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Antichrist delineated. EFE have an Account in Scripw ture, of the Attempt of the

Serpent to destroy Man, and ex of many Attempts which he and his Seed have made, to hinder Men from accepting the Benefits which the Aleim have offered through Christ; I intend not to cite the Passages from Scripture, but describe the Methods which have been pursued.

As this and the following Tract may be read alone, it seems necessary not only to Thew what hath and doth hinder the • Vol. VIII. B

Study Study, Knowledge, and Practice of Christianity ; but to make an Apology for offering any thing new at this time of day, upon this or that subject, and to fhew why it was not offered sooner.

And as fome, especially some who have more Sense and Learning than they know how to divide, and to distinguish, and shew which Article came from Sense, or Nature, and which from Revelation, seem to think, that I have allowed fome Power in the Soul of Man by the Light of Nature, without Revelation, to prove that it exists, to discover that some Effence, with infinite Wisdom, Power, & c. · exists; and that there must be a Resurrection of the Body, and a future State of Rewards and Punishments: I must touch these Points. .

Those who have paraphrased upon the Subjects I have treated of, have inserted several Tenets held by the Free-thinkers, supposing that will force me to knock down those Tenets; be it so, they have taken the Construction of Revelation : I'll try if I cannot persuade them to take the Construction I have given of the Heathen Free-thinkers.

Men have by Imagination set up false . Aleim, against the true Ones; an Ef

.. .. fence

sence in one Person, against the Trinity; a false Meffiah; a mere Man; yet to come, against Christ; a pretended Prophet, without any Evidence, fince Christ came which each, who set up each, say are to be worshipped and obeyed: so Tradition, the Alcoran, the Dictates of a Bishop, or Church, which are to be believed and obeyed; the Blood of brute Creatures, Morality, Repentance, Pardons, Penance, Purgatory; which are to make Satisfaction for, or take away Sins; Reason, the Light of Nature, Enthusiasm, &c. which are to be sufficient Guides in matters of Faith or Duty; which all produce Neglect, Ignorance, or Disbelief of, a Persuasion that they have no occasion for written Revelation, and the Methods directed by it: so now all against Christianity, which depends upon the Evidence and authority of written Revelation.

He and that which put Man upon finding other Means than were appointed to be wise, &c. fo.upon forfeiting his State of Innocence, and brougắt Christ under an Obligation of redeeming him, and Man under a Necessity of accepting that Redemption, or being eternally miserable, still makes Man oppose the Means of that Redemption and seek for other


B 2

Means, so be bit by the Seed of the old Serpent, so be Antichrist.

I have ihewed from the Scriptures, that as soon as the first Man was created, he was not left to Imagination, or Reason, but had the Knowledge of himself, of his Soul, of Jehovah Alcim, of his Duty to them, of a futute State, of the three emblematical Conditions, of the Motions and Powers in the Machine, the Heavens, the Names revealed to him.

That it was a great part of the first Man's Duty, to contemplate the Models, or Emblems, the Garden afforded, the Emblems in, and the Operations of the Machine, the Names, and through them the Power of those who created and formed them, on the Seventh, to him the First, Day; and his Business to consider the Instincts of brute Creatures, to inform him in social Duties and Morality the other fix Days.

So though we know not of any thing material which was not revealed, so know not what Man in his first State could discover ; yet we know what those who deserted Revelation, and at last loft the Knowledge of it, could not recover or discover.'

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