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Extent of Sindh. - Title

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Cold of Upper Sindh.

- Rain Climate

Divisions. - Delta and Southern Division. -Sehwun.-Narrah River. - Lake Munchur. - Upper or Northern Division. Climate and Seasons. Great Heat. - Diseases. unusual. Hot Winds. of Karrachi.—Advantageous Situation of Sindh relatively to the Sea.-Changeable Character of River.-Peculiar Geographical Features of Sindh. Absence of Roads. Natives journeying by River.

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THE territory of Sindh, lately possessed by the Bilúch chiefs of Talpúr, lies between the 23d and 29th degrees of north latitude, and 67th to 70th degrees of east longitude, having the river Indus nearly in its centre, and comprising all the portion of its valley between the Bhawulpúr territories to the north, the ocean to the south, east and west to the desert tracts which intervene between it and the province of Cutch, and the mountains separating it from the higher country of Bilúchistan.

The extent of this lower division of the country fertilised by the Indus, may be about 500 miles in greatest length, allowing for the windings of the stream: it would be difficult to determine its aver


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