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A. 0,67. 9 And to make all 9. To thew both Jew and Gen

men see what is the tilé the exceeding great Blessings fellowship of the my- they are now to enjoy, by being stery, which from

united into one Church under Christ : the beginning of the world hath been hid A thing that God, who created and in God, who created governs the World, and all the Difall things by Jesuspensations of it by Him, thought Christ.

not fit fo manifestly to reveal to

former Ages, as he has now done. 10 To the intent that 10 & 11. Now that he intends now unto the * prin- not only to convince the Governors cipalities and powers and Magistrates of this World, who in heavenly places, have opposed and persecuted this might be known by the church the mani Religion, but to display to all Ranks fold wisdom of God,

and Degrees of Creatures, both in 11 According to

Heaven * and Earth, this manifold the eternal purpofe Wisdom in the wondrous Managewhich he purposed in ment of his Church ; so agreeably Christ Jesus our Lord: to the former Dispensations of it;

all which were always directed and disposed, but now fully compleated by Jesus Christ. 12 In whom we

12. Through whose Mediation have boldness and ac- for us, both yew and Gentile, that cels with confidence embrace his Religion, are accepted by the faith of him.

of God as his true Church and Peo. ple ; and may address to him with full Aflurance of being rewarded at his true Worshippers. 13 Wherefore. I

13. Wherefore since I am now. defire that ye faint under Persecution for delivering a not at my tribulations Doctrine so much to the Benefit of for you, which is

you Gentile Christians : Be not disyour glory.

heartned or affrighted at my SufferFor 14


* To the Principalities and Powers in Heavenly Places.

See the Note on Chap. 1. 10. + According to the Eternal Purpose. Każde apóteo se to dow; agreeably to the Predisposition of former Ages, or Dispensations of Religion. Thus the Saviour was promised to Adam, then to Abraham, afterwards typified and reprelented to the Jews, and at last, fully and openly proached to all the World.

ings; but rather rejoice at them, as an Argument of the A, D, 62. Sincerity and Truth of this Doctrine ; and let it railem your Hearts and strengthen your Resolutions. 14 For this cause

14 & 15. To which End I humI bow my knees unto bly and earnestly beg of God the the Father of our Lord Father, the Supreme Lord and GoJesus Chrift,

vernor of the whole Church in 15 Of whom the whole family in hea. Heaven * and Earth, uniting both ven and earth is na. Angels and Men under his Governmed;

ment; 16 That he would 16. That out of the infinite Fulgrant you according ness of Divine Goodness and Mercy, to the riches of his he would confirm your Minds by glory, to be strength. the Influence of his holy Spirit. ened with might, by his Spirit in the inner man : 17 That Christ may

17, 18, & 19. That so, by a dwell in your hearts due and profound Sense of the inby faith ; that ye be expressible Bounty of this Dispening rooted and groun. fation of Christ toward you Gended in love,

18 May be able to tiles, you and all Christian People comprehend with all may render him all unfeigned Resaints, what is the turns of Love, Gratitude and Obebreadth and length, dience, by an unshaken and firm and depth and height: Adherence to his Religion ; abound

19. And to know ing in all the Divine + Gifts and the love of Christ

, Spiritual Graces belonging to it. which paffeth knowledge, that ye might be filled t with all the fulness of God. 20 Now unto him

20 & 21. To him therefore who that is able to do ex. has already conferred such Spiritual ceeding abundantly a- Endowments on you, and is both bove all that we ask able and willing to encourage your or think, according Improvement of them, by giving to the worketh in us,


still more than you can with or 21 Unto him be imagine for your selves, be ascribed, glory in the church by by all succeeding Ages of the Church, Christ Jesus, through. all Honour and Glory, through Je


world sus Christ, for evermore. Amen. without end. Amen.

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power that

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out all

* Family of Heaven and Earth. See the Note ou Chap. i. 10. + With all the Fulness of God. See the Note on 2 Cor. viii. 1.



The Apostle having thus given the Gentile Christians of.

Ephesus all suitable Encouragement to continue in, and firmly to rely upon, the Christian Faith, without the Observation of the Jewish Law : Comes now to exhort their whole Church in general to the Practice af such Duties as became their holy Profeffion, especially that of Unity, Mutual Charity, and Forbearance ; adviseth both the Jewish and Gentile Converts to consider themselves as all united into the fame Church and Privileges in Christ, without Distinction; warning the Gifted Teachers of both Parties to a sober and uniform Improvement of their Gifts and Offices; by Shewing them to be all derived from the fame Spirit, and intended for the same religious Purposes. Then turns his Exhortation to the Gentile Part, Dewing them their Obligation to renounce all their former Heathenish Practices, and live up to the Purity of the Gospel Religion. Pointing out to them several of the most notorious Vices to which they had formerly been subject.



A.D. 62. I
Therefore the Pri.

HUS have I that am now foner of the

a * Prisoner for Christ's Lord, beseech you, fake, and particularly for upholdthat ye walk worthy of the vocation where. ing you Gentile Christians to be with ye are called,

his true Church, without your Ob

fervance of the Mofaical Ceremonies, given you full Encouragement to maintain that Privilege. And let me now by these Chains I wear, beseech all Parties among you to live worthy the Excellency of their holy Profession.

2 & 3. Taking


I therefore, the Prisoner of the Lord : See Note on Chap iü.

Ver, 1.


2 With all lowli. 2 & 3. Taking special care to A.D. 62. ness and meekness, preserve the Peace and Unity of with long - suffering, the Church by a gentle, meek, and

, forbearing one ano

forbearing Behaviour to each other in love : 3 Endeavouring to

ther, agreeably to the Spirit of the keep the unity of the Gospel. {pirit in the bond of peace.

4 There is one body 4, 5 & 6. Duly considering, that and one spirit

, even as both Jewish and Gentile Believers ye are called in one

now joined together in one hope of your calling. Christian Society, enlightened and .5, One Lord, one

endowed with the same Spirit, and faith, one baptism,

6 One God and fa- brought into the same common ther of all, who is a. Hope of Salvation ; having the

' bove all, and through fame Chrift for your Saviour and all, and in you all.

Head, into whose Faith you are

all alike Baptized; and are become the Church and Servants of the fame God the Father, who is equally over you all by his Power, conducts you all by the same good Providence, and dwells in you all by the fame Holy Spirit.

7 But unto every 7. But you ought to remember, one of us is given That though you all belong to the

grace, according to fame Christian Church, the Body of the measure of the Christ , yet the Gifts and Graces

; gift of Christ.

of the Spirit may not be distributed to every Member or Minister alike; but to each of them in such Measures as Christ knows them best able to improve

for the Church's Benefit. So that none ought to be dissatisfied with his own, or to undervalue those of another.

8 Wherefore he 8. These Spiritual Gifts to the faith, When he ascend- Christian Church, and the Variety ed up on high, he of them too, are represented in led captivity captive, those Prophetick Words of the and gave gifts unto

Pfalmift, Pfal. Ixviii. 18.) Re9 (Now sembling Christ the Mefiah in his



* Grace xées, either Gifts and Endowments for an Office in the Ministry, or the Office it felf.

1.D.62. Ascension into Heaven, after the Conquest of Sin, Satan,

and Death, to an Earthly Monarch in Triumph after Victory, scattering Gifts and Largeljes to his people.

9 (Now that he a- (9 & 10. But whatever Degrees scended, what is it they are given in to any of you, but that he also de. they all come from this Triumphant scended first into the Saviour, the very fame Jesus who lower parts of the earth?

came down upon Earth, died and 10 He that descend- was buried, to obtain this Conquest, ed, is the same also and then rose again, and was exthat ascended up far alted to the highest Degree of Hea, above all heavens, venly Glory and Majesty, to bethat he might fill all come the Lord of the whole Church things.)

of God, to perfect and compleat it,

and to guide and model it by such Measures as he in Wisdom should think fit.*)

11 And he gave some 11. And accordingly he fulfilled apofties : and fome, that Prediction by this Variety * of prophets : and fome, Endowments on the Ministers of evangelists : and some, the Christian Church ; qualifying pastors and teachers ;

fome to be Apostles, to declare the Doctrines of it first to the IVorld ; others to be Prophets, to explain the Passages of the Old Testament, relating to, and confirming, that Doctrine ; others to be Evangelists, to spread it to farther distant Nations, and to record it in Writing ; and some to be Pastors and Teachers, to build Men up in the Knowledge of it after they have embraced it t.

12 For the perfect- 12. Which Variety of Gifts and ing of the faints, for Offices, is so far from being a Difthe work of the mi- advantage, from the Excellency of nistry, for the edify, one above another, that 'tis the ing of the body of

very Thing intended to knit and Christ :

compact the Christian Members into a more firm and perfect Society ; to render the Discharge of the Christian Ministry more orderly and effectual ; all



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* I see no Connexion in these two Verses with the foregoing and following Clauses, but by making them refer to the Variety of Gifts, and their being derived all from Chrift. And the Connexion is beit preserved by including them in a Parenthesis.

+ See 1. Cor. xii. for the same Expressions and Argument more at large.


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