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10. Black Sweet Water; this grape has a small sweet berry which is very liable to crack, consequently against the open wall is much destroyed by birds and flies; it is an early grape. W. V.

21. Black Cluster; this is a small black grape, a great bearer, and covered when ripe with a fine bloom. W.

22. White Raisin; the berries of this grape are very large, with a thick skin, the bunches also grow very large and handsome. H.

23. Claret; this grape has small black berries, with red juice; it is not an agreeable fruit to eat, but makes excellent wine. V. H.

24. Lombardy; this is a large red grape, the bunches grow very large and are full of rich juice. V. H.

25. St. Peter's; this grape is very black when ripe, the berries are large, of an oval shape, and the bunches very large; it is a good grape. V. H.

26. West's St. Peter's; this is a fine black grape, now in high estimation, the bunches

come fine, the berries large, and flavour excellent. V. H.

27. Sir Abraham Pitcher's; this is a large fine black grape, and greatly admired. V. H.

28. Black Prince; this is one of the best black grapes for the natural wall, as it seldom fails to ripen, the bunches grow large, particularly in the vinery, and the berries, which are tolerably large, are full of fine sweet juice; it is now much in request. W. V. H.

29. White Tokay; this is a fine grape of very delicate appearance, but rather a bad bearer. V.

30. Black Portugal; the berries of this grape are of a middling size, and in favourable seasons will ripen against the natural wall; it is a good grape. W. V. H.




Those marked with an Asterisk (*) are described in the explanatory List.

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Par. 97. Yellow Ischia, is a large fine flavoured fruit, with a yellow skin and deep red flesh; it is ripe about the middle of October.

2. Brown Naples Fig; this fruit is long, of a brown colour, well-flavoured, and is a good bearer; it ripens early in October. In good seasons this fig will ripen well on standards.

3. Green Ischia; this has a thin green skin, with a brown cast; when ripe, the inside is a deep red inclining to purple; it is a good fig, and ripens late in September.

4. Malta; this is a fine flavoured, small brown

fig; the wood is rather tender, but if the wood ripens well, it is generally a good bearer; it ripens early in September.

5. Black Ischia; this fig is one of the greatest bearers we have; the fruit when ripe is nearly black, of a small size, but finely flavoured; it is good for forcing, wall or standards, and ripens early.

6. Large White Genoa; this is a large fig, with a thin skin of pale yellow; it is a fine fruit, good bearer, and ripens late in August or beginning of September; it is a good fig for forcing.

7. Black Genoa; this is a long dark fig, quite red inside, is fine flavoured, and ripens early.

8. Small White Fig; this is a small, pale yellow fruit, of very good flavour, a great bearer, and will do well as standards; it ripens early.

9. Large Brown Ischia; this fig grows very large, it is brown outside, and purple within, is fine flavoured, and will often produce two crops in the year: it ripens early.

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