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Religious Wisdom You have exerted as

a Bishop of this Church; and the difficult and conftant Part You have acted in Parliament, under the most critical Juncture of Affairs, may, I hope, warrant my Addrefs of the following Papers to You. Your Lordship's great Abilities, and known Disposition for advancing of whatever tends to good Learning, real Piety, and the true Interefts of our Reformed Religion, is what gives heart to any fincere (tho' but mean) Contributor to fue for Your favourable Protection. MY LORD, Thefe Papers being a Supplement to the Work


of a Pen fo much Superior in every Qualification, make their approach to you with a perfect Senfe how little Comparison there is between that Happy Beginning, and this Imperfect Continuation of fo useful an Un

dertaking. They skreen themfelves therefore under Your Lordship's Goodnefs and Candor; Virtues that always incline the most Able and Judicious Minds to Veil the Defects of what is honeftly defign'd for a General Good. They come alfo as the flender Tribute of One thankful for the Countenance and Refpect You have been hitherto pleased


to favour Him with, and ever defirous to improve all the Inftances of it, to the Honour of GOD, and the Benefit of our Holy Religion, by a more chearful Application to the Studies of his Calling, and the Duties of his Station.

Now that GOD, the Saviour of his Church, would grant to -Your Lordship, and the rest of our Spiritual Fathers, who have had the Judgment to Discern, and the Courage to Defend, the real Interefts of our Church and State, a prolonged and happy Life; wherein to reap the prefent and due Reward of Univerfal Honour, Efteem, and Reverence,


and which may terminate in the late, but fure, Enjoyment of thofe confummate Glories, that are the future Portion of Great and Good Men, is the most hearty Prayer of,


Your Lordship's

Moft obliged, and

bumble Servant,


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