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Ios. 6d.

Books published by the Author of this Work.


vols. 8vo. Price 18s. bound. Three Sermons, preached at Fairchild's Lecture, 4to.

1. The Religious Use of Botanical Philofophy.

2. Confiderations on the Oeconomy of Beasts and Cattle.

3. On the Earth and its Minerals.

An Essay on the first Principles of Natural Philosophy, 4to.

Physiological Disquisitions, 4to. Il. 1$.

Letters from a Tutor to his Pupils, I 2mo. 2d edit. 25. 6d. sewed.

Observations in a Journey to Paris, 2 vols. 55. sewed.

Nine. Lectures on the Art of Music, folio, with Examples in Notes, il. 15.

A Preservative against the Principles of the Socinians, fourth edit. 2d.

The Book of Nature, or the True Sense of Things made easy to the. Capacities of Children.

N. B. This is translated into French for the Use of Schools, and an Edition of it is in the Press, to be bound up along with the English.

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