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ACADEMIES,proceedings of-Roy-
al, 190; Cheshunt College, 441;
Rotherham IndependentCollege,
442; Homerton, 443; Hoxton,
ib; Llanpeter College, 470.
Agriculture-of the Israelites, Es-

say on the, 259; address of Sir
T. S. Raffles to the Agricultural
Society of Sumatra, 272.
American-Literature and Intel-
ligence, 161; Penitentiary Sys-
tem, Report on it, 383; Mis-
sions, 232, 47.
Antiquities-Zodiac of Dendara,
182; Ancient Cave at Kirkdale,
ib.; Egyptian, 182, 3, 4; Roman
Eagle, 183; Theban Sarcopha-
gus, ib.; discovered by M. Tede-
nat in Upper Egypt, ib.; an-
cient figure of Apollo, 185;
Roman Town on the Humby,
ib.; Roman Bridge at Gronigen,
ib,; Coins in the Glasgow Mu-
seum, ib.
Augustus; or the ambitious Stu-
dent, reviewed, 102; commend-
ed, 103, 112.

Bar The-Remarks upon educa-
ting young men for it, 123; list
of peers who have been barris-
ters, 124; contrast of its splen-
did allurements and scarcely
surmountable difficulties, ib.; its
advantages, ib.; an honourable
profession, 125; independent,
ib.; drawback to this in the pa-
tronage of the Crown, 127;
gentlemanly profession, 128;
a liberal one, ib.; its society
and associations agreeable and
attractive, 129; may be lucra-
VOL. V.-No. 10.

[blocks in formation]

Cotton, Rev. John, memoirs of
his life, 2, 241; his birth, 4;
early education, 5; residence at
the University of Cambridge,
conversion, 9; funeral ora-
tion for Dr. Some, 10; gradua-
tion, 11; settlement at Boston
in Lincolnshire, ib. ; conduct in
the University there, 12; trou-
bles on account of his non-con-
formity, 13; marriagss and fa-
mily, 14; removal to New Eng-
land, 15; preaching and settle-
ment at New Boston, 16; dili-
gence in his studies there, 20;
in his pastoral duties, 234;
theological disputations, 241;
meekness, 243; candour, 247;
kindness, ib.; differences with
some of the New England Mi-
nisters, 249; illness, 251; last
sermon, 252; preparation for
death, ib.; death and burial,
254; appearance of a comet
just before his removal, 255;
his opinion respecting it, 256.


Deaths of remarkable persons,
222, 4, 462, 6, 9, 470, 1; sudden,
220, 455, 7, 8, 9, 460.
Discoveries-a Remedy for Asth-
ma, 185; circulation of the
blood, known in China before it
was in Europe, ib.; a cure
for the hooping cough, 186; the
use of Iodine in scrofula, ib.;
pearls in Ireland, 188; substi-
tutes for coffee, 189; new islands
in the South Seas, 190, 432;
Antidotes to Poison, 425, 6;
alleged cure for Hydrophobia,
426; a new Febrifuge, ib.; a
remarkable Picture, ib.; a new
mode of preserving Flowers,


Don Juan-Review of Cantos II.
-V., 334; severely reprobated,
334, 5, 6, 8, 341.

Drew, Mr. Samuel, Review of
his attempts to demonstrate
the existence, &c. of an Eternal
Being, 10; highly commended,
80, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 1,2;

bis mode of treating entity and
non-entity, 81; space, 82; du-
ration, 84; form, ib.; unity of
the Deity, 86; motion, 87; ani-
mal economy, 88; understand-
ing and will, 89; gravitation,
90; distinctions between natu-
ral and intellectual things, ib.;
liberty and necessity, 91; the
divine nature, 92; providential
government of God, 93; moral
evil, 95; some of his opinions
in connection with this subject,
controverted, ib., 97; future
state of brutes, 97; moral go-
vernment of God, ib.; pain and
pleasure, 98; prosperity and
adversity, ib. ; eternal punish-
ments, 99; defects of the work,
90, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6.
Durant, Rev. Thomas, Review of
his Memoirs and Remains of
an only Son, 123; highly com-
mended, 137, 160; his qualifi-
cation to superintend his son's
education, 137, 8, 140, 1, 5.
Durant, W. Friend, Review of
his Memoirs and Select Re-
mains, 123; his birth and early
education, 137, 9; formation of
his religious character, ib. ; ear-
ly display of his endowments,
140; advance in the classics,141;
in history and general know-
ledge, 142; singular correct-
ness of his early compositions,
142, 4; specimens and esti-
mate of his poetical talents,
145, 154, 9; predilection for the
bar, 147; entire submission of
his future path to his father's
direction, 148; entrance at
Glasgow, 149; first academical
session and profession there,
ib.; his prizes, 150, 5; entrance
on the logical class, 151; severe
reprobation of Don Juan, 151;
mathematical studies, 153; me-
taphysical pursuits, 155; pro-
gress in natural philosophy, 157;
in political economy, 158; re-
turn to Glasgow for the last
time, 159; illness and death,
ib.; estimate of his character,
137, 159.


Ecclesiastical Preferments, 216,
7, 8, 220, 221, 460, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 471.
English Poetry-Thoughts on, 61.
Essays-on the different methods

in which the Talents and Op-
portunities of all Christians
ought to be employed for the
advancement of the cause of
Christ, 44; on the Character of
Machiavel, 55; Thoughts on
English Poetry, 61; on the Agri-
culture of the Israelites, 259;
on Testamentary Bequests, 304.
Essex, the Earl of, his connection
with the publication of the
works of Sir Charles Hanbury
Williams, 323.


Fine Arts-Canovas Statue of
Washington, 187; of George IV.
426.--New Society for encourag-
ing the Fine Arts at Paris, 187;
Museum at Gottingen, 189.-
Monument of Kosciusko, ib. ;
Collection of Old Masters in
the Royal Academy, 190.-
Painted glass window for Here-
ford Cathedral, 426.-Academy
of Arts in Ireland, 427.-West's
Picture of Christ, healing the
sick, ib.


Gorham, Rev. George Cornelius,
Vindication of Dean Milner from
the charges brought against him
by the Rev. James Plumptre, 33.


Hawes, Benjamin, Esq. account
of him, 451.

Hewlet, Rev. J. P. Review of his
Sermons for Parochial and Do-
mestic use, and Plain Discourse
on Confirmation, 112; com-
mended, 113, 7; example of his
lucid statement of the truth, 113
-of his pious and affectionate

[blocks in formation]

Illustrations of various passages
of Scripture, 31.
Improvements-in Printing, 187;
Oak Furniture, 188; Ventilation,
ib.; consumption of Steam-en-
gine smoke, 189; Telegraphic
Signals, 190; Spinning and
Weaving, 427; Mending Roads,
428; working the Cornish Silver
Mines, 429.

India,-Papers relating to, 21,
272, 6.

Intelligence, American, 161, 383;
Philosophical and Literary, 182,
425; Religious, 202 441; Phi-
lanthropic, 229, 444; Provincial,
213, 453; Missionary, 226, 472 ;
Political, 233, 480.

Inventions--for transferring Paint-
ings in Fresco, 187; Instru-
ment for copying drawings, ib.;
SteamCarriage, 427; FireShield,
ib.; Life Beacon, 428.
Johnstone, Sir Alexander, Com-
munication from him, 21.
Israelites, Essay on their Agricul-
ture, 259; their live stock, ib.;
their herds, 265; Sheep, 268.


Lawrence, Mr. refutation of his
opinions on the Mosaic history
of the Creation, 260.
Legal Intelligence, 219.
Letters, original one from William

Penn, 72; Rev. John Berridge,
73; Rev. John Wesley, 79.
Licentious Productions in High
Life, Review of several, 316;
their prosecution strongly urged,
317, 321, 333, 360; observations
on the propriety of denying them
the protection of copy-right,369.
List of New Publications, 191,

Literary Intelligence-Statue to
the memory of Burns, 188; En-
couragement of Science in
Hanover, 190; New Chart of the
Mediterranean, 428; Visit of
Mr. Campbell to the Scenery of
Ossian's Poems, 433:-Socie-
ties--New Mechanical Society at
Edinburgh, 188; Society of Prac-
tical Medicine of London, 426.
Longevity, instances of, 218, 220,
2, 454, 5, 460, 2, 3, 9, 470, 1.
Lorenzo; a Tale of Redemption.
By J. Roby, Review of it, 118.


Machiavel.-Remarks on his cha-
racter, 55.

Mason, Rev. Dr. J. M., Address
at the Organization of the Fa-
culty of Dickinson College, 161;
notice of a pamphlet published
by the Unitarians of New York,
in reply to certain parts of his
Farewell Sermon, 171.

Memoirs of the Life of the Rev.
John Cotton, 1, 241.
Milner, Rev. Dean, Vindication of

his character, from the remarks
of the Rev. James Plumptre, 33.
Missionary Intelligence Society
for Promoting Christian Know-
ledge, 225; Society for propa-
gating the Gospel, 472; Moravian
Mission, 225; Baptist Mission,
441, 226, 472; London Mission-
ary Society, 203, 227, 472;
Church Missionary Society, 203,
228, 475; Methodist Mission,203,
229, 477; Edinburgh Missionary
Society, 231, 479; General Bap-
tist Missionary Society, 231;
Netherlands Missionary Society,
479; American Colonization So-
ciety, 232; Board of Foreign
Missions, 232, 480; United Fo-
reign Missionary Society, 480;
Missionary Society to the Me-
thodist Episcopal Church, 480;
Episcopal Missionary Society,

Morison, Rev. John, Review of his

Lectures on the Reciprocal Ob-
ligations of Life, 372; commend-

ed, 372, 3, 5, 9; qualification of
his views on unequal matrimo-
nial alliances, 374; his views of
the duties of a minister, 374, 7;
of the prevalence of Antinomian-
ism, ib.; of the esteem in which
Ministers should be held, 377.
Murray, Mr. John, Review of a
Remonstrance addressed to him
on the publication of Cain, 359.


Norton, John, Memoirs of Rev.
John Cotton, 1, 239.


Obituary of James Perry, Esq. 211;
Claudius John Rich, Esq. 213;
Helenus Scot, M.D. 214; Po-
mare, King of Otaheite, ib.;
Hon. W. Pinckney, ib.; Joseph
Decker, ib.; Rev. Thos. Cherry,
B.D. 215; James Boswell, Esq.
ib.; Sir John Sylvester, Bart.
ib.; Mr. Samuel Varley, ib.; Dr.
Stuart, Archbishop of Armagh,
216; Rev. George Heath, D.D.
ib.; Whitshed Keene, Esq. M.P.
217; Ralph Dodd, Esq. 209;
Rev. John Williams, 220; Caleb
H. Parry, M.D. 221; Rev. Ed-
mund Butcher, 222; George
Hutchins Bellasis, Esq. 223;
Dr. Broderick, Archbishop of
Cashel, 224; Benjamin Hawes,
Esq. 451; Andrew Jukes, M.D.
454; Sir Samuel Toller, ib.;
Thomas Coutts, Esq. ib.; Peter
Finnerty, 455; Duke de Richlieu,
ib.; Augustus, Duke of Saxe-
Gotha, 456: James Brownley,
Esq. ib.; Edward Jerningham,
Esq. ib.; Earl of Orford, ib.;
Marquis of Hertford, 457; John
Oldham Oldham, Esq. ib; John
Reid, M.D. 458; Rev. Thomas
Coombe, D.D. ib.; Viscount
Bulkeley, 459; Rev. Thomas Le
Mesurier, B.D. 461; Rev. Pay-
ler Matthew Proctor, A.M. 462;
Thomas Girdlestone, M.D. 465;
SirChristopher Pegge,M.D. 466;
Rev. Thomas Abraham Salmon,

B.D. 467; Alfred Cecil Buck-
land, Esq. ib.; Sir Alexander
Boswell,470; Lord Kingsale,471;
Sir Samuel Auchmuty, ib.
Ordinations, 459, 460, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 470.

Original Letters from William
Penn, 72; Rev. John Berridge,
73; Rev. John Wesley, 79.
Owen, Rev. Dr. John, his Epitaph,


Partington, Charles Frederick,
Review of his account of the
Steam Engine, 380; commended
*383, *386.

Parker, Archbishop, his Epitaph,


Penitentiary System of the United
States, Report upon its condi-
tion, 383.

Penn, William, original letter from
him, 72.

Perry, James, Esq. Account of
him, 211.
Philanthropic-Intelligence, Pro-
vincial, 217, 222, 3, 4; Christian
Charity, 451;--Institutions, Pro-
ceedings of Royal Universal
Dispensary for Children, 209;
Society for educating the Poor
in Ireland, ib.; Seamen's Hos-
pital, ib.; Society for the relief
of Asthmas, ib.; Surrey Dispen-
sary, ib.; St. Giles's Irish Free
Schools, 210; Jews' Hospital,
ib.; St. Patrick's Schools, ib;
Irish School Society Dublin, ib.;
Asylum for. Deaf and Dumb
Children,211; London Auxiliary
Irish School Society,ib.; Marine
Society, ib.; Royal Humane So-
ciety, 444; Philanthropic Socie-
ty, Mile-end, 445; Caledonian
Asylum, ib.; Economical Socie-
ty, ib.; London Orphan Asylum,
ib.; Magdalen Hospital, ib.;
London Hospital, ib.; Artists'
Benevolent Institution,

ib. ;

London Female Penitentiary,
ib.; Artists' Benevolent Fund,ib.;
African Institution, 447; British
and Foreign School Society, ib.;

Literary Fund, ib.; Royal Me-
tropolitan Infirmary for Sick
Children, ib.; British and Fo-
reign Philanthropic Society,448;
Society for the Improvement of
Prison Discipline, ib.; National
School Society, 449; Society for
the encouragement of Industry,
ib.; Western Dispensary, ib.;
Society for the relief of aged and
infirm Protestant Dissenting
Ministers, ib.; Refuge for the
Destitute, 150.

Philosophical Intelligence, 182.
Plumptre, Rev. James, Answer to
his remarks on the character of
Dean Milner, 33.

Poetry, Remarks on that of Eng-
land, 61; the Prophecy of Tagus,
from the Spanish of Luis de Leon,
by J. H. Wiffen, Esq. 176; To
the Nightingale, written at Col-
lege, 179; Extract from an un-
published Drama, ib.; The Hud-
son River, 418.

Political Retrospect, 233, 480.
Publications, List of new ones,
191, 434.


Raffles, Sir Thomas Stamford,
Communications from him, 272,

Religious Institutions, Proceed-
ings of--Society for propagating
Christian Knowledge in the
Highlands, 202; Religious Book
& Tract Society for Ireland,202;
Sunday School for Ireland, ib.;
Hibernian Bible Society, ib.;
British and Foreign Bible So-
ciety, 204; Prayer Book and
Homily Society, ib.; London
Society for promoting Christia-
nity amongst the Jews, 205;
London Hibernian Society, ib.;
Port of London Society, 206;
Sunday School Union, ib; Con-
tinental Society, 207; Irish
Evangelical Society, ib.; Socie-
ty for building and enlarging
Churches, 441; Baptist Home
Missionary Society, ib.
Remonstrance, addressed to Mr.

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