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Thousands once its power confest,
O for seasons like the past!
Lord, revive the former days-
Thine the power and Thine the praise.


811 Praise God in His sanctuary.


Ps. 150, 1.

'N God's own house pronounce His
His grace He there reveals; [praise,.
To heaven your joy and wonder raise,
For there His glory dwells.

2 Let all your sacred passions move,
While you rehearse His deeds;
But the great work of saving love
Your highest praise exceeds.

3 All that have motion, life, and breath, Proclaim your Maker blest,

Yet, when my voice expires in death,
My soul shall praise Him best.


812 My speech shall distil as the dew.



Deut. 32, 2.

S the dew from heaven distilling,
Gently on the grass descends,
And revives it, thus fulfilling

What Thy providence intends;
Let Thy doctrine, Lord! so gracious,
Thus descending from above,
Blest by Thee, prove efficacious
To fulfil Thy work of love.

2 Lord! behold Thy congregation,
Precious promises fulfil,
From Thy holy habitation
Let the dew of life distil:
Let our cry come up before Thee,
Sweetest influence shed around;
So Thy people shall adore Thee,
And confess the joyful sound.


813 Our sufficiency is of God.-2 Cor.

3, 5.

1 SAVIOUR, bless the word to all,
Quick and powerful let it prove;

O let sinners hear Thy call,
And Thy people grow in love.

2 Thine own gracious message bless;
Follow it with power divine:
Give the gospel great success-
Thine the work, the glory thine.
3 Saviour, bid the world rejoice;
Send, O send Thy truth abroad;
Let the nations hear Thy voice:-
Hear it, and return to God.




God giveth the increase.-1 Cor.3, 7. TOW, Lord! the heavenly seed is sown, Be it Thy servants' care;


Thy heavenly blessing to bring down, By humble, fervent prayer.

2 In vain we plant without Thine aid,
And water too in vain;

Lord of the harvest! God of grace!
Send down Thy heavenly rain.

3 Then shall our cheerful hearts and Begin this song divine;

[tongues Thou, Lord! hast given the rich increase, And be the glory Thine.


815 They went unto their tents joyful

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and glad of heart.-1 Kings 8, 66.

ORD! dismiss us with Thy blessing,
Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us, each Thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace:
Oh, refresh us,

Travelling through this wilderness!
2 Thanks we give and adoration,
For the gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of Thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound:
May Thy presence

With us evermore be found!
3 So, whene'er the signal's given
Us from earth to call away;
Borne on angel's wings to heaven,
Glad the summons to obey,
We shall surely

Rise to reign in endless day!



816 The Sabbath was made for man.—


Mark 2, 27.

WE THEN the worn spirit wants repose,

And sighs her God to seek;

How sweet to hail the evening's close, That ends the weary week!

2 How sweet to hail the early dawn
That opens on the sight,

When first that soul-reviving morn
Beams its new rays of light!

3 Sweet day! thine hours too soon will
Yet, while they gently roll, [cease;
Breathe, Heavenly Spirit, source of
A Sabbath o'er my soul.



817 Seek those things which are above.

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-Col. 3. 1.

RISE, heart! thy Lord arose

With the first morning ray;

Leave far below thy cares and woes;
It is the rising day!

Rise! with a spirit's love,

Follow the Master's way,

And seek the things that are above;
It is Ascension day!

Mount in the holy light;

Up! to the calm serene;

To heavenly places take thy flight
Where Christ the Lord is seen.

Ascend where angels soar!

Pray with them side by side, And, with the white-robed church, adore Thy Saviour glorified


818 4 day in Thy courts is better than

1 WE

a thousand.-Ps. 84, 10.

ELCOME, sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise;

Welcome, to this reviving breast,
And these rejoicing eyes!

2 The King Himself comes near,
And feasts His saints to-day;
Here we may sit, and see Him here,
And love, and praise, and pray,
3 One day amidst the place


Where my dear God hath been,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days
Of pleasurable sin.

My willing soul would stay
In such a frame as this,

And sit and sing herself away
To everlasting bliss.


819 God blessed the seventh day.—Gen.

2, 3.

1 ANOTHER six days' work is done,

Another Sabbath is begun;

Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest,
Improve the day thy God hath blest.

2 Come, bless the Lord, whose love assigns

So sweet a rest to wearied minds;
Provides an antepast of heaven,

And gives this day the food of seven. 8 O that our thoughts and thanks may rise.

As grateful incense to the skies;

And draw from heaven that sweet


Which none but he that feels it knows. 4 This heavenly calm within the breast, Is the dear pledge of glorious rest, Which for the church of God remains, The end of cares, the end of pains.

5 With joy, great God, Thy works we view,

In various scenes, both old and new; With praise we think on mercies past; With hope we future pleasures taste. 6 In holy duties let the day,

In holy pleasures pass away;

How sweet a Sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end!


820 The Son of Man is Lord also of the


Sabbath.-Mark 2, 28.

LORD of the Sabbath, Thee we praise

In concert with the blest;

Who, joyful, in harmonious lays
Employ an endless rest.

2 Thus, Lord, while we remember Thee, We blest and happy grow;

In hymns of praise we learn to be
Triumphant here below.

3 On this glad day a brighter scene
Of glory was displayed,

By God, the Eternal Word, than when
The universe was made.

4 He rises, who our pardon bought
With grief and pain extreme:

"Twas great to speak the world from nought,

"Twas greater to redeem!


821 This is the day which the Lord hath


made.-Ps. 118, 24.

HIS is the day the Lord hath made,

He calls the hours His own;

Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad, And praise surround the throne. 2 To-day He rose and left the dead, And Satan's empire fell: To-day the saints His triumph spread, And all His wonders tell.

3 Hosanna to the anointed King,
To David's only Son!

Help us, O Lord! descend and bring
Salvation from Thy throne.

4 Blest be the Lord who comes to men
With messages of grace;

Who comes in God His Father's name, To save our sinful race.

5 Hosanna, in the highest strains

The church on earth can raise ; The highest heavens in which He reigns

shall give Him nobler praise.

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