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A.D. 63.

14 For by one of- our Enemies, Sin, Satan, Wicked fering he hath per- Men, and Death itself; and so, is fected for ever them the Compleat Redeemer of all that that are sanctified.

embrace his Religion. 15 Whereof the holy

15,16 & 17. For this, and no oGhoft also is a witness

to us : for after that ther, is the Sense of that formen| Cap. viü. he had said before,

tioned | divine Prophecy (Jer. xxxi.) 8,9,&c.

16 This is the co- Where, after having expressed the Exvenant that I will cellency, Plainness, and Simplicity of make with them af- the Gospel Religion, it is added, and ter those days, faith their Sins and Iniquities will I rememthe Lord; I will put ber no more ; i. e. There shall be one

laws into their hearts, and in their perfect and compleat Attonement minds will I write made for them. them : -17 And their fins and iniquities will I remember no more.

18 Now where re- 18. And if so, there can be no mission of these is, further Occasion for those Legal Sathere is no more offer- crifices and Ceremonies which the ing for fin.

Jews and many of the Jewish Christians are so excessively zealous for. 19 Having there

19, 20 & 21. Wherefore, dear fore, brethren, bold- Brethren, since our Pardon and Enness to enter into the trance into the heavenly State of Hapholiest by the blood of Jesus,

piness is thus fully procured, by so

wise and effectual a Method as this of 20 By a *

new and living way + which he Christ's Death; since he has taken hath consecrated for down the Partition, † and prepared us, through the vail, the Way, by suffering upon Earth, that is to fay, his flesh; and by being exalted into Heaven,

21 And having an and becoming the High Priest, Gohigh priest over the vernour and Interceffor for the Chrihouse of God: stian Church;

22 & 23. * Ver. 20. By a new and living way. A moft emphatical Expression, to denote the happy Difference between the twish Entrance into the Most Holy Place of the Temple, and a Chriftian's Entrance into Heaven. If any Ifraelite, beside the High Priest, dared to enter into that inner Sanctuary, He suffer'd Death : Every Christian's Entrance into Heaven gives Him Eternal Life.

+ 'Which he hath Confecrated; wv évexarivice, which he hath Prepared, “v katapusúa osv, ás pato. Chrifoft. And which He himself began to enter by,

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22 Let us draw 22 &.23. How fteddily ought we A.D. 63
near with a true heart, to embrace his Religion, whereby so
in full assurance of perfect a Reconciliation is obtained
faith, having our for us; Worshipping God, thro'
hearts sprinkled from

Him, with full and unshaken Confi-
evil conscience,
and our bodies washed dence in those Promises that can ne
with pure water.

ver fail and deceive us?
23 Let us hold fast
the profession of our faith without wavering (for he is faithful
chat promiseth.)

24 And let us con- 24. And, as this ought to establish
sider one another, to your Faith in God and Chrift, under
provoke unto love, all your Persecutions ; so ought it to
and to good works :

make you, by your exemplary Practice, to encourage and spirit up one another to perfect Love and Charity towards all your Christian Brethren; without any further partial Distinction between Jewish and Gentile Believers.

25 Not forsaking 25. In fine, It ought to be a Prethe assembling of our servative against that Cowardice, the selves together, as the Jewish Christians now too commonly manner of some is ; discover, by forsaking the Profession but exhorting one ano

ll Tiourea ther : and so much the and | Worship of Christianity, and

more as you see the returning to that of the Synagogue and
day approaching
Temple, for fear of Persecution; and

cure them of that Prejudice against
the Gentile Chriftians, which they carry so far as to refuse
to join with them in their Worship and Devotion. And
it should be the stronger Argument upon them to remem-
ber how near the Time is drawing, wherein our Lord him-
self has declared there should be an End put even to the | See Match,

xxiv. Job. Temple, and the whole Jewish Dispensation I.

26 For if we fin 26 & 27. Let me again * remind * Cap. vi. 4, wilfully after that we you of the fatal Consequence of wil- 5, 6, 7. have received the

fully and deliberately renouncing a
knowledge of the Religion so clearly attested and con-
truth, there remain- firmed to you. 'If you flight, and

e:h no more sacrifice
for fins,

once neglect the Means of Salvation
27 But a certain now offered you by Christ, you lose
fearful looking for of the last and only Method God will
judgment, and fiery ever propose for your Redemption;
indignation, which and must expect to perish, by chat


xiv. 23, 24;

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A.D. 63. fhall devour the ad- Divine Wrath and Vengeance, that versaries.

awaits the obftinate Adverfaries of

true Religion. 28 He that despised 28 & 29. And how great that will Moses law, died with be, you may conclude from God's out mercy, under two dealing with Apoftates, and presump

or three witnesses : Cak ü. 3. 29 Of how much tuous * Offenders against the Jewis forer punishment, fup

Law. Whoever was convicted of pose ye, fhall he be such a Crime by the Testimony of thought worthy, who two or three Witnefles, was ordered hath troden under foot to be pain without Mercy, Numb. xv. the son of God, and Deut. xvii. How much more dreadhath counted the blood ful and exemplary, do you think, of the covenant where must be that final Destruction of those, with he was fanctified, who now, 'contemptuously, and aan unholy thing, and hath done despite unto gainst the clearest Evidences, reject the Spirit of grace ?

the Authority of Christ the Messiah,

the very Son of God, prophaning and treating his precious Blood, that ratified this gracious Covenant of their Redemption, as the Blood of an ordinary Person, nay, of a Malefactor ; and doing the utmost Contempt to the Holy Spirit so graciously given ; by undervaluing the great and miraculous Powers, which so amply demonstrated the Truth of their Holy Profession ? 30 For we know


Remember those severe Words him that hath said, (Deut. xxxii. 35, 36.) Wherein God Vengeance belongeth declares, that To Him belongeth Venunto me, I will recompense, faith the geance and Recompence. And again, Lord, And again,

The Lord will judge bis [disobedient) The Lord Shall judge People. his people. 31 It a fearful

31. Consider, duly, and in time, thing to fall into the how fearful a thing it is to fall under hands of the living the final Displeasure of an Infinite God.

Governour, whose Justice upon obftinate and incurable Offenders is eternally durable, as his Existence is.

-32 But call to re- 32. And, the better to support membrance the former yourselves under your present Persedays, in which after ye cutions, recollect and comfort your were illuminated, ye Spirits with a sense of that generous



endured a great fight of Christian Courage that carried you A. D. 63. fictions :

through the Sufferings which befel
you || at your first Conversion.

| Afts vüi. 2.

1 Thes, ü. 14. 33 Partly whilft ye 33. When you were exposed, vi, were made a gazing. lified and abused by the raging Malice ftock, both by re. of the Jews, and bravely adhered to proaches ard afflicti

us the Apostles of Christ, that were ons ; and partly whilst ye became compani

then treated in the same manner, Aats ons of them that were V.41. -Cap. xiv. 5, 19. and -- Cap. so used.

xyii. 10, 14, 15. 34 For

ye had 34. When you were so truly Coucompassion of me in my bonds, and took

rageous, as to own and relieve those joyfully the spoiling

Apostles (and me in particular) that of your goods, knowo were imprisoned in Judea for Christ's ing in yourselves Religion; and were so intirely conthat ye have in hea- vinced of the Certainty of that eter, ven a better and an nal Happiness of Heaven, promised enduring substance.

in the Gospel, as chearfully to part with all you had in this world for the Sake of it. 35 Caft not away

35. After such signal Instances, therefore your confi- therefore, of courage and Resoludence, which hath tion, in owning a Religion you great recompence


know to be attended with such ample reward.

and glorious Rewards; How little and mean would it now be, to shrink back and forfeit such Hopes!

36 For ye have 36. Consider, that Courage and need of patience ; that Patience is the only thing that is to after ye have done the carry you through, and bring you to will of God, ye might the the Heavenly State'; which is receive the promise.

the Recompence for submitting to 37 For the Divine Will and Providence.

37 Nor

* Ver. 34. Knowing in yourselves, or rather knowing that 30% yourselojes (that are thus persecuted) have in Heaven å better Substance. So the Alexand. MSS. read it tautě, as also the Sgr. Arab. and Clem. Alexandrinus.

A.D.63. 27 For yet a little 37. Nor be discouraged, that you

while, and the that are not immediately rescued from your shall come, will come, Persecutions ; for tho’ it be not imand I will not tarry. mediate, yet, be aflured, your Deliverance will not only be certain, but speedy enough too. According to those Words of the Prophet, Hab. ii. 3. spoken of the Coming of Christ, Though he tarry, wait for Him. For He that cometh (i.e. f Christ) will come, and will not tarry I long.

38 Now the just 38. And forget not the following shall live by faith : but Words, ver. 4. Now the Just shall if any man draw back, live by his Faith, i. e. By a firm and my soul shall have no refolute Belief of, and Adherence to pleasure in him.

the Revelation of God's Will, when sufficiently made to him, and by a faithful Perseverance in a Practice agreeable to such Belief. But if any Man draw || back, my Soul shall have no pleasure in him, i.e. Whoever, after the Entertainment of Divine Truth, hypocritically conceals, or cowardly renounces the Profession of it ; shall forfeit all the Blessings to which it entitled him.

39 But we are not 39. And, Brethren, I hope the * Cap. vi. 9.of them who draw generality of * you, that have thus

, back unto perdition : far stood out, under your former Perbut of them that be- fecutions, will

not now at last be loft lieve, to the saving for want of Courage, but will reap of the soul.

the final Salvation promised in the Gospel, by a steddy Perseverance in its Faith and Principles.

He that cometh. See Mat, xi. 3. Luke vii. 19.
I Will not tarry: 8 xgoril, will not stay too long. Septuag.
l lav ürossiantai, if, or whenever, he draws back.

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