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The object of this compilation has been to consolidate the matter of the four Gospels so as to form it into one continuous narrative, and at the same time to enable the reader to ascertain with facility the source from which each part has been derived.

In the construction of this narrative, every word of each Gospel has been incorporated, except where the same words are found concurrently in more than one Gospel, or where the forms of concurrent expressions are such as not to admit of their coalescing: in the latter case the words not incorporated in the text are noted in the margin. In this way every word of all the four Gospels will be found either in the text or in the margin.

It has been necessary to add certain words, and been thought advisable to substitute others, in order to preserve the sense, or the grammatical construction: the words added and substituted are, however, carefully noted, and distinguished from those taken from the Gospels.

The nature of the compilation has made crudeness and tautology, in many places, unavoidable; but these defects of style have been thought of less moment, than that loss of authenticity, which would necessarily have resulted from an extensive modification of the text.

The verbal accuracy of the authorised version of the Gospels is assumed, and no criticism or comment is attempted.

The main endeavour has been, by placing the Gospel narrative before the reader in the form in which other narratives are now usually written, to enable him, unconsciously as it were, to receive all the information furnished by the four Gospels combined, without the labour and distraction of consulting the several Gospels; and, at the same time, to facilitate reference to the Gospels themselves for verification of the text.

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The arbitrary division of the Scriptures into chapters and verses, makes a greater

the attention of the reader, than does a narrative in the usual form: and the comparison of different parallel accounts, even with the assistance of a Harmony, involves such additional concentrated attention, as can be looked for only in the earnest biblical student. This compilation, it is hoped, will enable even a casual reader, to follow out the thread of the Gospel history, without effort or distraction.

An explanation of the system of arrangement adopted is subjoined, and a reference table is added, by which it can be ascertained in what part of the work the chapters and verses of the different Gospels are incorporated. A full Index to the Gospel history is also appendled.

F. T. H.

South Hampstead, 1869.


The figure (') in the text indicates that the portion preceding it has been taken from

St. Matthew's Gospel. In like manner the figures (2) (3) and (4) indicate the Gospel from which the portions preceding them are taken, (*) indicating St. Mark's, (*) St. Luke's,

and (4) St. John's Gospel. The figures (") (%) (%) and (1) after the words in the margin indicate in like manner the

Gospels in which such words are found, in lieu of the words to which the notes of

reference are appended. The figure (1) indicates that the words preceding it are not found in any of the four Gospels,

but have been either introduced or substituted. The chapters and verses quoted in the margin shew what portions of each Gospel are

incorporated in each particular page.

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Mark 4. 1.10.
Luke 8. 4.9.

CHAPTER XXII. Parables-the Sowerthe Tares and the Wheatthe Growing Matt. 13. 1.10. Seedthe Grain of Mustard Seedthe Leaventhe Hid Treasurethe Pearl of Great Pricethe Net and Fishes. THE THE same day went Jesus out of the house, and sat by the sea side,

and he began again to teach.? And“ great multitudes were gathered were people together unto him, and were come to him out of every city, so that he went into a ship, and sat in the sea;2 and the whole multitude stood on the shore. And he spake many things unto them and 5 taught them by, paraklesia

a parable. 3 in parables,' saying if unto them in his doctrine, 2

And when. 3 there was a great

multitude. 2 centered.2 d was by the sea

on the land. 2 and said, 2

The figure (1) in the first line indicates that the whole of that line is taken from St. Matthew. The figure (2) in the second line indicates that the words “and he began again to teach” are

taken from St. Mark. The figure (1) in the third line indicates that the words “And great multitudes were

gathered together unto him” are taken from St. Matthew.

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“ in the sea;

The figure (3) in the same third line indicates that the words “and were come to him out of

every city” are taken from St. Luke. In the same way it will be understood that the words : “so that he went into a ship, and sat” are from St. Matthew.

St. Mark. " and the whole multitude stood on “ the shore. And he spake many

St. Matthew, things unto them" "taught them"

St. Mark. “in parables, saying "

St. Matthew. 6 unto them in his doctrine,"

St. Mark. The figure (5) in the fifth line indicates that the word “and" is not to be found in either

Gospel, but has been introduced, • Matt. 13. 1-10.

Indicate that these portions of those particular Gospels are incorporated " Mark 4. 1-10. - Luke 8.


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in that page.

Note a, indicates that in St. Luke the words " And when” occur instead of the word " And.”

b, that in St. Mark the words “there was a great multitude,” and that in St. Luke the

words“ much people were,” occur instead of the words “great multitudes were." c, that in St. Mark the word “ entered” occurs instead of the word “ went.” d, that in St. Mark the words “ was by the sea on the land” occur instead of the words

6 stood on the shore."
e, that in St. Mark the words “by parables,” and in St. Luke the words “hy a

parable," occur instead of the words “ in parables.”
f, that in St. Mark the words “and said,” occur instead of the word “ saying.”







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XIX. Jesus and the Disciples of John


Baptist.— Jesus' Testimony of John

Index to the Chapters and Verses.

Baptist,—his Condemnation of the un-


believing Cities.—Jesus anointed by a

I. The Divinity of Jesus Christ

1 Woman at a Pharisee's house

II. The Birth of John the Baptist and XX.

Another Circuit through Galilee.-

the Birth of Jesus foretold, and the Denunciation of the Scribes and Phari.

meeting of Mary and Elisabeth

1 sees on the occasion of a Devil being

III. Birth and Circumcision of John the cast out, and of a Dinner at a Pharisee's

Baptist .

4 House

IV. Birth and Circumcision of Jesus XXI. A Discourse of Jesus and several


5 Parables

V. The Genealogies of Jesus Christ. 7 | XXII. Parables--the Sower-the Tares

VI. The Infancy of Jesus Christ . 10 and the Wheat—the Growing Seed-

VII. The Preaching of John the Baptist 12 the Grain of Mustard Seed—the Leaven

VIII. The Baptism of Jesus Christ, and -the Hid Treasure--the Pearl of

his Temptation

13 Great Price-the Net and Fishes

IX. The Testimony of John the Baptist XXIII. Jesus' Observations to those

to Jesus, and the Calling of the first who wished to follow him.--The


. 14 Stilling of the Tempest.—The Healing

X. The Marriage at Cana.—Journey to of the Demoniac at Gadara

Jerusalem.—The Casting out of the XXIV. Levi's Feast.—As to Fasting.–

Traders from the Temple

16 The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter-the

XI. Jesus and Nicodemus.-Further Healing of the Woman with an Issue

Testimony of the Baptist

17 of Blood; and other Miracles

XII. Imprisonment of John the Baptist.

XXV. The Sending forth of the Twelve

-Return of Jesus to Galilee.-Inter-

Disciples.— The Death of John the

view with the Woman of Samaria 19


XXVI. The Return of the Tivelve.

XIII. The Preaching of Jesus in Galilee.

-Several Miracles.-Calling of several

The Feeding of the Five Thousand.-



Jesus Walking on the Water

XIV. Healing of a Leper, and of a

XXVII. The Bread of Life.- l'eter's

Profession of Faith


XXVIII. Jesus on the Traditions of the

XV. Healing of a Man on the Sabbath,


and consequent Discussion


XXIX. The Syrophenician Woman.-

XVI. Christ's Teaching as to the Sab-

Many Miracles.- The Feeding of the

bath.—The Ordination of the Twelve

Four Thousand


29 xxx. The Sign of the Prophet Jonah.

XVII. The Sermon on the Mount 31

-The Leaven of the Pharisees.The

XVIII. The Healing of the Centurion's Disciples' Second Profession of Faith.

Servant, and the Raising of the Widow's -The Sufferings of Jesus and of his

Son at Nain

37 Followers Foretold





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