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673 Receive him in the Lord with all


gladness.-Phil. 2, 29.

TE bid thee welcome in the name

W Of Jesus, our exalted Head;

Come as a servant, so He came,
And we receive thee in His stead.
2 Come as a shepherd; guard and keep
This fold from hell, and earth, and sin;
Nourish the lambs, and feed the sheep,
The wounded heal, the lost bring in.
3 Come as a watchman; take thy stand
Upon thy tower amidst the sky;
And when the sword comes on the land,
Call us to fight, or warn to fly.

4 Come as an angel; hence to guide
A band of pilgrims on their way,
That safely walking at thy side,
We faint not, fail not, turn, nor stray.
5 Come as a teacher sent from God,
Charged His whole counsel to declare;
Lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod,
While we uphold thy hands with prayer.
6 Come as a messenger of peace,
Filled with the Spirit, fired with love;
Live to behold our large increase,
And die to meet us all above.


674 I will give you pastors according



to Mine heart.-Jer. 3, 15.

HEPHERD of Israel, Thou dost keep With constant care Thy humble sheep;

From Thee the under-shepherds come To feed our souls and guide us home. 2 To all Thy churches such impart, Pastors according to Thy heart; Whose courage, watchfulness, and love, Men may attest, and God approve.

3. Fed by their active, tender care,
Healthful may all Thy sheep appear;
And, by their fair example led,
The way to Zion's pastures tread.
4 Here Thou hast listened to our vows,
And scattered blessings on Thy house;
Thy saints are succoured, and no more
As sheep without a guide deplore.
5 Completely heal each former stroke,
And bless the shepherd and the lock;
Confirm the hopes thy mercies raise,
And own this tribute of our praise.


675 Strive together with me in your


prayersto God for me.-Rom.15,30.

FATHER of mercies, bow thine ear,

Attentive to our earnest prayer; We plead for those who plead for Thee, Successful pleaders may they be !

2 How great their work, how vast their charge!

Do Thou their anxious souls enlarge; Their best acquirements are our gain, We share the blessings they obtain. 3 Clothe then, with energy divine, Their words, and let those words be Thine;

To them Thy sacred truth reveal, Suppress their fear, inflame their zeal. 4 Teach them to sow the precious seed, Teach them Thy chosen flock to feed; Teach them immortal souls to gain, Nor let them labour, Lord, in vain. 5 Let thronging multitudes around Hear from their lips the joyful sound; In humble strains Thy grace adore, And feel Thy new-creating power.



• C.M.

He gave gifts unto men.-Eph. 4, 8.

CHIEF Shepherd of Thy chosen sheep,

From death and sin set free,

May all Thine under-shepherds keep
Their eyes intent on Thee!

2 With plenteous grace their hearts
To execute Thy will; [prepare
Compassion, patience, love, and care,
And faithfulness, and skill.

8 Inflame their minds with holy zeal,
Their flocks to feed and teach;
And, gracious Lord, O let them feel
The sacred truths they preach!


677 They watch for your souls.—Heb.

13, 17.

1 Land take the alarm they give;
ET Zion's watchmen all awake,
Now let them from the mouth of God
Their solemn charge receive.

2 Tis not a cause of small import
The pastor's care demands;
But what might fill an angel's heart,
And filled a Saviour's hands.

3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord
Did heavenly bliss forego;
For souls, which must for ever live,
In rapture or in woe.

4 All to the great tribunal haste,
The account to render there;
And should'st Thou strictly mark our

Lord, how should we appear?

5 May they that Jesus, whom they preach, Their own Redeemer see;

And watch Thou daily o'er their souls,
That they may watch for Thee.


678 They commended them to the

Lord.-Acts 14, 23.

1 W Tim whom we now to Thee com

ITH heavenly power, O Lord defend

Thy faithful messenger secure, [mend,
And make him to the end endure.

2 Gird him with all-sufficient grace;
Direct his feet in paths of peace;
Thy truth and faithfulness fulfil,
And arm him to obey Thy will.


679 Let Thy priests be clothed with


righteousness.-Ps. 132, 9.

POUR out Thy Spirit from on high;

Lord! Thine assembled servants Graces and gifts to each supply, (bless: And clothe Thy priests with righteous


2 Within Thy temple where we stand, To teach the truth as taught by Thee; Saviour! like stars in Thy right hand, The angels of the churches be.

3 Wisdom, and zeal, and faith impart,
Firmness with meekness from above,
To bear Thy people on our heart,
And love the souls whom Thou dost

4 To watch and pray and never faint;
By day and night strict guard to keep;
To warn the sinner, cheer the saint,
Nourish Thy lambs, and feed Thy sheep
5 Then, when our work is finished here,
In humble hope our charge resign;
When the Chief Shepherd shall appear,
O God! may they and we be Thine.



O Lord, revive Thy work.-Hab. 3, 2.

1 GREAT Lord of all Thy churches,


Thy ministers' and people's prayer: Perfumed by Thee, O may it rise Like fragrant incense to the skies! 2 May every pastor from above

Be now inspired with zeal and love, To watch Thy fold, to feed Thy sheep, And his own heart with care to keep. 3 Revive Thy churches with Thy grace, Heal all our breaches, grant us peace; Rouse us from sloth, our hearts inflame With ardent zeal for Jesus' name. 4 May young and old Thy word receive, Dead sinners hear Thy voice and live, The wounded conscience healing find, And joy refresh each drooping mind.

5 May aged saints, matured with grace, Abound in fruits of holiness;

And, when transplanted to the skies, May younger in their stead arise. 6 Thus we our suppliant voices raise, And, weeping, sow the seeds of praise, In humble hope that Thou wilt hear Thy ministers' and people's prayer.


681 Brethren, pray for us.-1 Thess. 5,


1 PIRIT of Christ, Thy grace be given


With might may wield the sword of heaven,

And feel Thee on their weary way.

2 Oft as at morn or soothing eve Over the Fount of Truth they lean, Their fading garland freshly weave, Or fan them with Thine airs serene. 3 Spirit of Light and Truth! to Thee We trust them in that musing hour; Till they, with open heart and free, Teach all Thy word in all its power. 4 When foemen watch their tents bynight, And mists hang wide o'er moor and fell, Spirit of Counsel and of Might,

Their pastoral warfare guide Thou well. 5 And oh, when worn and tired they sigh With that more fearful war within, When passion's storms areloud and high, And, brooding o'er remembered sin,6 The heart dies down,-O mightiest then, Come ever true, come ever.near,

And wake their slumbering love again, Spirit of God's most holy Fear!


682 In the morning sow thy seed, and



in the evening.-Eccl. 11. 6.

OW in the morn thy seed,
At eve hold not thine hand:

To doubt and fear give thou no heed.
Broad-cast it o'er the land.

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