance of about 400 yards from two of their batteries.
Page 41 - In the name of my country, and by the authority of government, I promise you protection to your persons, property, and rights ; remain at your homes ; pursue your peaceful and customary avocations ; raise not your hands against your brethren. — Many of your fathers fought for the freedom and independence we now enjoy.
Page 40 - After thirty years of peace and prosperity the United States have been driven to arms. The injuries and aggressions, the insults and indignities of Great Britain have once more left them no alternative but manly resistance, or unconditional submission.
Page 22 - The dread of opposition and of the loss of popularity, will certainly keep the ruling party at Washington inactive. They will risk any thing but the loss of power; and they are well aware that their power would pass away with the first calamity which their measures might bring upon the common people (from whom that power emanates;) unless, indeed, they could find a sufficient excuse in the conduct of Great Britain. This impression cannot be too deeply felt by his majesty's ministers; nor too widely...
Page 40 - To the peaceable, unoffending inhabitant it brings neither danger nor difficulty. I come to find enemies, not to make them. I come to protect, not to injure you. " Separated by an immense ocean and an extensive wilderness from Great Britain, you have no participation in her councils, no interest in her conduct.
Page 167 - In this front boat he had carried nearly every oar which was prepared for all the boats. In this agonizing dilemma, stood officers and men, whose ardor had not been cooled by exposure through the night to one of the most tremendous north-east storms, which continued, unabated, for twenty-eight hours, and deluged the whole camp.

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