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4. D.62. 10 That in the dif.

10. Viz. This special and parpensation of the ful- ticular Purpose of his gathering ness of times, he might People out of all Nations, without gather together in one Distinction, into one Church under all things in Chrift, both which are in Christ, in this last and great Dispenheaven, and which are fation of the Gospel, and so commiton earth, even in him: ting the whole Church of Heaven to

and Earth to his Conduct and Go

vernment, 11 In whom also u & 12. To whose Religion it wc, have obtained an was indeed the Privilege granted to inheritance, being pre- us of the Jewish Nation, to have destinated according the first Call ; that as we had been to the purpose of him, who

worketh all his Ancient Church, we should be things after the coun

the first Converts that should praise fel of his own will : and magnify God under the Re

12 That we should ligion of his Son Jesus Christ, the be to the praise of Messiah promised to us. It being his glory who first the good pleasure of the Almighty trusted in Chrift. thus to have it. 13 In whom he al.

13. But the Blessing of being so trufted after that made the Church of Christ being ye

heard the word of truth, the gospel of not intended to be confined to our your Salvation : In Nation, is now come to you Gentiles whom also after that also; who, by your embracing the ye believed, ye were Gospel Religion, are put into the sealed with that holy same Capacity of Salvation with Us, Spirit of Promise,

and have it confirmed to you by

your Endowment with those very Gifts and Graces of the Holy Spirit, that were promised to the Church of the Mefjab.

14. For

Both which are in Heaven, and which are on Earth. Heaven and Earth are sometimes a Jewish Phrase to express the whole World, But they seem in these Epifles to the Ephesians and Colofans, with relation to Christ's Government, to include the Angels and Heavenly Spirits along with Mankind. The Phrases of visible and invisible in Colof. i. 16. being hardly capable of


other Sense ; as likewise that of Thrones, Principalities and Powers, See also and compare cap. iii, 15. Col. i. 20

Pbil. ii. 9.

14. Which is the 14. For those Endowments con- A.D. 62. earnest of our inheri. ferred on your Church, are a perfect tance, until the re.

Earnest and Pledge, that God has demption* of the pure now redeemed and purchased you chased poffeffion, unto the praise of his Gentiles for his || peculiar People ; || See Rom. glory.

and do affure you of the present viü. 23.

and future * Blessings of so noble a Privilege ; to the Honour and Praise of this his glorious Dispensation.

15 Wherefore I al- 15 & 16. Wherefore, being thus fo after I heard of assured of the gracious Intent of your faith in the God toward you as well as the Lord Jesus, and love Jewish Nation, I no sooner heard unto all the saints, 16 Cease not to

of your Steddiness to this Christian give thanks for you,

Principle, ever since my first preachmaking mention of ing to you, and that universal Chariyou in my prayers, ty you bear towards all Christian

Brethren, without any partial regard to their being Circumcised or not; but Í blessed God for it, and am ever remembring you in all the Prayers I offer up to Him. 17 That the God

17. Beseeching him, the Glorious of our Lord Jefus God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Christ, to continue and encrease glory, may give unto you the Spirit of wis- upon you the Gifts of His Spirit, dom and revelation,

still more compleat Knowin the

knowledge of ledge of Christ's Religion, and your him:

final Adherence to the true Doctrines

of it. 18 The eyes of your 18. To enlarge your Understandunderstanding being ings, and give you a juft and proenlightened that ye found Sense of the Certainty and

: may know what is the glorious Advantages of your Chrihope of his calling, and what the riches fian Profession, of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

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for your

19. And

* Ver. 14. Until the Redemption of the purchased Polesion, šus drodytpaso runs aspetovýTENS. So as to make us ( Gentiles ] redeemed Pofeffion.

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4.D.62. 19 And what is the 19. And of that great and almighmexceeding greatness ty Power, by the Demonstrations

of his power to us- whereof he at first converted you
ward who believe, ac.
cording to the work to, and by which he will constantly
ing of his mighty support you in your Christian Faith;

and will at last raise you up to the power.

final and eternal Rewards of it.

20Which he wrought 20. That divine Power, I say, in Christ when he whereof he gave so wonderful and raised him from the moft evident an Instance, in raising dead, and set him at

up Christ the Head of his Church, his own right-hand in from the Dead, and exalting bim the heavenly places,

to the highest Degree of Majesty and Glory with him in Heaven.

21 Far above all

21. Investing him there with a principality, and pow. Dominion over all Creatures, even er, and might, and over all Dignities, Offices, and dominion, and every Powers, both of this and of the name that is

not only in this world future World.

but also in that which is to come :

22 And hath put 22 & 23. Making him the Gloall things under his rious Head over the whole Church feet, and gave him to as his Body, which is now to be be head over all things fully perfected and compleated by to the church.

the clearest Discoveries and most 23 Which is his body, the fulness of him excellent Privileges from Him in that filleth all in all.

whom dwelleth all Fulness * and Perfection.

* The Fulness of him that filleth all in all. Much the same Expression with that of John i. 16. Of his Fulness have we all received (Fulness) and Grace for årti, in Proportion to his ) Grace. This is the Sense, if i depospice refers to Christ. But if it refers to the Church, (the Substantive last mention’d) I have expressed that Sense also.





Having mewn it to have been the original Purpose of God A.D.62.

to unite the Gentiles to the Church of Chrift; he declares N the Ephesians to be actually Members of it. Gives them such an Account of the Gospel Privileges and Bleffings, as exalts it far above, and makes it independant of, the Rites of the Mofaical Law. He shews that Law to be abolijb'd by the Death and Religion of Christ, and thereby both yow and Gentile united into one Church and Society. And all this for their Encouragement to adhere to the Christian Faith, without liftning to the Necessity of the Mofaical Ceremonies.

ND you hath he 1.
A quickned a who
Ballured therefore, that


who raised up * Jesus Christ were dead in trespas- from the Dead, and made him the ses and sins,

Head of his Church, has, by your Conversion to Christianity, raised * up you Ephesians to the Hopes of Pardon and Salvation, who were formerly in a State of Sin and Death under your Vicious and Heathenish Life. 2 Wherein in time

2. While you lived in the hapast ye walked ac. bitual Practice of Enormities that cording to the course of this world, accord the Heathen World ; influenced by

were common and fashionable in ing to the prince of the power of the air,

the Temptations of the Devil, that the spirit that now powerful and malicious Spirit, that worketh in the chil. has his Refidence in the Air about us, dren of disobedience and still reigns by his Influences on

the wicked and unconverted Hea3 Among thens.

3. Of

* I take the Construction of this Verse from the 20, 21, &c. Verses of the foregoing Chapter and not from the 19th, as fome, nor the 5th Verse of this Chapter, as other Interpreters do. This makes the Connection much clearer and less interrupted, and is confirmed by the iv xpısa, in the 5th Verse.

he loved us,


3 Among whom al- 3. Of which Number you all were so we all had our con- before your Conversion ; indulging versation in times past your carnal and depraved Appetites, in the lults of our flesh, fulfilling the de. Pallions of a sensual Mind ; being,

and actuated by the Dictates and fires of the flesh, and of the mind, and were like all other Heathen People, brought by nature the chil. up from your Birth to the Habits dren of wrath, even as

of such vile Courses as could not others *.

but subject you to the Wrath and

Displeasure of God. 4. But God who is 4 & 5. But God in abundant rich in mercy, for his Mercy and Compassion to his fingreat love wherewith ful Creatures, has now by the Death

and Resurrection of Christ, and by 5

Even when we were dead in fins, hath your embracing his Religion, recoquickned us together vered you † from this dark and with Christ (by grace sad Estate, and raised you to the ye are saved) Hope of Pardon and Salvation. 'Tis

this Religion that justifies and saves you; the Ceremonial Law has no hand at all in it.

6 And hath raised 6. For by raising Him from the us up together, and Dead, God has given you, and all hath made us fit toge- true Gentile Believers, an Aflurance ther in heavenly pla- of all the noble Privileges of his ces in Christ Jelus.

Heavenly Religion, and of all the

Blessings of his Kingdom.
That in the ages

7. It being the Purpose of God
to come he might thus to display the wonderful Ex-
shew the exceeding tent of divine Love and Mercy to
riches of his grace, all Mankind, under the Dispensa-
in his kindness to
wards us, through

tion of Christ the Mesiah.
Christ Jesus :
8 For

8 & 9. And

* Ver. 3. By Nature : Quos, either by Customs and Habits (of Vice ; ) or else really and indeed Children of Wrath ; as this Word is plainly used, Galat. iv. 8. By Nature no Gods, i.e. Not Gods at all.

+ Wherewith he loved us, hath quickned us,
See Note on Cap, i. 3, 4.

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