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3 Baptized into the Father's name,
We're children of our God;
Baptized into the Son, we claim
The ransom of His blood.

4 Baptized into the Holy Ghost,
In this accepted hour,
Give us to own the Pentecost,
And the descending Power!

696 Thy vows are upon me, O God.—Ps.


56, 12.

WE gave ourselves to Thee, O Lord,

Content to be despised;

When we, obedient to Thy word,
Believed and were baptized.

2 Then we avowed that we would die
Unto the world and sin;
And live for immortality,
And be for ever Thine.

3 Oh! never may our souls forget
Those solemn, joyful days,
Which live in grateful memory yet,
And prompt our hearts to praise.

4 Let not those holy joys be lost,
Let not our love expire;
Baptize us in the Holy Ghost,
Baptize in sacred fire!

5 And these who own their Lord to-day,
O keep them true and pure;
May they Thy glorious grace display,
And to the end endure.




697 Blessed be the Lord, even the God

of our salvation.-Ps. 68, 19.

WHO can forbear to sing,

Who can refuse to praise,

When Zion's high celestial King
His saving power displays?
When sinners at His feet,
By mercy conquered, fall;

Whengrace, and truth,and justice meet.

And peace unites them all.

3 When heaven's opening gates

Invite the pilgrims' feet;..

And Jesus, at their entrance, waits
To place them on His seat.
4 Who can forbear to praise
Our high celestial King,


When sovereign, rich, redeeming grace, Invites our tongues to sing!


698 When they heard it, they glorified

God.-Acts 21, 20.

THERE'S joy in heaven, and joy on
When prodigals return.

To see desponding souls rejoice,
And haughty sinners mourn.


2 Come, saints, and hear what God has done,

Is a reviving sound;

O may it oft refresh our souls,
And spread the globe around.

3 Often, O Sovereign Lord, renew
The wonders of this day,

That Jesus here may see His seed,
And Satan lose his prey.

4 Great God! this work is all Thy own;
Thine be the praises too:
Let every heart and every tongue
Give Thee the glory due.


699 Buried with Him in baptism.--Col.


2, 12.

Ahine open grave, we stand,

ROUND Thy grave, Lord Jesus,

With hearts all full of gladness,

To keep Thy blest command:
So Thee in faith we follow,
And trace Thy path of love,
Through the strange solemn waters,
Up to Thy throne above.

2 Lord Jesus! we remember
The coldness of Thy tomb-
The silence and the darkness-
The corpse within the gloom:
After Thy cross and passion,
The deep sleep came at last;
O'er the Eternal radiance
The mortal shadow passed.

3 But now Thou art arisen!
Thy travail all is o'er,

Once Thou for sin hast suffered,
And Thou shalt die no more!
Crowned with immortal honour,
Because of that dark bed,
Give us to share Thy triumph,
Thou First-born from the dead.
Into Thy death baptized,
O let us with Thee die!

And clothe us with Thy risen life,
And wholly sanctify:

So freed from the old nature,
And ransomed by Thy blood,
May we pass on to glory
Alive with Thee to God.


700 Let us join ourselves to the Lord in



a perpetual covenant.-Jer. 50, 5.

OME ye that fear the Lord,
And love Him while ye fear;

Come, and with heart and hand record.
Your vow and covenant here.

2 Vow to be His alone,

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Who bought you with a price;

Now render back to God His own,
By free-will sacrifice.

Here to His altar brought,

Your covenant renew,

To be in word, and deed, and thought,

Faithful to Him and true.

And true and faithful He

To you will ever prove,

Though hills were swept into the sea,
And mountains should remove.

Then be His law our choice,

The joy of young and old,


As sheep that hear their shepherd's

And follow to the fold.

So shall His staff and rod,

Conduct us and defend;

God is a covenant-keeping God,
And loves unto the end.

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701 Come in, thou blessed of the Lord.



-Gen. 24, 31.

OME in, thou blessed of the Lord,
Stranger nor foe art Thou:

We welcome thee with warm accord,
Our friend, our kindred, now.

2 The hand of fellowship, the heart
Of love, we offer thee:

Leaving the world, thou dost but part
From lies and vanity.

3 In weal or woe, in joy or care,
Thy portion shall be ours;
Christians their mutual burdens bear,
They lend their mutual powers.

4 Come with us, we will do thee good,
As God to us hath done;

Stand but in Him, as those have stood
Whose faith the victory won.

5 And when, by turns, we pass away,
As star by star grows dim,
May each, translated into day,
Be lost and found in Him.


702 We also should walk in newness of


life.-Rom. 6, 4.

CHILDREN of the King of grace,

As from earth to heaven ye go, Your Redeemer's footsteps trace, Follow Him in all ye do.

2 His sweet presenée you will find Shining on you as ye go;

Cast your fears and cares behind,
Trust Him, He will bring you through.

3 You are buried with the Lord,
In the Lord you rise again;
Now you live upon His word
Who to ransom you was slain.

4 Hear the voice that speaks from heaThis is My appointed way,

You, whose sins He has forgiven,
Follow Him without delay.

5 Mighty Saviour, we obey

Thy Divine commanding voice;


Thou hast taught our feet the way,
In Thy mandate we rejoice.
6 On Thy promise we rely,

Hear us from Thy lofty throne,
Shine upon us from on high,
Bless and seal us as Thy own.


703 Thus it becometh us to fulfil all

righteousness.-Matt. 3, 15

1 HUMBLE souls, who seek salvation. Through the Lamb's atoning blood, Hear the voice of revelation,

Tread the path that Jesus trod: Flee to Him your only Saviour, In His mighty name confide; In the whole of your behaviour Own Him as your only Guide. 2 Hear the blest Redeemer call you, Listen to His gracious voice; Dread no ills that can befal you, While you make His ways your choice: Jesus says, "Let each believer

Be baptized in my name:"

He Himself in Jordan's river.

Was immersed beneath the stream. 3 Plainly here His footsteps tracing, Follow Him without delay;

Gladly His command embracing,
Your Forerunner leads the way:
View the rite with understanding;
Jesus' grave before you lies!
Be interred at His commanding,-
After His example rise.


704 If any man serve Me, let him follow

Me.-John 12, 20.

D'ambrace à soul so vile?

EAR Lord, and will Thy pardoning

Wilt Thou my load of guilt remove,
And bless me with Thy smile?

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2 Hast Thou the cross for me endured,
And all its shame despised?
And shall I be ashamed, O Lord,
With Thee to be baptized?

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