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The time of the singing of birds is come. Cant.i. 12.

The beasts of the field shall honour me, the dragon and the owl.. Ilaiah. xlii. 20.

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The time of the finging of birds is come.-Cant. ii. 12.
The beasts of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls. Isa, iv. 30.


Sold at Providence Chapel on Monday and Wednesday Evenings, and at Monk.

well-Street Meeting on Tuesday Evenings; by W. Baynes, No. 54, Pater. nofter-Row; T, Green, No. 93, and J. Baker, No. 226, Oxford-Street; J. Cobbin, No. 14, Hertford-It rect, Fitzroy-square ; at the Chapel in the Cliff, Lewes, Suflcx; by T. Barston, Castlegate, Granthan, Lincolnshire ; and by A. Batten, sen. Wellyyn, Herts.

P R E F A CE..


Having seen and read most, if not all, the letters which have passed between you and my dear fifter, it is my opinion that they would be of great use to many if they were made public. When I consider and reflect upon the light, support, and help, which I received when in my trouble from many of the Epistles of Faith, as well as from your other writings; and the many accounts I have since had of the usefulness of the Living Testimonies to many souls that were in distress, darkness, and bondage ; it is my request, should it meet with your approbation, that you would publish them. I am fully persuaded that the matter they contain leads to the true and living way. The bulk of profeffors, in our day, as far as I am able


fearing the face of any; zeal in the delivery of ir, with lively frames to set off the sweetness and exçellency of it, and power to enforce it; and that with the greatest confidence, from an inward testimony of interest in it. And, without this divine influence of the Spirit, the pulpit would be little better than a pillory, and the work of the ministry quite a Navery; as we see in too many who are obliged to have recourse to country tales and old wives' fables, in order to fill up the time; or else to set up some supposed rival as a scare-bird, and calli him an Antinomian, and so belabour him, just to help out; which is done for want of matter, and for want of the divine aid of the Holy Spirit. To these men I have contributed not a little, in thus helping them out at a dead lift.

The Holy Spirit administers different power and authority to men; furnishing some to be apostles, fome to be prophets, some evangelists, fome teachers, and some to be helps; enabling each in his place to be of some use to the body, the church; that the whole, by the joints of one faith, and of one and the same judgment, and by the bands of love and peace, may be bound together; and that the whole body, holding fast the head, may have nourishment communicated from the head of influence (by the Spirit) to every part of the body; so kniting it together that it may increase in grace and in number with the increase of God. See Col. ii. 19. Every one of these different gifts are of use in the


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