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2 True and faithful Witness, Thou,
O Christ, Thy Spirit give:
Hast Thou not received Him now,
That we might Him receive?
Art Thou not our living Head?
Life to all our souls impart:
Shed Thy love, Thy Spirit shed,
In every waiting heart.

3 Holy Ghost, the Comforter,
The gift of Jesus, come:

Glows our heart to find Thee near,
And swells to make Thee room:
Present with us Thee we feel,
Come, O come, and in us be;
With us, in us, live and dwell,
To all eternity.


298 None can say that Jesus is the Lord,



but by the Holy Ghost.-1 Cor. 12, 8.

SPIRIT of Truth, come down!
Reveal the things of God;

And make to us the Saviour known;
Apply His precious blood.

His merits glorify,

That each may clearly see,

Jesus, who did for sinners die,

Hath surely died for me.

3 No man can truly say,

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That Jesus is the Lord,

Unless Thou take the veil away,
And breathe the living word.

Then, only then, we feel
Our interest in His blood,

And cry, with joy unspeakable,
Thou art my Lord! my God!


299 God, that giveth the increase.


1 Cor. 3, 7.

COME, thou soul-transforming Spirit,

Bless the sower and the seed: Let each heart Thy grace inherit, Raise the weak, the hungry feed: From the gospel

Now supply Thy people's need.

2 O may all enjoy the blessing,
Which Thy word's designed to give;
Let us all, Thy love possessing,
Joyfully the truth receive;
And for ever

To Thy praise and glory live!



300 God hath revealed them unto us by


His Spirit.-1 Cor. 2, 10.

ESCEND from heaven, immortal

Stoop down, and take us on Thy wings,
And mount and bear us far above
The reach of these inferior things;
2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky,
Up where eternal ages roll,
Where solid pleasures never die,
And fruits immortal feast the soul.
3 O for a sight, a pleasing sight,
Of our Almighty Father's throne!
There sits our Saviour crowned with
Clothed in a body like our own. [light,
4 Adoring saints around Him stand,

And thrones and powers before Him fall; The God shines gracious through the Man,

And sheds sweet glories on them all. 5 O what amazing joys they feel,

While to their golden harps they sing, Do His commands with heavenly zeal, And spread the triumphs of their King! 6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear That I shall mount to dwell above,

And stand and bow amongst them there, And see Thy face, and sing, and love?


301 He hath given us of His Spirit.—

1 John 4, 13.

1 GRACIOUS Spirit, dwell with me,

would gracious be;

And with words that help and heal,
Would Thy life in mine reveal;
And with actions bold and meek,
Would for Christ my Saviour speak.

2 Truthful Spirit, dwell with me,
I myself would truthful be;
And with wisdom kind and clear,
Let Thy life in mine appear,
And with actions brotherly,
Speak my Lord's sincerity.
3 Tender Spirit, dwell with me,
I myself would tender be;
Shut my heart up like a flower,
At temptation's darksome hour;
Open it when shines the Sun,
And His love by fragrance own.
4 Mighty Spirit, dwell with me,
I myself would mighty be;
Mighty so as to prevail,

Where, unaided, man must fail;
Ever by a mighty hope,
Pressing on and bearing up.
5 Holy Spirit, dwell with me,
I myself would holy be;
Separate from sin, I would

Choose and cherish all things good;
And whatever I can be,

Give to Him, who gave me Thee.


302 The eyes of your understanding


being enlightened.-Eph. 1, 18.

ETERNAL Spirit! we confess

And sing the wonders of Thy grace; Thy power conveys our blessings down From God the Father and the Son.

2 Enlightened by Thy heavenly ray,
Our shades and darkness turn to day;
Thine inward teachings make us know
Our danger, and our refuge too.

3 Thy power and glory work within, And break the chains of reigning sin; Do our imperious lusts subdue,

And form our wretched hearts anew. 4 The troubled conscience knows Thy

Thy cheering words awake our joys;
Thy words allay the stormy wind,
And calm the surges of the mind.


303 Ye have not received the spirit of

bondage again to fear.-Rom. 8, 15.

1 SPIRIT of holiness! look down,
Our fainting hearts to cheer;
And when we tremble at Thy frown.
O bring Thy comforts near.

2 The terror Thy convictions wrought,
O let Thy grace remove;

And may the souls which Thou hast To weep, now learn to love.


3 Now let Thy saving mercy heal
The wounds it made before;
Now on our hearts impress Thy seal,
That we may doubt no more.

4 Complete the work Thou hast begun,
And make our darkness light;
That we a glorious race may run,
Till faith be lost in sight.

5 Then as our wondering eyes discern
The Lord's unclouded face,

In fitter language we shall learn
To sing triumphant grace.

304 He that believeth

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hath the

witness in himself.-1 John 5, 10.

1 SAVIOUR, I Thy word believe,

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My unbelief remove;
Now Thy quickening Spirit give,
The unction from above!

Show me, Lord, how good Thou art,
My soul with all Thy fulness fill,
Send the witness in my heart,

The Holy Ghost reveal.

Dead in sin, I hopeless lie

Bereft of power to rise,
Till Thy Spirit inwardly

Thy saving blood applies;
Now the mighty gift impart,
My sin erase, my pardon seal,
Send the witness in my heart,
The Holy Ghost reveal.
Let me in His love rejoice,
Make me His pure abode,
Tell me by His inward voice,
I am a child of God!

Lord, I choose the better part,
Jesus, I wait Thy peace to feel,
Send the witness in my heart,
The Holy Ghost reveal,

4 Whom the world cannot receive
O manifest in me;
Son of God, I cease to live
Unless I live to Thee!

Now impute Thy full desert,
Restore the joy from which I fell;
Breathe the witness in my heart,
The Holy Ghost reveal.


305 He dwelleth with you, and shall be


in you.-John 14, 17.

HOLY Ghost, dispel our sadness, Pierce the clouds of sinful night; Come, Thou source of joy and gladness, Breathe Thy life, and spread Thy light. 2 From that height which knows no measure,

As a gracious shower descend:
Bringing down the richest treasure,
Man can wish, or God can send.
3 Come, Thou best of all donatione,
God can give or we implore;
Having Thy sweet consolations,
We need wish for nothing more.
4 Author of our new creation,

Bid us all Thine influence prove;
Make our souls Thy habitation,
Shed abroad the Saviour's love.


306 Ye were sealed with that Holy WHY should the children of a King

Spirit of promise.-Eph. 1, 13.

Go mourning all their days? Great Comforter! descend and bring Some tokens of Thy grace.

2 Dost Thou not dwell in all the saints,
And seal them heirs of heaven?

When wilt Thou banish my complaints,
And show my sins forgiven?


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