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it ripens in September, but soon becomes mealy after it is gathered.

(34.)-Margaret Apple; this a good summer apple of a red colour, with a little russet towards the eye; it is a good bearer and ripens in August.

(35.)—Kirke's Duchess of Oldenburgh; this is a table apple of a tolerable size; it is rather a flat form; the ground of the fruit when ripe is a greenish yellow, beautifully pencilled with pink and red; it is full of fine sweet juice, and may be fairly called one of our best summer table apples.

(36.)-Kirke's Golden Reinet; this is a very handsome table apple of a golden russet colour, and a fine red next the sun; the flavour is very fine; it ripens about October, and is good till after Christmas.

(37.)-King of the Pippins; this apple ripens late in the summer, and to eat it from the tree it is equal in flavour to any at that season; but a few days after it is gathered it looses its flavour, or at least is very materially diminished.

(38.) — Wellington Apple; this is a very

handsome keeping table fruit, and deserves to be brought into general cultivation; the fruit is of a pale green ground, of a beautiful pale red or rather pink next the sun, and is a great addition to the desserts at, and after, Christmas.

(39.)-Kerry Pippin; this is a much admired summer table apple, and is a good bearer.

(40.)-Wheeler's Russet; this apple, as a table fruit, deserves the highest character; it is rather larger than the old nonpareil, much like it in appearance and flavour; it is a great bearer, and will keep till May.

(41.)-Powell's Russet is a most excellent table apple; it is smaller than Wheeler's, very fine flavour, a great bearer, and will keep through the winter.

(42.) Devonshire Whitesour; this is a very early summer table apple, of a whitish yellow colour; it has fine melting flesh, with very rich juice; it is a good bearer, and is greatly admired.

(43.)-Margell is a table apple, in flavour much like the Ribston Pippin, but does not

grow so large; it is a great bearer, and will keep till spring.

(44.)-Christy's Pippin; this is an apple not much known at present; it is one of the best table apples among the new varieties; in form much like the Nonsuch, firm and juicy, of a greenish colour, fine flavoured, is a very great bearer, and will keep through the winter.


Par. 45.-Beauty of Kent; this is one of the largest apples in cultivation; it is a most excellent apple for sauce, looks very handsome on the trees, is a great bearer, and will keep.

(46.)-Kirke's Emperor Alexander; this is a fine sauce apple, and is decidedly the most beautiful apple grown. I have known them measure sixteen inches round; and although they grow so large, they seldom fall from the trees if sound; it is a good bearer, ripe late in October, and will keep till Christmas.

(47.)-Keswick Codlin is a large yellow apple, and one of the greatest bearers we have. This is well adapted for small gardens, for it is

a long time before it gets large through its great bearing; it ripens in September, but will not keep long after they are gathered.

(48.)-Luccumb's Seedling, is a great bearer, of a greenish yellow striped with red, will grow large; it is a very good sauce apple, and will keep through the winter.

(49.)-Northern Greening; this is a most desirable apple to plant, it is a firm green fruit, a very great bearer, and will keep sound till spring.

(50.)-Kirke's Scarlet Admirable; this is a very fine large sauce apple, of a beautiful scarlet next the sun; is generally a good bearer, and will keep.

(51.)-Royal Russet; this is a well-known good keeping sauce apple.

(52.)-Cockagee; this apple, which is so celebrated for cider, I have merely recommended for kitchen use, on account of its fine acid for being mixed with other apples in the tart or pudding-it answers the purpose of the Quince. (53.)-Shepherd's Newington; this is a fine large juicy sauce apple, and is a great bearer.


(54.)-Striped Holland Pippin; this would be very handsome in the shrubbery, for the bloom which comes out early is extremely beautiful; it is a good bearer and a very good apple.

(55.)-Dutch Codlin; although I cannot recommend this as a general bearer, the fruit is so fine, and the bloom so beautiful, it deserves a place amongst a collection.

(56.)-Kentish Codlin; this is a very good bearer, not so large as the Dutch Codlin, but is a very good sauce apple.

(57.)-Norfolk Storing; this apple will keep well through the winter, and is good for sauce when most others are gone by; it is generally a good bearer.

(58.)-Norfolk Beefin; this is a well-known long keeping apple, of a dullish red colour, it is famed for baking, and is good for all culinary purposes. This apple will keep good till August, and is a general bearer.

(59.)-Lemon Pippin; this is a very good sauce apple, of a yellow colour, is a good bearer, and will keep till March.

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